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DIY projects for the home.

Do furniture forms influence our emotions? According to existing literature, design provides rich interactions. Emotions such as astonishment, surprise, satisfaction, doubt, etc in design furniture follow the dichotomy rectilinear vs curvilinear forms. Studies show that rounded furniture elicits more positive feelings than squared shapes. Strong connection between furniture design and emotional intelligence therefore has, or […]

I’ll skip to the chase.  Ryan’s shed plans isn’t a very good product.  It’s not totally useless because there are some decent plans, but overall it’s not great. In fact, you’re MUCH better off buying Ted’s Woodworking Plans which includes a good number of decent shed plans. After purchasing and liking Ted’s Woodworking plans, I […]

Welcome to our epic guide to incredible do-it-yourself projects to make and furnish your home with! This guide will cover all sorts of projects, from larger furniture to small, simple kid-friendly projects to decorate a child or teenager’s room with. There are difficult projects and beginner projects sorted into all kinds of design styles, room […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring incredible sliding barn door designs that will make you swoon! As industrial-rustic and vintage styles have entered into popularity, sleek, glossy designs have become markers of homes without individual personality. Enter the sliding barn door. These types of doors are easily identifiable, thanks to the use of reclaimed wood and […]

Source: Welcome to our guide to building your very own awesome backyard fire pit! Campfires are one of our favorite outdoor summer and fall activities. There’s something about sitting around a roaring fire in the backyard, roasting marshmallows, telling scary stories, or simply relaxing in the company of good friends that just is so […]

As part of our commitment to bring you fresh and dynamic content, we have something special to share with this fabulous “Do It Yourself” Desk project. One of our readers has provided this step by step tutorial on crafting your very own home office desk! The results of this budget friendly project will speak for themselves.  This desk […]

While repainting the cabinetry in your entire kitchen may not be a one-weekend project, it’s certainly one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to completely refresh the look of your home! Why white?  White kitchens are beautiful.  They’re definitely popular.  Likely it’s psychological in that white is calming and gives off the aura of […]

Welcome to our guide to DIY burlap crafts! In this extensive post, we set out tips and tricks that are important to know before you dive headlong into cute burlap crafts you find on Pinterest! Speaking of social media, there are hundreds of burlap crafts and projects circulating around the internet, from stenciled placemats to elaborate wreaths […]

I’m the first to admit we feature a lot of kitchens that are beyond most budgets (including mine). Therefore, researching and writing this mega list of  budget-friendly kitchen remodeling ideas for your home was fun because we sought out ideas that we’d like to implement. Of course you’re not going to implement every idea here, […]

According to the FBI, Home Break-In (Burglary) is the most common threat to our home [1]. In the U.S. a home burglary occurs every 13 seconds, which equates to 2.5 million home intrusions every single year. Those are some scary statistics. The point of today’s post is not to scare you, however, it’s to make […]

Today we’re here to share with you these simple and direct instructions for creating a wine rack from the end section of a pallet. This fun, useful project can be crafted in around an hour and a half, depending on your experience and what tools you utilize. It can be created via hand tools and a drill, but will […]

Project tutorial provided and republished with consent by alr227. We’re here today to help you build a small, combination fire pit and patio area. When we crafted this project ourselves, the dimensions kept expanding, leaving us with a sizable flagstone patio and sitting wall. We hadn’t previously done a masonry project, so we turned to internet how-to videos and relied on classic trial and […]