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Orange living rooms aren’t terribly popular, but if you like bright, orange works. The key to decorating your living room with orange is to use restraint. In our collection of living rooms with orange below, you’ll see examples of orange gone wild as well as very nicely designed living rooms with a touch of orange. […]

After your home is constructed and you have selected your furnishings, it is time to make its interior walls personal with the use of various paint colors that would highlight the mood or style you want. However, given the spectrum of colors available for people to choose from, it may be difficult to select one […]

How wold you describe your bathroom decoration and design? Is it still according to what you want? Is it still on trend or perhaps it has already turned shabby and old? We are now living in a modern era and everything goes in style. Even a simple bathroom can be transformed into the most innovative and […]

Cozy masculine living room or sitting room with 4 leather club chairs around a leather topped round coffee table. It’s an intimate setting perfect for conversation, drinks or reading. The color scheme is definitely masculine matching the furniture. Many shades of tan and other shades of browns.  The two dashes of color include the fire […]

What’s interesting about this living room color analysis is seeing the dominant and main colors used. The extracted colors distills the precise color scheme of this earth-tone formal living room design. It’s even simpler when you check out the dominant color analysis below which is a set of 6 colors only. We hope our analysis […]