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13 Cedar Wood Gazebo Designs – Octagon, Hexagon and Oval Styles


Contemporary 12 foot octagon gazebo with tar shingles

One of the most popular gazebo materials is cedar wood. It looks great, is good building material and is durable outdoors.

Cedar gives off a rustic mountain appearance, which is a style many people seek for their outdoor living areas. It’s a great fit for any home that has exposed wood on the exterior.

Benefits of cedar gazebos:

Looks great: It’s undeniable that cedar looks great. Cedar gazebos blend in the natural environment.

Smells great:  I love the smell of the cedar. Most people do.

Versatile finishes:  You can apply a wide range of stains and colors to cedar… although personally I prefer applying a stain that shows of the natural red cedar color.

Durable: Cedar resists rot and since a gazebo is constantly exposed to the elements, durability is an important feature.

Below is a gallery of many cedar gazebos – varying significantly in design, size and style.

13 Cedar Wood Gazebos

1. 10 Foot Octagon Gazebo with Spindle Wall in Cedar Stain

A beautiful octagonal gazebo in a rich cedar stain, featuring elegant craftsman spindle walls. The gazebo is made out of Southern Yellow Pine, a fast-growing tree that is far more sustainable than other woods. All material and hardware for this project is included in the kit, aside from fasteners for roof sheeting and shingles.


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2. 10 Foot Octagon Wooden Gazebo with Spindle Partial Wall

This ten foot wooden octagonal gazebo is in a more natural shade, so you may choose the exact stain you desire. This lovely gazebo is easy to assemble, as it features pre-built large panels that you simply place together. Less complicated than other designs!


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3. 10 Foot Hexagon Cedar Gazebo

This hexagonal model is 10 feet wide, so plenty large enough for your friends and family to gather under, rain or shine. The pre-cut kit is labeled, bundled, and ready to be put together. Add on kits are available for separate purchase, including a two-tier roof, cupola, and bench seating.


Learn more here.

4. 12 Foot Octagon Cedar and Pine Gazebo Design

A lovely octagon gazebo in cedar and pine. No cutting is required for this gazebo, simply assemble! This kit does not include a floor or screen kit, which are sold separately. The elegant structure is perfect to add architectural beauty to any garden.


Learn more here.

5. 12 Foot Western Red Cedar Paneled Gazebo Design

This quaint cottage gazebo design stretches a full 12 feet wide and is made from Western Red Cedar. The wood is unfinished, but accepts a wide variety of finishes so you can get exactly the look you require. The kit includes the panelized wooden gazebo with floor, railings, roof, and functional two-tier cupola. The shingles are already attached to roof panels for easy assembly.


Learn more here.

6. 30 Foot Cedar Octagon Double Roof Gazebo

This incredibly massive gazebo is 30 feet wide; more than enough to house your entire extended family! The standard package includes rails, braces, posts, a 100% cedar cupola, and architectural asphalt shingles. Screening and other options are available for this fully customizable gazebo.


Learn more here.

7. 8 by 10 Foot Cedar Log Square Gazebo with Floor

This is a much more rustic example, with all the knots and wood grain visible. The unfinished wood, shown above, accepts multiple stains, or you can order the gazebo pre-stained. This product is handcrafted by the Pennsylvania Amish community, and the effect is an open, airy gazebo without railings.


Learn more here.

8. 8 Foot Red Cedar Hexagon Paneled Gazebo Kit

This cozy 8 foot wide gazebo is perfect for sharing an intimate moment with someone special. The 100% Western Red Cedar handrails, floor, and roof are packaged in panels for ease of assembly. Add ons for this gazebo include bench seating and a two-tier roof and cupola. Add ons are sold separately.


Learn more here.

9. 9 by 9 Foot Square Cedar Hot Tub Gazebo

A nontraditional wooden gazebo specifically for the purpose of providing an elegant cover for an outdoor hot tub. The 9×9 foot gazebo will fit a generously sized hot tub, and features railings and a bar to set drinks. Add barstools for members of the party who don’t want to get in the tub but still want to be part of the conversation. Black aluminum balusters and corner brackets accent the lovely cedar roof.


Learn more here.

10. 20 by 30 Foot Cedar Wood Oval Gazebo

Perfect for a sizable garden where large events are held often. This fully customizable gazebo is shown here with standard options, but can also be screened in, among other things.


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11. Huge 30 Foot Cedar Octagon Gazebo

This beautiful 30 foot cedar octagon gazebo is another option that’s perfect for entertaining large parties. The gazebo is shown here with standard rail, floor, and shingle options.


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12. Large 14 Foot Octagon Cedar Gazebo Kith with Screen

This gorgeous 14 foot wide octagonal cedar gazebo is pictured here with the optional cupola and screen, although there are far more options to choose from. The 100% premium Western Red Cedar construction is panelized for easy assembly in just one day. Includes a floor.


Learn more here.

13. 10 Foot Octagon Cedar Gazebo with a Floor

This 10 foot wide octagonal cedar gazebo includes a floor, and the entire kit is precut and ready for assembly. Includes a floor, railing, trim, roof framing, and ceiling components. Not included are the required roof shingles and foundation. All hardware and brackets included with assembly instructions.


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