35 Celebrity Home Entry Halls and Foyers

Here's a great collection of foyers and entry halls that have one thing in common: They're in a home owned or once owned by a celebrity. These are really cool to check out and vary in ever way imaginable.
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The mansion's foyer looks grand with its marble flooring and beautiful skylight.

Entry halls most often get just a wee space of the house and is often overlooked. Yet the more discerning of us know that it’s an essential component of a home.

If you have people frequently dropping by for visits or if you simply want to impress, there’s no need to lay a red carpet for a grand entrance. Dressing up the entry hall will already do the trick. Here’s where the cliche comes in. Houses are sometimes similar to people — first impressions last.

Now celebrities know a thing or two when it comes to putting on a good first impression. That’s why you’ll often find their houses dressed up to the tee. The transitory spot already gives guests a good idea of what to expect to the rooms that follow.

We’ve rounded up these chic celebrity entry halls and foyers where one can get a feel of what a grand entrance is like to the home of the rich and famous. Some of these entry halls sweep their guests off their feet with a drop dead gorgeous chandelier and a soaring ceiling while some entrances wow with a collection of artworks and elegant decor details.

Check out our gallery below of chic celebrity entry halls for your enjoyment.

Celebrity Entry Hall Photo Gallery

The outdoor walkway looks very elegant with plants sitting on side.
The grand foyer features a two-storey dome ceiling with recessed and chandelier lighting along with a curved staircase.
Dr. Dre
The large entry has a vaulted ceiling and hardwood flooring along with white walls and red French door.
Leonardo DiCaprio
The garden leads to the home's entryway featuring a white door.
Rooney Mara
Grand foyer greets family and friends upon entering the house. Beautiful tiles flooring matches well with white built of the space.
Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler
Grand foyer with a curved staircase welcomes family and guests upon entering the mansion.
Selena Gomez
Greg Zipadelli
Family and friends are greeted by a beautiful traditional gated entryway of the mansion.
Greg Zipadelli
The landing of the mansion boasts a 2-storey ceiling lighted by a grand chandelier. The staircase looks very elegant.
Kobe and Vanessa Bryant
The 2-storey grand foyer features a hardwood flooring and white walls.
The mansion boasts a huge gated entryway, welcoming family and guests with elegance.
Aerial view of the house's foyer featuring the high 2-storey ceiling lighted by a grand chandelier together with recessed and wall lights.
Forest Whitaker
Grand looking entrance with stairway greets family and friends.
Forest Whitaker
Forest Whitaker
The entryway offers a grand entrance boasting a high cathedral-style ceiling with chandelier and sitting area on the middle.
Barry Bonds

Here we featured the entry hall to Meryl Streep’s midcentury home. The space manages to pull off a modest look despite the skylight, glazed walls, marble flooring and animal printed rug because they’re offset by the Japanese-inspired details on the neutral brick walls and furniture. The rest of the house carry on with the same vibe and style elements.

Thank you for checking our special gallery showcase of celebrity entry halls. Make sure to visit this post again since we update this regularly. We also have a large and growing celebrity houses section which will give you a thrilling peek into the other rooms as well as the lit outdoors of celebrity homes.

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