60 Stylish Celebrity Dining Rooms

Do you like celebrity houses? If so, check out celebrity dining rooms. We feature over 60 of them (it's a growing gallery). From opulent to modest, there are all kinds of styles and sizes.
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This dining set is the best of the three dining room of this luxurious mansion. From the pendant lights, chairs and tables, to the cabinets and wall designs, all are very elegant.

In this age of social media, food porn online has taken a place in the spotlight. It can literally stash away people’s time as well as make one drool. Yet it’s not always just about what you eat. At times, it’s also about where you eat. In the case of celebrity homes, it’s interesting to see where the rich and famous actually eat when they’re just at home.

You can learn a lot just by snooping at the celebs’ dining rooms. With the best interior designers at hand, celebrities can teach a thing or two on what it means to live a lavish lifestyle. Their dining rooms are the proper stages to simultaneously entertain and wow guests whether it’s just for an intimate dinner, a feast or a dinner party.

Pay attention to how the lighting fixtures and chandeliers were chosen to make a stunning impression. Or how a piece of artwork catches the eye and can become a piece of conversation. The dining table may be long and rectangular or small and round. There’s a wide variety of styles which is perfect if you’re also hunting for home design inspiration.

Check out our gallery below of stylish celebrity dining rooms for your enjoyment.

Shaquille O'Neal
The dining room looks simple with its hardwood flooring and dining set. Chandelier lights up the room.
Dr. Dre
Leonardo DiCaprio
chris-bosh-home2018-04-22 at 7.48.23 AM 5
ellen-pompeo-house2018-04-20 at 8.11.50 AM 9
Another look of the dining area focusing on the table made out of hardwood lighted by recessed lights.
Tyra Banks
The square dining set is surrounded by white walls and hardwood flooring lighted by recessed ceiling lights.
Tyra Banks
Dining area boasts a dark hardwood flooring with a modish table and chairs set surrounded by blue green walls with design.
Matt Lauer
Matt Lauer
Bill and Giuliana Rancic
Rooney Mara
Rooney Mara
The dining room boasts a couple of massive pendant lights. The rectangular 12-seater dining table looks very stylish.
Chris Bosh

Thank you for checking our special gallery showcase of celebrity dining rooms. Make sure to visit this post again since we update this regularly. We also have a large and growing celebrity houses section which will give you a thrilling peek into the other rooms as well as the lit outdoors of celebrity homes.

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