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20 Scrumptious Cereal and Marshmallow Bar Recipes (All Types)

Cereal and Marshmallow Bar on a plate.

While researching this recipe, I immediately made a batch of peanut butter and marshmallow squares. I mean, how can you not? This is the easiest, cheapest, and fastest–not to mention surprisingly low mess–treat you can make for any time of the day or night.

There is minimal cooking, if any, and the hardest work comes in with mixing the sticky melted marshmallows with the crunchy, dry cereal. By the way, there are a ton of different cereals to work with, so forget being stuck with boring old original Rice Krispies Treats™ containing puffed rice. 

1. Get Really Lucky With Lucky Charms Cereal and Marshmallow Bar Treats

Cereal and Marshmallow Bar Treats on a plate.

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Straight out of the gate, forget the boring rice cereal you typically find in marshmallow-based treats. This recipe uses a beloved breakfast fave, Lucky Charms, with its cat food-like-shaped cereal–I always think of cat food when I eat it, at least. Then you have marshmallows in any variety of shapes and colors. The sky is beyond the limit with this cereal, which makes it even more fun when making these treats!

2. The Next Big Thing in Peanut Butter and Marshmallow Squares

Peanut Butter and Marshmallow Squares on the white background.

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I am a huge fan of eating healthily these days, and recently I cut out the meat proteins. That means you guessed it, tons of peanut butter are stocked in the cabinets. Finding a way to get all of that peanut butter into the body, though, is tricky.

You can only stand eating so many peanut butter sandwiches before your body goes into rejection mode. Plopping a cup of peanut butter into the marshmallow cream as it melts on the stovetop is the best alternative for PB and J overload. As an added health bonus, you cut out the need for so much butter to hold together all of the sticky marshmallow goodness.

3. Will Chocolate Scotcheroos Ever Rule the World?

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Now we are taking the peanut butter addition up a notch with butterscotch! Whether I have crisp rice cereal or the fun-loving marshmallow kind, butterscotch rules the day when added to a marshmallow treat. This is that almost-caramel flavor you just do not see or taste every day.

When I can have some butterscotch morsels added to cereal and marshmallow bars, it elevates the entire experience. Yes, chocolate scotcheroos do rule the world!

4. The Original Rice Krispies Treats™ Recipe by Kellogg’s Explained

Original Rice Krispies Treats on a plastic spatula.

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Can’t leave the OG to treat masters behind! Here I present Kellogg’s brand of Original Rice Krispies Treats™ or otherwise known as ORKTs. I grew up reading this recipe located on the box of branded cereal–and later using it to make my own marshmallow treats while in college.

If you are a young adult living in a dorm room, then you are certainly on a trend towards making these ORKTs! If you are new to making marshmallow treats and want the most authentic experience, your ghost relatives will likely appreciate your use of this recipe first and foremost.

5. What’s S’mores Bars Got to Do With It by The Spruce Eats

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I am all about a campout with a campfire and treat as someone who lives in the wilderness as an off-gridder. Building a campfire just for s’mores is not beyond my standard way of life out here. The Spruce Eats always has great recipes, and this bake-off for a s’mores bar treat is no exception.

When going to a picnic or potluck, you need to have something in hand for the hostess. These bars are a great saying hello dish to pass along.

6. A Midwestern Hidden Secret: Special K Bars Like at Coffea Roasterie

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For about a decade living in South Dakota, I took up the habit of driving through Coffea Roasterie and buying Special K bars. Similar to chocolate scotcheroos, this particular version of a cereal and marshmallow treat adds Special K cereal to the mix. It goes healthy without tasting it thanks to butterscotch and Karo light syrup for extra sweetness.

Adding a distinct layer of chocolate fudge to the top of the bars is another unique component you don’t see in most of these recipes!

7. Healthy Date Bars for When Cereal and Marshmallow is Too Sweet

Cereal and Marshmallow bars on a plate.

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I have been on a date or two–as in with a person. That was before the pandemic, of course, and now I eat my dates to stave off diabetes. It’s the way of the world. If you find that traditional marshmallows and sugar bars are super loaded with sweeteners that might not be the healthiest for your blood sugar levels, try these date-sweetened bars.

Dates are a natural sweetener made from dried whole dates, which adds fiber and many minerals to the treats.

8. Need a Gluten-Free Cereal and Marshmallow Bar? Use Cheerios

A colorful slice of Cereal and Marshmallow Bar.

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Another issue people tend to have is gluten intolerance. I have discovered that Cheerios are the best-kept secret for gluten-free cereal fans. Try this Cheerios and marshmallow treat for something more fun than basic rice cereals.

The round “o” of the Cheerios gives these bars more excitement on the party table. Or pair these up with a variety of rice cereal, Lucky Charms, and the next–corn flakes–for a varied spread of all things marshmallowy!

9. Have Martha Stewart’s Corn Flakes and White Chocolate Treats

Peanut and marshmallow bars with chocolate syrup.

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Martha Stewart has gone and done it! She has upped the cereal and marshmallow bar recipe again! This time she added corn flakes to a cereal variety I have not seen used for anything except Special K bars. Plain corn flakes are not coated in any sugar, which also means these flakes are more likely to get soggy when mixed with melted marshmallows.

Fear not, for the corn flavor and chewy texture is what you are after since you also toss in some white chocolate. These are more like a cookie than a bar, in my opinion. Fancy that!

10. Here are Epicurious’ Quickest Cereal Bars to Make

Cereal Bars with almonds and glass jar.

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At Epicurious, the quickest cereal and marshmallow bars you can make also have to be the most convenient. Start with the cereal you have on hand and blend together the flavors of marshmallows or fluffs you have–we tend to stock up on strawberry marshmallow fluff around here! The goal is to save time and your own sanity, while also treating your family or loved ones to a semi-healthy and nearly homemade dessert.

11. I Love That Rabbit, But These Trix Cereal Bars are Best for Kids

Trix Cereal Bars on a baking pan.

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Trix cereal is perhaps the most vibrant of all of the artificially colored cereals on the shelves today. Dating back to the Seventies, the Trix Rabbit continues to serve up these balls of sugary fun. Include Trix cereal with your marshmallow treats for both flavor and shape! The colorful treats are far more like a marbled work of art than anything else you’ll see today.

12. It’s a Party in a Bar With Layered Cereals in a Single Marshmallow Treat

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Another party in a bar, this recipe gives you multiple layers of cereals in each treat. Succeed in making the most of your current cereal selection. This recipe grants you the liberty and creative freedom in using some of everything.

Imagine the treats formed as one big rock formation with various stones in it for added effect! You can also layer in drizzles of icing and sprinkles of different shapes for even more visual appeal.

13. Skip the Salty Mix and Get Sugary With Chex Cereal Marshmallow Bars

Christmas tree shaped Cereal Marshmallow Bar.

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Chex cereal is always a win in our place. We have Chocolate and Apple Cinnamon Chex cereals most of the time, and I recommend each flavor for this recipe. The chocolate or apple cinnamon flavors would sing loudly in this treat and give a unique flavor.

However, if you have plain rice, wheat, or corn Chex cereal, those will work well, too. They do add nonpareils and other candies to these treats for even more fun.

14. Upgrade to Protein Healthy Honey Nut Marshmallow Bars by Betty Crocker

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In terms of packing a punch, the honey nut marshmallow bars start with Honey Nut Cheerios. These bars are super easy to make, similar to the gluten-free Cheerio treats. However, with this recipe, the focus is on the honey flavor and crunchy nut component.

Betty Crocker suggests using the Cascadian Farms® brand of honey hut o’s for this recipe. But any kind of honey nut o shaped cereal should do the trick! 

15. Here’s a Customizable Recipe for Marshmallow Cereal Treats by Baker Bettie

Marshmallow Cereal Treat bars and nips candy.

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Next, we have Baker Bettie with her various types of marshmallow cereal bars. She actually has five different recipes within this single recipe. You can quickly customize the cereal bar to be on point with the season, such as lemon flavors in the spring or pumpkin spice in the fall.

The use of cookies and cream in a Cocoa Krispie Treats recipe is spot-on with OREO cookie inspirations that I have not seen yet in this recipe roundup. She also does a butterscotch version of the marshmallow treat, but she goes a step ahead with Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal for her bars. Also, her Rice Krispie Treats get quite the treatment with the use of brown butter instead of simply melted salted butter.

16. What the Heck are Booyakasha Cereal Bars by Betty Crocker?

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If you loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Ali G, then you will have an equal affection for these Booyakasha cereal bars. The marshmallow treats come from Betty Crocker, too, which is sort of blowing my mind. Booyakasha is an old Irish phrase that has been used in pop culture for all sorts of purposes.

These bars go TMNT with the use of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles™ cereal. The cereal is in the shape of miniature turtles from the popular franchise. When added to the melted miniature marshmallows, this becomes a very fun and festive springtime or campout-friendly cereal bar.

17. Oh, How I Loved Corn Pops as a Child! Now Found in These Marshmallow Treats 

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Corn Pops were an actual life source for me as a child. I loved Corn Pops cereal, and I super love these marshmallow treats using the popular golden nuggets of almost pure sugar. With only three ingredients, you get a gooey and delicious bar that is perfect for any time of the day. Eat these for breakfast whole, or break these apart in a bowl and add some milk!

18. Upgrade to Life! Check Out DIY Caramelized Corn Pops Treats

Caramelized Corn Pops Treats with raisins.

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Caramelizing Corn Pops and adding those to a marshmallow treat is the next level in a cereal and marshmallow bar recipe. Two ingredients are tossed into the previous Corn Pops recipe–caramel candy squares and salt! Who doesn’t love salted caramel, am I right? Also, can I tell you a secret?

This is a marshmallow-free cereal and marshmallow recipe! You can easily fool most kids and even many adults when you melt caramel candy and add in some Corn Pops cereal.

19. Sometimes We Want Candy, So Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups in Bars, It is!

Rice pops cereal bars with chocolate.

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The Reese’s peanut butter cups are something else when added to cereal. So why not use these in this popular cereal and marshmallow recipe roundup? But stop right now and use Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch instead. Why? Because that cereal deserves some more loving and is full of peanut butter powder.

Here you also use a layer of caramel at the bottom of the bars, topped with a seal of chocolate. The result is a combination that is very much like Reese’s peanut butter cup in a marshmallow treat form. Again, like the one before it, this recipe does not actually contain marshmallows either and is animal-safe for vegans and vegetarians. 

20. Let’s Stop Eating Animals With Some Veganized Rice Krispie Treats

Veganized Rice Krispie Treat bars.

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The last recipe on this recipe roundup for cereal and marshmallow bars is definitely vegan. And instead of cutting out the animal-based marshmallows, which contain gelatin, this recipe sticks with the original program. Using vegan miniature marshmallows allows you to get a true-to-form cereal and marshmallow bar without added animal products.

Also, make sure to use vegan butter for this recipe, and avoid substituting coconut oil. You want the butter consistency, even if you need to use peanut butter or hazelnut spread for part of this ingredient.