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20 Best Caesar Salad Recipes (All Types)

Caesar Salad Recipes

When you visit a nice Italian restaurant, you might expect to be offered a Caesar salad. You might be surprised to know that you can make this salad, which actually originated in Mexico, at home. Many of the ingredients you need might already be found in your refrigerator or pantry, and the rest is easy to find at your local supermarket.

These Caesar salad recipes are sure to please, no matter your experience with salads.

1. An Easy Homemade Caesar Salad in Minutes

Easy Homemade Caesar Salad

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A great Caesar salad does not have to take long to make, and this recipe contains affordable, simple ingredients you might already have. Plus, you don’t need to have that many skills in the kitchen to put this dish together. If you can tear the lettuce and measure the ingredients, you can assemble this salad in a matter of minutes.
Mix the dressing in a mason jar to keep your lettuce crisp, and you’ll find this salad both handy and delicious. This is a dish you can keep in your kitchen all week for a pre-dinner appetizer.

2. Salad With Totally Snackworthy Homemade Croutons

Salad With Croutons

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If you are trying to elevate your dinner party salad, homemade croutons are the way to go. Crispy croutons pair well with a light Caesar dressing, and this recipe combines toasty croutons with garlic and cheese to expand the flavor profile of your traditional Caesar. Once you’ve got the croutons set, you’ll simply need a bowl and a whisk to create a dressing that is healthy but still brilliantly flavored.

This recipe also offers tips for shaving Parmesan onto your fresh salad.

3. This Recipe Combines Traditional & Modern Techniques

Traditional Caesar Salad

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You can maintain the integrity of the traditional Caesar salad while also incorporating modern sensibilities. For instance, you can preserve the original taste of the salad dressing by using anchovies and Worcestershire and emulsifying the dressing to ensure you can get an even coating on each bit of lettuce. On the other hand, you will achieve that modern twist by baking croutons that have been infused with garlic oil.

This recipe recommends using only the inner leaves of the romaine head to preserve the crisp nature of your salad.

4. Achieve the Perfect Homemade Dressing (With or Without Anchovies)

Homemade Dressing Caesar Salad

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Perhaps you love homemade dressing on your Caesar salad, but you aren’t a fan of anchovies. This recipe uses fresh ingredients that help you create a dressing you’ll want to use on every salad you eat. The anchovy-free sauce includes Worcestershire dressing, olive oil, garlic, and raw eggs.

It will be a savory and delicious combination of ingredients that you can easily make vegan if you use a vegan-friendly Worcestershire sauce.

5. Caesar Salad Made Without Raw Eggs

Caesar Salad Without Raw Eggs

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While the traditional Caesar salad uses olive oil and raw eggs, you might not want to use raw eggs if you are feeding the dish to your family or those with sensitive systems. Instead, this recipe uses mayonnaise, so you can create your own dressing without the risks that come with raw eggs. If you don’t want to use whole anchovies, you can also use anchovy paste.

The taste of the anchovy will pair well with the classic Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, which is a better option than Parmesan cheese.

6. Don’t Hold the Anchovies (or the Chicken)

Anchovies Caesar Salad

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If you love the taste of anchovies in your Caesar salad, you will adore this recipe. The recipe recommends adding chicken to turn this appetizer into a complete meal. It also suggests that you use whole anchovies instead of paste to get the full spectrum of flavor that comes with dressing.

The dressing keeps in the refrigerator and requires just a few additional ingredients, including mayonnaise, lemon juice, Worchestershire, Dijon mustard, Parmesan, and garlic.

7. Freshly Cracked Pepper Finished this Salad

Freshly Cracked Pepper Caesar Salad

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One of the highlights of a fresh Caesar salad is the fresh pepper cracked right on top. This recipe rests that pepper on a bed of crisp romaine greens, sourdough croutons, and cheese. It pairs well with a seafood topping, like shrimp or salmon, and the entire blend provides an umami profile.

This recipe also considers anchovies a must-have, so this Caesar salad is great for you if you love seafood and that salty flavor. Shave Parmesan and toss in a dash of pepper to complete your appetizer.

8. Olives Can Enhance this Simple Caesar Salad

Simple Caesar Salad

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Have you ever considered adding olives to a Caesar salad? You can embellish your traditional Caesar with green olives stuffed with pimiento. If you like a Caesar salad but get bored with the flavor, you might also consider adding sun-dried tomatoes or artichoke hearts as well.

Want to do something different? Put this salad on a pizza or flatbread. This is a versatile salad that elevates the original flavor profile to new heights.

9. Roasted Chickpeas & Pine Nuts Change the Game

Roasted Chickpeas Caesar Salad

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Are you tired of serving the same Caesar salad at your dinner parties? This recipe incorporates the tradition of a Caesar salad while also adding something new. Not only will you top this salad with homemade croutons, but you’ll also use crisp vegetables to add texture to the romaine lettuce.

You’ll use a creamy Greek yogurt-based dressing to create a tangy but savory dish. You can keep this salad vegetarian by adding chickpeas for protein, and you can top it all with radish, pine nuts, and chives. Is it a departure from the traditional salad? Absolutely. Still delicious? Yes!

10. High-Quality Olive Oil and Dry Lettuce Pack a Punch

High-Quality Olive Oil Caesar Salad

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This recipe also has a secret step, but it’s simpler than you might think. You’ll use the same classic romaine lettuce, but you’ll make sure that you dry it thoroughly. This special step ensures that the dressing sticks to the lettuce.

If you’ve got some day-old bread lying around the house, this salad also gives you the perfect opportunity to make your own croutons as well. High-quality olive oil adds more depth to the salad as well.

11. Caesar Salad . . . But Make it Vegan

Vegan Caesar Salad

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This Caesar salad comes with a vegan option. Did you know that you can make a Caesar dressing without egg and anchovies? You can do this with vegan mayonnaise and mince capers.

If you’d like to leave out the mayo, you might be able to use tahini or hummus to achieve a similar flavor. You can also leave out the cheese or use a vegan cheese. A vegan Worcestershire can also help you achieve the tasty umami flavor without including unwanted ingredients.

12. A Caesar Salad Packed With Nutrients

Kale and Spinach Caesar Salad

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If you love a Caesar salad but wish that it was packed with more nutrients, you’ll love this healthy Caesar. This salad replaces romaine with kale and spinach, giving you more nutrients right off the bat. You’ll still get to add Parmesan crisps for a bit of cheesy flavor, and you’ll top the dish with red onion as well.

You’ll use the same creamy Caesar dressing, which means that you’ll still get that blast of umami flavor you come to expect from your favorite salad.

13. Add Bacon & Avocado for a Savory Appetizer

Bacon Avocado Caesar Salad

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Turn your Caesar salad into a savory dish by adding some extra ingredients. All you need for this recipe is romaine lettuce, croutons, Parmesan cheese, Caesar dressing, crumbled bacon, and a diced avocado. These ingredients allow you to add a little protein and fat to your salad.

You’ll feel much more full after eating this salad, which is why it can become a great part of a meal. You can even add chicken if you want to pump up the protein content of this dish.

14. When Was the Last Time You Grilled Your Lettuce?

Grilled Lettuce Caesar Salad

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This Caesar salad is more than it appears. You’ll want to break out the grill to add some smoke to your Caesar, and the extra char on your romaine lettuce will help the flavors come together. A drizzle of creamy dressing on top will really bring out the smokey flavor.

You can use other types of lettuce for this dish, but you should make sure that they are hearty and sturdy to ensure that your salad has great spears. It’s the perfect backyard barbecue salad!

15. Make Yours a Pasta Caesar

Pasta Caesar Salad

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If you love Caesar salad but you want to create an entire meal in 20 minutes, you might want to try this pasta salad featuring a DIY Caesar dressing. You’ll need romaine lettuce and a rotisserie chicken as well as your traditional croutons and Parmesan cheese. One more addition, rotini or penne noodles, will help you create a savory pasta salad that is good enough to eat solo.

You’ll want to use that anchovy paste to really bring out the flavor.

16. Avocado & Chicken Create a Stunning Flavor Combo

Avocado & Chicken Caesar Salad

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If you love turning a simple salad into a meal, this recipe provides an excellent opportunity to expand on a classic. You’ll use chicken breast fillets, bacon, eggs, ciabatta bread, and avocado to put a spin on the traditional Caesar. You’ll also make a fresh dressing with Greek yogurt, garlic, and full anchovy fillets.

If you aren’t into anchovies, use black olives and fish sauce to achieve the same flavor.

17. Bring New Energy to a Classic With Asiago Dressing

Asiago Caesar Salad

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While many other Caesar salad recipes mix up the salad ingredients, this one relies on changing the dressing. You’ll use your favorite mayonnaise as the base of the dressing, but you’ll add in asiago cheese to add some texture to the creamy dressing. You’ll also add some fresh cherry tomatoes to the salad to bring the dish to life, adding some juicy Vitamin C to your favorite salad.

18. Caesar Spears Change the Salad Game

Caesar Spears Salad

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Spears change the entire game when it comes to Caesar salad. You’ll use romaine lettuce hearts and quarter them, creating a crisp salad you can pair with steak or mushrooms. You’ll also make your own croutons, which are rolled around in butter, olive oil, Italian seasoning, and red pepper flakes.

The longest part of the process will be baking the croutons until they are crispy. Once you’ve got your homemade croutons, you’ve got a delightful salad fit for serving at your next dinner party.

19. Replace Romaine with Kale for a Twist

Kale Caesar Salad In a Plate

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If you love the taste of Caesar salad dressing but aren’t a fan of romaine lettuce, you can replace it with kale. Kale is full of nutrients and minerals, and this raw salad allows you to take in the full nutritional value of kale. The dressing contains garlic, anchovies, and lemon juice like other classic dressings, which means this salad will pair well with a juicy steak or light pasta.

Just make sure you chop the kale from the stems to avoid a tough salad.

20. Why Have Caesar Salad When You Could Have Caesar Pizza?

Chicken Caesar Salad Pizza

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This Caesar salad is served on top of pizza dough, which is grilled to crispy perfection. You’ll grill the dough to ensure that it is golden brown before you place the Caesar salad on top. If you are looking for a unique way to serve a vegetarian pizza, this pizza is going to impress.