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Can You Wash Memory Foam Pillows? How?

A woman sleeping soundly on a memory foam pillow.

These days, people are opting for memory foam pillows to match their sleeping position. However, many people do not know whether they can wash their pillows or just change them for another. Memory foam pillows cannot be machine washed as they will spoil. It is time to properly discover how to wash a viscoelastic pillow the right way.

Experts recommend washing mattresses, box springs and pillows once a month for maintenance. For this reason, it is also important to know how to wash a viscoelastic pillow because, like mattresses and sheets, they retain a large amount of dirt, sweat, mites, and substances that are toxic to health.

Many people think that nothing should be washed other than the pillowcases, but it is also necessary to wash the entire pillow as well. This accumulates a certain humidity that can generate the proliferation of infectious agents, so do not miss a detail like this, if you want to protect your health.

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Tips for washing a memory foam pillow

A woman cleaning pillows using vacuum.

Most memory foam pillows are usually made from a synthetic material and so, it would be more challenging to put it in a washing machine. The usual foams are designed to withstand high pressures, in addition to having its famous memory effect. The normal thing is to find out which two types of viscoelastic pillow you have: breathable or molded.

You must bear in mind that, depending on the type of material and the density of the foam, you will have to wash it one way or another. The method of washing it will depend on the type you have.

Types of pillows

A woman setting up a bed on a hotel.

Breathable ones are machine washable, but make sure the label doesn’t say otherwise, in which case you shouldn’t. The molded ones, on the other hand, cannot be put in the washing machine, otherwise, you would end up with their peculiar memory effect.

How to do it

Despite all this, it is recommended that you use the following tips so that washing a viscoelastic pillow does not become a real headache:

  • Something fundamental that you should keep in mind is to make sure that the viscoelastic pillow can be washed, so you will avoid damaging it if you do not do it right.
  • Do not use aggressive products to wash it. Use a little neutral soap in a basin and use a little warm water. This should be enough.
  • Although the label tells you that it can be washed in the washing machine, the advice is to do it by hand to avoid problems.
  • Dry it well to avoid the proliferation of humidity.

How to remove spills

A dirty pillow with stain on a bed.

There is a specific way of how to wash a viscoelastic pillow correctly. Let’s see how you can remove spills to prevent you from washing it. If it has ever happened to you that you have spilled a product on the viscoelastic pillow and you do not know exactly how to remove the stain, pay attention to these simple and effective tricks that can get you out of more than one problem.

  • Do not wait for the spill to penetrate the pillow. Instead, you should try to get it out immediately with a dry cloth or kitchen hand towel so that it absorbs as much liquid as possible from the pillow.
  • Rub the stain after drying with a damp cloth and a little mild detergent to get rid of the stain and prevent it from spreading further.
  • When you’ve completely removed the stain, dry the pillow with a blow dryer if you can’t dry it outside.

How to remove bad odors

A lady with a frown while holding a pillow.

Memory foam pillows should not emit any type of odor. Therefore, if you notice a slight odor on it and you washed it recently, do not think about throwing it away just yet, as it has a solution. First of all, there are many air fresheners that neutralize odors, and some of them even have a disinfectant action that can help you solve this problem.

However, if you want the smell to disappear effectively, you can add baking soda to the air freshener. This is a powerful remedy to eliminate bad smells. It is as simple as spreading the product on the viscoelastic pillow without the cover and leaving it to sit for 15 to 30 minutes. Then remove the product with the help of a vacuum.

Recommendations for your care

A memory foam pillow with a cover.

Use a good cover for your memory foam pillow. In this way, you will avoid having to wash it very often. You should do the same with your mattress. Use a mattress cover to keep it clean for longer.

In case you have any questions about how you should wash a viscoelastic pillow and you do not get the answer in the instructions, another option is to contact the manufacturer. The manufacturer will be able to clarify your doubts before you mess up. It is highly recommended that you regularly check the condition of the viscoelastic pillow, especially in summer, so you can increase its useful life as much as possible.


Cleaning a viscoelastic pillow has its particularities. You cannot use any product or opt for a common method, since the material requires special care. Now you know the best way to clean and care for your memory foam pillow. You can let it continue to accompany you in your best dreams. Follow the tips and recommendations so you can have a cleaner memory foam pillow to last you longer.