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11 Best Butter Pecan Cookie Recipes (All Types)

Butter Pecan Cookie on a plate.

What better time to make cookies than summer when children have time off from school and family activities seem constant? Butter pecan cookies offer the sweet taste of ice cream paired with the chewy, crunchy taste of cookies.

I’ve searched long and hard for a recipe that actually uses the wonderful ice cream flavor in lieu of milk in a recipe but have yet to find it. I did discover quite a few that taste fabulous on top of ice cream though, not to mention those with few calories or no sugar which the diabetics I know appreciate. Another recipe offers the ideal keto recipe and I located one for my gluten-free friend whose diet has long thwarted his love of sweets.

Most of these cookie recipes take about half an hour to make but a few take less than that. This makes the butter pecan cookie the ideal dessert when you need something fast and delicious. You can make them before work or school and as a dessert for after dinner. They can even bake while you eat.

Let’s explore some of the tastiest recipes available and learn a few tips for creating the best cheesecakes.

1. Homestyle Butter Pecan Cookies Recipe

Homestyle Butter Pecan Cookies on a wooden bowl.

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For thick and chewy buttery pecan-encrusted cookies, try this recipe first. Although the prep and cooking time doesn’t take much time, these cookies need to chill in the fridge for about four hours before eating them. Vanilla blends with brown sugar in this tasty treat to offer up a sweet cookie that you can count on for dessert or quick snacks.

Toasting the pecans before baking with them increases the flavor zing. Switch out the sugar for Splenda to make this a diabetic-friendly recipe. The pecans in this recipe help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

2. Chewy, Moist Butter Pecan Cookie Recipe

Butter Pecan Cookie and scattered pecan.

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Cream the butter in this recipe to create a chewier texture and help the brown sugar blend with the dough. Pick up some butter pecan ice cream before making this recipe because it tastes great served crumbled as an ice cream topping. You will also toast the pecans before using them in this recipe. Using this recipe of cookies lets you leave the cookies out for up to a week for an easy grab on the go.

3. Soft & Chewy Butter Pecan Cookies Recipe

Soft & Chewy Butter Pecan Cookie bars.

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Expect a pecan bomb in these tasty morsels because they use toasted pecan halves instead of pecan bits. That means the pecan meat remains whole until you bite into it. Why does that matter? Well, every nut has juice inside it and that juice provides part of its flavor.

You lose part of this when you purchase nut bits or pulverized nuts. If you’ve ever seen almond milk, that’s made from the nut juice of that nut. The pecan halves make this blonde cookie delectable.

4. Sugar Coated Buttery Pecan Cookie Recipe

Sugar Coated Buttery Pecan Cookie on a chop board.

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Prepare yourself for an exceedingly sweet cookie with this recipe that uses one-third cup of sugar before getting coated in sugar. It consists mostly of pecans – three-quarters of a cup and one cup of flour. The tiny recipe makes just 12 cookies in a total of 30 minutes of work. You may find yourself wanting to bake more, but you can always just double the recipe before starting.

5. Tiny Butter Pecan Cookie Recipe

Butter Pecan Cookie and pecan pie.

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This cookie also uses a small batch plus some high-calorie ingredients. One cookie contains 343 calories, but the recipe only makes 12 so you can’t do too much damage. It contains two kinds of sugar, two sticks of butter, and one and a half cups of chopped pecans.

It might work as a keto cookie if you switch out the flour for another type. Make a thumbprint on the top of the soft, nearly baked cookie to create a depression in which you fill in with more pecans and a bit of sugar.

6. Sugar-free Brown Butter Pecan Cookies Recipe

Sugar-free Brown Butter Pecan Cookies.

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Turn to this cookie recipe from the Sugar-free Diva when you need a recipe that scales to various special diets. You’ll need to brown the butter before adding it to the recipe and the recipe requires pecan extract and brown sugar alternatives, such as Splenda or Surkin Gold.

You can make this recipe with alternative flour, such as keto flour or gluten-free flour. It will turn out the same as if you used standard flour.

7. Gluten-free Butter Pecan Cookies Recipe

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This gluten-free recipe gives you all the buttery and nutty taste of regular cookies without the flour. You’ll use rice flour or a pre-mixed gluten-free flour blend. The recipe does require one funky ingredient – xanthan gum.

Otherwise, it uses standard fare vanilla instant pudding mix to create a whipped, flavorful batter. The batter needs to refrigerate for an hour. Since they bake in just 10 minutes, you can pop these in toward the end of lunch and serve them warm as a dessert.

8. Butter Pecan Keto Cookies Recipe

Butter Pecan Keto Cookies and chocolate bars.

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These keto cookies cut the calories of a butter pecan cookie by two-thirds! Just 119 calories each, they lack any sugar but you can still enjoy the sweet taste of pecans, butter, coconut flour, and almond flour plus vanilla. Use erythritol or Splenda instead of sugar so these tasty morsels still taste sweet. Typically keto recipes result in much fewer carbs and this recipe delivers with less than six carbs.

9. Super Easy Butter Pecan Cookies Recipe

Butter Pecan Cookies on the white background.

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Making these cookies requires an electric mixer to get the dough smooth enough to roll into balls and easily flatten with a glass. Making about walnut-sized rounds results in 12 cookies. Unlike the keto or the diabetic-friendly cookies, these contain very little protein – just two grams.

They’re also the only regular cookies that don’t contain a ton of calories since each cookie has 179 calories. Baked at 350 degrees for 12 minutes.

10. Butter Pecan Cake Mix Cookies Recipe

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Aside from the pecans and milk chocolate English toffee bits, this recipe uses everyday pantry ingredients. Eggs, canola oil, and butter pecan cake mix round out the recipe. The shortcut provided by the cake mix lets you make this double batch of cookies in a mere 17 minutes total.

Five to mix and 12 to bake. Then, it’s slurp and eat. Avoid leaving these out long. Store them in an airtight container. They probably won’t last long, so don’t worry about them drying out.

11. Southern Butter Pecan Cookies Recipe

Butter Pecan Cookies with chocolate chips.

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Try this easy drop cookie recipe from Georgia, one of the pecan states. The chef that developed it uses silicone baking mats and baking sheets and says that it does make a difference. You’ll need pecan halves and brown sugar plus chopped pecans.

That’s the list of non-standard ingredients in this recipe. You roll the chopped pecans into the dough, flatten the cookies on the baking sheet, then top each with a pecan half dipped in egg white. Only bake these cookies for about 10 minutes.


Cookies make a terrific dessert choice since you can store them easily. The leftovers make superb snacks, and you never need to worry that they’ll go bad in the fridge waiting for someone to eat them. Cookies go fast.

How long do cookies need to cool?

Most cookies only need about 10 minutes on a cookie rack to cool. When you pull them out of the oven, use a metal spatula to remove them from the baking pan and transfer them to a cooling rack. They should cool more easily since a cooling rack uses mesh or a wireframe to increase airflow.

Can you reheat the cookies?

Cookies taste great cold or hot but if you want to re-heat them for that fresh from the oven experience, you can. Use the microwave. Place one or two cookies on a clean napkin or paper towel. Fill a measuring cup with one-quarter cup of water. Place both items in the microwave and heat for ten seconds.

Can you refrigerate or freeze cookies?

You can. Most cookies only handle refrigeration well for about a week, but cookie dough and cookies freeze wonderfully. You can freeze cookies for up to a month and heat them in the microwave using the method described above.

How do you change the amount a recipe makes?

Most recipes provide easy to double or triple by using two or three times the amount of each ingredient. This may not work with keto or gluten-free recipes. If you need to make a large batch recipe for a bake sale that requires a different type of recipe, one that’s designed for a large batch of cookies.

What alternatives exist to using pecans?

Perhaps your local store sold out of pecans. Maybe you need to find something for cookies, but you don’t want to use a mixed nuts blend because you want a specific, clean taste. You can substitute almonds, macadamia nuts, walnuts, or pecans.

Although they aren’t nuts, dates work really well in cookies and would blend well with the toffee bits in the above recipe. As long as the nut provides a similar flavor that isn’t too assertive and contains a few natural juices, it will work well in a cookie.

What flours can you use to make a regular recipe keto?

You have a bevy of choices when you switch to keto. You only need to give up standard flour. You can use almond flour, coconut flour, chia flour, psyllium husk powder, oat fiber, lupin flour, or pork rind dust.

You’ll probably find that almond flour pervades most areas. You only need to find a health food store to acquire this tasty option.

What flours can you use to make a regular recipe gluten-free?

You can try altering any of the above recipes, but I can’t guarantee the results. You can attempt the recipes above using any of the typical gluten-free flours. These include almond flour, buckwheat flour, sorghum flour, amaranth flour, teff flour, arrowroot flour, brown rice flour, or oat flour.

Teff flour seems pretty fun if you can find it. Teff, the world’s smallest grain, measures just 1/100th the size of a kernel of wheat.

What are the minimum cookie ingredient requirements?

To make a cookie, you really only need butter, a type of flour, sweetener, or sugar, and a flavor, such as vanilla. Some cake-like cookies include eggs but they’re not a requirement. Of course, to make butter pecan cookies, you need pecans.