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20 Best Butter Tart Recipes (All Types)

Canadian Butter Tarts on a grill.

If you are anything like me, you enjoy a buttery and flavorful dessert. Butter tarts are a classic Canadian treat many in the U.S. have not experienced. For those that have never tried a butter tart, you must try one.

It is a pastry filled with syrup that is somewhat solid of eggs, butter, and sugar. Most often, you find nuts or dried fruit in the filling. Check out all of these fantastic butter tart recipes that you can try at home. 

1. Canadian Butter Tarts…the way they were meant to be

A person holding a Canadian Butter Tarts.

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This recipe for Canadian butter tart has a flaky crust with a middle layer that is soft and gooey and topped with a chewy layer. These are great desserts for dinner any night of the week. You can easily add nuts and dried fruit to these tarts.

This recipe allows you to add raisins easily if you like. However, keeping them out is an easy removal without impacting the taste of these tarts. 

2. Canadian Butter Tarts with How-To Video

Canadian Butter Tarts on a chop board.

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There are so many reasons why this is the best butter tart recipe you will ever try. It uses lard and butter to get an extra flaky shell. You also have an incredibly buttery taste. The filling for this tart has a rich molasses flavor due to the brown sugar and butter combination.

This recipe calls for vanilla and cream to give some dimension to the flavor. This recipe suggests adding bacon as a nice extra salty ingredient to the filling. 

3. Traditional Butter Tarts the Canadian Way

Traditional Butter Tarts on an oven.

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These classic butter tarts take about 25 minutes to make. This is a raisins optional recipe. The tart crust in this recipe uses all-purpose flour, cold water, and unsalted butter. It has sugar for just a small amount of sweetness.

The filling has some key ingredients to ensure the sticky sweetness of the tart. You should use golden corn syrup and vinegar together to prevent the sugar from crystallizing. If you do not use them, the top of the filling will have a crispy top, which you might like. 

4. Southern Style Butter Tarts

Southern Style Butter Tarts and a cup of coffee.

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While they may have gotten their start in Canada, there are many variations on traditional butter tarts. This southern-style recipe uses liquid coffee cream in place of cream. This one does not require you to make your own tart shell; you can buy one pre-made or frozen that you already like.

In this recipe, you will also find raisins and chopped walnuts. A good note for this recipe is they rise well, so you want to be careful not to overfill the pastry cup, or you will have a mess. 

5. Butter Tarts as a Thick Pastry…You Do Not Want to Miss This

A slice of Butter Tarts on the wood.

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This recipe calls for golden raisins, but regular raisins or currents work well. If raisins are not your thing, you can leave them out. This recipe provides the perfect instructions no matter if you like your filling to be firm or runny. It covers both.

This recipe calls for one egg, but if you like your filling firmer, you can use two eggs. You also want to increase the brown sugar while decreasing the corn syrup to have a firm center that does not run.

6. Quintessential Butter Tarts for Your Sweet Tooth

Butter Tarts on a metal plating.

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This recipe recommends eating your butter tarts warm and topped with whipped cream. This finished tart looks like a miniature pecan pie. Some ingredients that may be unique to this recipe include fine sea salt and light brown sugar.

Also recommended in this recipe is an already made refrigerated pie crust. However, it does not take away from this gooey dessert. This recipe does not use raisins for all of those on the no raisins ever side of the discussion. 

7. If You Want Award-Winning Butter Tarts, here is the recipe

Award Winning Butter Tarts on a plate.

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This recipe suggests purchasing pie pastry or using a recipe you already have. It uses raisins, softened butter, and packed brown sugar. When you begin mixing your filling, you want to set the raisins aside in a bowl of hot tap water.

They must sit for 30 minutes. If you do not plan to use raisins, you can skip this step. If you prefer your tarts to be runny, cook them for about 15 minutes. If you like yours to be more firm, they need 20 minutes. 

8. Pecan Pie or Butter Tart…Can You Tell the Difference?

Butter Tart on a violet towel.

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This recipe helps you create a mini version of a pecan pie, but without the pecan. Instead, it has the buttery crust and gooey filling that you have come to expect. As with many recipes, you can add or remove raisins or nuts to this recipe.

The key is to know just how long to bake these tarts. It truly depends on your preference. If you like them runny, you bake them for a shorter time. If you like them firm, you should bake them longer. You can experiment with different baking times to see what you prefer. 

9. Butter Tarts the Old Fashioned Way

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This recipe helps you bake butter tarts that taste exactly the way this classic dessert should. The filling is a little runny and sweet. The pastry melts in your mouth. This recipe has you making the pastry yourself and not relying on store brands.

In less than an hour, you can have a whole batch of tasty, delicious treats. It is essential to use cold water for your pastry shell. This recipe insists that the homemade pastry shell makes all the difference. 

10. Butter Tarts the Easy Way

Butter Tarts with bowl and lime.

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This recipe is a twist on the classic version of butter tarts. It uses only five ingredients and takes about 20 minutes to prepare. The secret is using softened butter. It should not be melted, just soft.

This recipe is incredibly easy to make, and once you learn how much your family and friends love this recipe, you can easily double or triple it. You can store tarts for up to one week in the refrigerator. You want to ensure they are covered. 

11. Butter Tarts…the True Canadian Way

Butter Tarts on a chop board on white background.

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This little sweet treat may be considered humble, but it has every reason not to be. It has a flaky crust with vanilla, eggs, and brown sugar combined as a sweet filling. This recipe has been slightly adapted from the original, but it is still the best butter tart you will ever taste. This recipe calls for lard for the pastry, but you can substitute butter instead. 

12. Butter Tarts…Add the Custard

Butter Tarts on a baking sheet inside an oven.

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This butter tart recipe calls for maple syrup to create a custard-like filling. This recipe also calls for store-bought pie crusts. However, you can make your own from a recipe you love.

For the filling, this recipe uses dark brown sugar and two eggs that have been brought to room temperature. Some recommend eating these treats at room temperature with whipped cream. Others suggest trying them warm, while others prefer them to be frozen. 

13. This Butter Tart Crust Recipe Never Lets You Down

Butter Tart Crust on a baking sheet.

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This butter tart crust recipe will be your go-to for butter tarts but really, anything you want to use as a filling. You can use custard or fruit. It is recommended that you use a stand mixer for this recipe.

If you only have a hand mixer, you can use that, too. You just need to do a little more mixing. This recipe calls for blanched almonds, chilled unsalted butter, and a chilled egg. 

14. Maple Syrup Completes This Chewy Treat

Butter Tarts with Maple Syrup.

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This recipe for butter tarts combines a custard-like filing with crispy pastry and a crunchy top. It will be like nothing you have ever tried before. This recipe gives instructions on the flaky pastry crust, but you can also use a premade version. You should be able to find everything you need to make these tasty treats already in your kitchen. 

15. This Will Be Your Favorite Butter Tart

Butter Tart and bread on a glass plate.

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This butter tart recipe only needs six simple filling ingredients: brown sugar, egg, raisins, butter, milk, and vanilla. Your tart shells should be frozen when you use them because they hold up better. If you partially defrost them, the filling leaks through.

They will not be ruined, but they will be softer. This recipe calls for raisins but for a more traditional tart, use currants. 

16. Butter Tarts with the Perfect Balance

Butter Tarts with different toppings.

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The key to the perfect butter tart is the ratio of gooey filling to a crispy crust. This recipe has it all. These tarts are best eaten with your hands in just a few bites.

This recipe does not use corn syrup, and the filling is soft by not runny. There is butter in the pie crust to make it flaky and buttery.

17. The Only Butter Tart Recipe For You

Butter Tart on a wooden board.

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This recipe provides you with the perfect combination of a sugar pie and a pecan pie. It calls for lard and butter in the crust for crisp, rich flavor. This recipe has you placing the tarts on the bottom rack high at 450F for 8 minutes.

After that, you reduce the temperature to 400F. This gives you a golden crust that is fully baked. It will not be pasty and raw. This also gives you a center that is loosely set, not too runny but not too firm. You will have a perfect balance in your tart.

18. Multiple Options with the Same Recipe

Butter Tart with pecans on a plate.

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This butter tart recipe gives you the option of four fillings. You start with the basic butter tart filling that you have come to love and add on from there if you wish. This recipe suggests raisins, chocolate chips, or pecans as filling options. You can make the pie crust for this recipe or use a pre-made option.

19. Traditionalists Will Not Be Disappointed with These Butter Tarts

Butter Tarts with pecans and maple syrup.

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This butter tart recipe calls for maple syrup and brown sugar to make the filling ooey gooey and a little runnier. With this recipe, you make your own pastry crust. For the crust, you need cold water and cold butter.

It does need to chill in the refrigerator for an hour before using it. This recipe suggests using a release cut for the pastry circles when placing them in the muffin pan. You cut in one inch from the edge to the center. Next, you overlap the cut edge to create a cup. Then tuck it in place. 

20. Butter Tarts….Fresh From the Cottage

Butter Tarts and a fork on a plate.

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This recipe makes the entire butter tart from scratch. They recommend eating them still slightly warm from the oven. This recipe calls for golden yellow sugar to help give the pastry crust a nice golden color. To ensure the crust is flaky, whisk an egg and vinegar into chilled water.

You also want to chill the cups for 30 minutes before baking. This helps the crust bake evenly. This recipe y take a few minutes longer than others, but it is worth it.