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26 Best Butter Cake Recipes (All Types)

Slice of blueberry butte cake on a white plate.

I had never heard of butter cake until one afternoon when I was flipping through a collection of recipes from Louisiana. I found one titled, “Ooey-Gooey Butter Cake.”  I asked friends if they had ever tried butter cake, and they all gave rave reviews.  In fact, they wondered how i’d managed to go this long without ever having tried this delectable treat.

There are variations of this recipe, too, so there’s something for every palate.  Without further ado, here’s a roundup of some of the best butter cake recipes on the Web.

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1. Enjoy the fruits of your labor with this blueberry butter cake recipe.

A close shot photo of delicious blueberry butter cake.

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If you’re looking to incorporate more fruit into your diet, one creative way to do it is by adding some to your favorite dessert.  And this gooey blueberry butter cake recipe won’t disappoint.  This is a good “blueprint” (pun intended) to follow if you love fresh summertime fruit. 

This recipe traces its origins to 1930s St. Louis.  According to local lore, this little gem came about entirely by accident when a baker got a little hung up while trying to follow a recipe.  Despite the mix-up, this layered treat soon became a staple in St. Louis bakeries. 

Now you can enjoy it wherever you live.

2. And here’s the cinnamon-sugar version of the St. Louis staple. 

Tasty Homemade sugar cinnamon in brown table cloth.

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You can think of this cinnamon-sugar butter cake as a kind of ooey-gooey coffee cake.  The top comes out so moist you might think you’ve underbaked it.  Before you start to put it back in the oven, keep in mind that if you’ve baked it for the right amount of time and at the proper temperature, it’s turned out just the way it should. 

When it comes to gooey butter cake, this one truly lives up to its name.

3. Grace your table with delectable Kentucky butter cake.

Sweet kentucky butter cake.

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Let’s take a culinary road trip from the Midwest to the South with this Kentucky butter cake recipe.  This treat is a work of art, as it’s baked in a tube pan and topped with a sweet golden sauce. What I really like about this cake is the hint of almond flavoring.

Turning a finished cake out of a bundt pan can be a challenge, so be sure to thoroughly grease and flour the pan beforehand.  If it doesn’t come out in one piece, you can use the sauce to glue the sections back together.  

4. Here’s a somewhat sweeter take on the Kentucky butter cake recipe.

Vanila kentucky butter cake on a black plate.

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This Kentucky butter cake recipe calls for the usual cake and glaze ingredients, plus the option to put on a little dusting of powdered sugar as a finishing touch.  It looks delectable and it will take considerable willpower not to eat multiple slices in one sitting.  When you’re mixing all those ingredients together, using a mixer can make your life a lot easier. 

One thing I really like about this recipe is that it includes specific instructions for combining those ingredients, including what speed to use and how long to run the mixer.

5. If this is your first time trying your hand at butter cake, here’s a simple recipe to help you get started.

A simple butter cake filled with white icing.

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Here’s a classic butter cake recipe that doesn’t require any special ingredients or complicated steps.  In fact, it only calls for 8 ingredients, many of which you may already have on hand.  This is one of those concoctions you can throw together on short notice. 

Or if you’re preparing a multi-course meal for guests and need to top things off with a hassle-free dessert.

6. This recipe claims to be the best.  We’ll let you decide.

Tasty butter cake on a wooden chopping board.

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This no-fuss butter cake recipe is packed with sweet, gooey goodness.  Great for new bakers, it yields superb results with minimal prep time and only requires 7 ingredients.  Many butter cake recipes call for milk, but this one incorporates yogurt for a highly smooth, moist consistency. 

Using a mixer rather than combining the ingredients by hand makes this cake especially light and fluffy. This recipe will quickly become a favorite among your family and friends.

7. If you like deserts with a nutty crunch, try this walnut butter cake recipe.

A close-up shot of Crunchy walnut butter cake on a brown table cloth.

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This butter cake recipe is a walnut extravaganza.  It calls for most of the usual butter cake ingredients, with chopped walnuts nestled inside the batter.  If that’s not enough to take care of your walnut fix, check out the icing on the cake… or should we say topping. 

This dessert is crowned with whole walnuts, too.  It’s recommended that you use a food processor to grind the nuts that go inside the cake.  This treat pairs well with hot chocolate or your favorite coffee or tea.

8. If you’re a lover of brownies and butter cake, you can get the best of both worlds with this tasty recipe.

Delicious brownie and butter cake sided with a mug of coffee.

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This decadent dessert consists of butter cake served on a bed of chocolate brownies.  That means you’ll need to allow extra time for baking.  But when you taste this buttery, chocolatey concoction, you’ll see that it was worth the wait.

It’s only fair to warn you: when you introduce this cake to guests or other members of your household, it will disappear quickly.

9. Here’s a butter cake recipe that’s fun to work with because you can make adjustments to improve the flavor and texture.

A focused-shot of a sliced sweet butter cake.

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If you’re looking for a butter cake recipe you can experiment with, try this one.  Prep is pretty simple, so this is a good treat to throw together when you’re tight on time or want to keep your baking project fairly simple.  At the same time, there’s room to do a little tweaking to enhance the richness and gooiness of this buttery concoction.

Most recipes, for instance, call for butter but not vegetable oil.  This can sometimes result in a cake that has plenty of flavors but is a bit dry.  With this recipe, you can use oil and butter to whip up a cake that’s both moist and pleasing to the palate.

10. If you don’t want to bake your cake entirely from scratch, this recipe is for you.

A top-view of tasty gooey butter cake on a clear glass pan.

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I love the taste of the yellow cake that comes from a mix, but I have trouble replicating that flavor when I’m baking from scratch.  I especially like this recipe because it uses boxed cake mix as a base.  Additional ingredients like cream cheese, vanilla, and powdered sugar make this desert smooth enough to melt in your mouth.

11. This recipe comes with helpful tips to prepare and store your butter cake.

Signature butter cake crust on a wooden board.

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Here’s a classic take on gooey butter cake, but with a few practical pointers thrown in.  For instance, once you place your sweet snack in the oven, watch the clock.  You can overbake a cake even when it isn’t burned. 

I also learned that cake is easier to cut if you let it hang out in the fridge for an hour before serving.  Just make sure you let it cool completely at room temperature first.  And if you’re not sure what to do with the leftovers, you can store them in the fridge or even freeze them.

12. Here’s another recipe that puts the icing on the cake, literally.

Butter cake with sweet chocolate icing.

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If you like to make butter cake and frosting from scratch, this recipe is a great place to start.  Not only does the icing add extra flavor and sweetness, but it also gives you a chance to get creative.  You can easily dress up this butter cake with sprinkles or candles. 

This could be an especially fun project if you’re trying to get your kids more involved in the kitchen.

13.  You’ve heard of French fries and French toast.  Now we present to you… French butter cake.

Sweet and delicious whole French creamy butter cake.

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French butter cake is similar to the Kentucky variety.  If calling it “French” brings to mind images of fancy desserts, feel free to embellish it.  To make leftovers taste like they just came out of the oven, warm them up for a few seconds in the microwave. 

Some people like to serve this cake with whipped cream on top, or alongside their favorite fruit.  This cake pairs well with berries in the summer and citrus in the winter.  In keeping with its name, you can always dish up this cake a la mode.

14.  Our collection of butter cake recipes isn’t complete without one from Paula Dean.

A classic gooey butter cake recipes.

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Paula Dean is a household name when it comes to all things culinary, and butter cake is no exception.  She provides invaluable tips to help you create the perfect cake.  For instance, she recommends using an oven thermometer to make sure the temperature setting on your appliance is accurate. 

Don’t be intimidated by the fact that this recipe comes from a baking expert.  It’s surprisingly easy to make, so whether you’re a novice baker or a seasoned chef, you can get excellent results without too much effort.  As you might expect, this recipe got rave reviews online.

15.  Here’s a recipe for old-fashioned butter cake, so named because it’s about a century old.

A mouthwatering butter cake with chocolate dripped.

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This 100-year-old recipe is easy to make.  What a lot of people really like about it is that it’s a layer cake, so you can enjoy your favorite icing in the middle.  (You can frost the top and sides of the cake, too).  The kind you use is up to you.  You can also serve the cake with fruit; strawberries and raspberries are especially popular add-ons.

16. And here’s another variation of the old-fashioned butter cake recipe.  

Plain and Simple butter cake served in a small plate.

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This recipe is similar to the one above…with a couple of tweaks.  Unlike some traditional recipes, this one calls for buttermilk instead of regular milk.  Powdered sugar is also on the ingredients list. 

The instructions are highly specific, so be sure to carefully follow them step by step for the best results.  You can serve this as a traditional sheet cake or a layered one with a filling of frosting.

17.  American butter cake is a thing too.

Unique american butter cake with toppings of fresh cut strawberries.

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I like this American butter cake recipe because it lists the many creative possibilities you can explore when making it.  You can stack it in a tower of layers, serve it as cupcakes, or use molds or carving knives to form it into fun shapes. This recipe also breaks down all the best qualities of an American cake so you know you’re baking the real thing. 

Another thing that sets this recipe apart is that it gives you room to get creative with the flavoring; you’re not limited only to vanilla.

18. And here’s an oohey-gooey butter cake take on the traditional pound cake.

Sweet butter pound cake with fresh lemons.

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In terms of ingredients and flavor, many butter cake recipes and pound cake recipes have a lot in common, but ultimately they’re not the same.  This recipe bridges the gap, essentially giving you two desserts in one.  It only requires six ingredients, and preparation is pretty straightforward.  Even better, this recipe has gotten a number of 5-star reviews online.

19. Looking for a way to incorporate fruit into your baking projects?  Try this banana butter cake recipe.

A close-up photo of banana butter cake.

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While you can serve fruit alongside butter cake, you can enjoy fruit flavoring in your cake with this easy banana cake recipe. This is an Asian-style recipe that you may find a bit healthier than traditional ones, as it doesn’t include milk or cream cheese.  Nonetheless, it’s still super-moist and fluffy. 

Just as with banana bread, you’ll get maximum flavor if you use bananas that are a bit over-ripe.

20. For a unique take on cake, try this super-tasty Italian butter cake recipe.

A tasty italian butter cake served in a clear glass plate.

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This recipe for Italian butter cake might look a little more labor-intensive than your typical classic recipe, but when you taste it, you’ll see it was well worth the effort.  Unlike most butter cake recipes, this one requires yeast, so you’ll need to allow extra time for the cake to rise.  What I really like about this recipe is that it gives you plenty of flexibility to work with different ingredients. 

For instance, you can use vanilla, almond, or orange flavoring.  And you can top the finished product with powdered sugar, fresh fruit or fruit syrup, or even your favorite liqueur.

21. And since we were just talking about citrus flavors in the Italian recipe, here’s one for lemon butter cake.

A top-view of homemade lemon butter cake.

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This gooey lemon butter cake recipe yields two layers of zesty goodness.  The firm bottom layer holds up a top layer that’s so light, fluffy, and buttery that it practically melts in your mouth.  For this cake, you can use just about any type of pan, but the 9×13 size works best.

Seasoned bakers also recommend using a springform pan, as it can give you a cake that’s firmer on the edges with a super-moist, buttery center.

22. And here are directions for what I call the ultimate butter cake.

A classic homemade butter cake and a sliced of butter with strawberry jam.

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I like this ooey-gooey butter cake recipe because it includes specific dos and don’ts for turning out the perfect cake.  For this, you can incorporate a boxed mix or start from scratch. You can serve this as a layer or sheet cake, or you can opt for butter caoe bars. 

For best results, be sure to grease the pan properly and use room-temperature ingredients.

23. Here’s an easy butter cake recipe…with a slight twist.

A zoomed photo of butter cake full of nuts.

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This is a really simple recipe that’s also highly versatile.  If this is your first attempt at butter cake or you want to stick with something traditional, you may want to opt for the classic yellow cake mix.  If you want to do some creative tweaking, go for red velvet or chocolate. 

This is highly versatile.  You can use a boxed cake mix for the base.   Make this cake by combining the powdered mix with the other ingredients listed in the recipe.  In other words, don’t get sidetracked by trying to follow the instructions on the box.  Because you can experiment with different cake flavors, this recipe is great for any occasion.

24.  Check out this butter pecan cake.  It probably tastes good with butter pecan ice cream.

Tasty and creamier butter cake with pecan ice cream.

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If you like baking with nuts, here’s a way to add a rich, nutty flavor to your cake with chopped pecans. Pecans pair especially well with the sweetness of a moist, fluffy cake.  To make it even more decadent, you can sprinkle the top with powdered sugar.  This is an excellent dessert to serve with coffee or tea.

25.  Sticking to a low-carb diet just got easier with this keto butter cake recipe.

A healthy low carb keto butter cake served on a small white plate.

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I never knew keto cake is a thing.  Over the years, I’ve had many friends and family members try low-carb diets.  At birthday parties and other special occasions involving cake, they would either indulge and then feel guilty afterward, or sadly decline cake and feel as though they had been cheated. 

You may have thought “cake” and “keto” couldn’t possibly go together.  The good news is, that you can still have a cake even when you’re counting carbs.  Another plus: you can use your favorite sweetener instead of sugar.

26. You’re probably familiar with German chocolate cake.  A less well-known treat is a German butter cake.

German butter cake with almond flakes and a mug of hot coffee.

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I’m not a huge chocolate fan, but will gladly make an exception when it comes to German chocolate.  So I had to check out this German butter cake recipe.  It’s definitely one of a kind. 

You’ll need some slightly off-the-beaten-path ingredients, such as almond milk and almond flour.  And you need to be sure to use the sweetener specifically recommended for this recipe. This is a great recipe for people who have dietary restrictions or are looking for healthier alternatives to traditional dessert recipes.