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101 Celebrity Home Entry Halls and Foyers (Photos)

Here's a great collection of foyers and entry halls that have one thing in common: They're in a home owned or once owned by a celebrity. These are really cool to check out and vary in ever way imaginable.

A spacious entry hall with a stunning custom ceiling and gorgeous lighting.

This entryway hall features hardwood floors and a tall ceiling, along with glass windows. There’s a classy black piano on the side as well.

A beautiful foyer featuring white tiles floors, white walls and a white ceiling with recessed ceiling lights. The house also boasts a gorgeous curved staircase.

A gorgeous foyer boasting classy tiles flooring and a two-story ceiling with a fancy chandelier hanging from it. There’s a curved staircase with carpeted steps.

An entry hall featuring tiles flooring, white walls and a tall ceiling with lined up recessed lights. The hall leads to the living space while there’s a path leading to the basement and there’s a staircase as well.

An elegant entry foyer featuring black tiles flooring and brown walls, along with a high ceiling where the luxurious grand chandelier is set.

This entry of the house features white walls and hardwood floors. This entry leads to the living space. The staircase is also set on the side.

Modern home’s entry hall featuring hardwood floors, white walls and a white ceiling with lined up recessed ceiling lights.

A simple yet classy entry hall featuring well-polished flooring and walls lighted by wall lights.

A modern home with gorgeous entry hall boasting a stunning and luxurious centerpiece table decor. The house features dark hardwood flooring.

A beautiful entry foyer boasting stylish flooring and a high ceiling lighted by a luxurious chandelier lighting up the staircase.

An empty entry foyer with beige walls and has classy wall lights and a stunning dome ceiling.

This foyer boasts a massive area rug and an elegant side table with a mirror. The hall is lighted by a gorgeous chandelier.

The foyer features a straight staircase leading to the home’s second floor landing lighted by charming pendant lights.

This foyer features checker tiles flooring and a staircase with carpeted steps.

A mudroom entry foyer with rustic side table, a wooden shoe rack and a hat hanger.

A modern entry foyer with tiles flooring and a ceiling lighted by recessed ceiling lights. The staircase showcases hardwood steps and glass railings.

Spacious entry foyer with carpeted flooring, a tall ceiling, yellow walls and a glamorous grand chandelier.

An entry hall featuring terracotta tiles flooring topped by area rugs, along with a regular ceiling.

Entry foyer boasting a glamorous chandelier set on the home’s groin vault ceiling. There are two couches on the side, along with a centerpiece table.

Entry foyer featuring hardwood flooring and a Romantic-style ceiling. The walls look charming as well.

An entry hall featuring a long bench seating along with a tall ceiling. The doorway opens up to the home’s living space.

Entry hall leading to the home’s living space. There’s the home’s staircase as well, featuring dark hardwood steps and handrail, along with white railings.

Spacious entry foyer leading to the home’s formal living room. The house’s staircase looks magnificent as well.

Entry side foyer with rustic walls and a staircase featuring carpeted steps on the side. There’s a billiards table set up lighted by attractive ceiling and wall lights.

A main entry foyer of the house boasting a glamorous grand chandelier. The curved staircase is lighted by wall lights.

This entry foyer features checker tiles flooring and a centerpiece table. The entry opens up to the home’s living room.

A small entry hall with dark hardwood floors and decorated black and white walls.

A spacious entry hall featuring elegant brown walls and hardwood flooring along with a regular white ceiling.

Entry foyer featuring gray walls and tiles flooring, along with a curved staircase with wall lights.

A grand entry foyer boasting a stunning custom ceiling along with a grand piano in the middle.

A simple entry hall with dark hardwood flooring and white walls. There’s a built-in shelving on the side wall.

This entry foyer features beige tiles flooring and beige walls. There’s a double staircase leading to the second floor as well.

An elegant foyer with luxurious furnishings. The area features elegant walls and ceiling, along with tiles flooring.

A small entry foyer with white walls and a white ceiling lighted by recessed ceiling lights.

This is an elegant foyer and lobby with light gray walls, tall coffered ceiling, and white marble flooring that makes the dark wooden counter stand out on the far side by the tall windows.

Upon entry of the main door of the house, this foyer welcomes you with its familiar homey feel adorned with a wooden console table on the side bearing decors and a lamp.

This is the lovely foyer of the house that leads you directly to the living room area. This foyer has bright glass walls with console tables on the sides.

This is a spacious and simple foyer with beige marble flooring that pairs well with the beige walls that lead to walkways and a modern staircase.

Upon entry of the house, you are welcomed by this simple yet homey foyer with lovely hardwood flooring and tall beige pillars that blend quite well with the ceiling.

Upon entry of the mansion, you are welcomed by this spacious grand foyer with a high ceiling paired with tall glass walls and glass railings for the indoor balcony.

This is the lovely and simple foyer that has a warm and welcoming vibe to its charming wooden door. This is then topped with a warm yellow lighting from the tall ceiling.

This is the spacious foyer of the house with bright flooring tiles and ceiling complemented by the wooden elements of the pillars and the staircase with a grand piano beside it.

Upon entry, you are welcomed by this foyer that has charming wall murals depicting a pirate theme. It also has a pillar by the stairs covered with a rope.

Entry foyer featuring a gorgeous staircase and walls with multiple classic movie poster wall decors. The area features large checker tiles flooring and a glamorous chandelier.

Entry hall of the house featuring hardwood flooring, hardwood walls, wooden staircase, and a tall wooden ceiling that hangs a unique decorative lighting. This is augmented by the glass walls beside the stairs.

This is the charming foyer of the house with a hardwood flooring topped with a tall ceiling that hangs a chandelier over the area beside the straight wooden staircase.

This foyer has a wooden credenza on the side that matches well with the hardwood flooring that is topped with a patterned area rug. These stand out against the bright beige walls and ceiling.

This is the simple yet charming foyer with glass panels on its main door to let in natural light and illuminate the white walls, ceiling and built-in benches on both sides topped with wall-mounted hooks for coats and hats.

Entry hall featuring the spiral staircase with gorgeous red-carpeted steps adorned with intricate wrought-iron railings. Beside the staircase is an armchair beside a display cabinet.

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