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29 Best Broccoli Recipes (All Types)

Broccoli is perhaps one of the vegetables that are harder to eat for non-veggie fans. Its appearance, especially its color, and its mini tree-like shape just make the non-fans a little suspicious with how it tastes.

But truth be told, broccoli is very easy to eat, taste-wise. Even when it’s merely roasted, blanched, or steamed, it doesn’t have that “green” taste that makes some vegetables hard to eat. I should know since I’m not a huge fan of many veggies, but broccolis are my favorite.

The hardest thing when making someone try broccolis, or any other vegetable, is introducing it to them. So, here are several broccoli recipes that will transform the veggie into a superb ingredient, and turn every meal into a healthier one!

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1. Cheesy rice with broccoli for a complete meal!

black bowl of broccoli, cheese, and chicken rice dish with bits of broccoli on the table

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This complete meal is a perfect choice for anyone who wants a quick fix that would fill you up. It’s great for sides, or as a main course on its own. It’s also easy to make, but it’s so tasty, you would barely think twice about the broccoli!

2. A yummy low-carb broccoli and cheese soup that doesn’t skimp on the taste

wooden bowl of broccoli and cheese soup with wooden spoon, topped with pieces of broccoli and cheddar cheese

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Cheese can make many dishes taste amazing, so this would be a great introduction to broccoli. This simple soup is easy to make and will be done in around 20 minutes. It’s a low-carb appetizer, so it’s also perfect for health and body-conscious people. Most of all, you get the perfect combination of cheese and the savory taste of herbs, and the subtle sweetness of cooked broccoli.

3. Cheesy broccoli side dish for a quick people-pleaser!

close up of broccoli drizzled with cheese sauce

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In less than 10 minutes, you can easily make a cheese and broccoli side dish that will surely be a fan-favorite, whether you’re planning a dinner party, or you’re just getting together with family or friends. Just imagine the perfectly roasted broccoli with its sweet and smoky flavor, drenched in the creaminess and cheesiness of either parmesan or cheddar cheese. Yum!

4. Want something refreshing? Try this lemon, garlic, and broccoli recipe

roasted broccoli and garlic on wooden plate on top of wooden table with piece of bread on the side and seasoning all around

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If you’re not a fan of cheese, or you’re lactose intolerant, or you simply want something more refreshing, you can try this lemon and broccoli recipe. As with previous recipes, it’s very easy to make and will only take a few minutes to prepare. The smoky garlic flavor and the zesty lemon go well together with the subtle taste of the broccoli.

5. Sweet broccoli? Here’s how to do it perfectly!

overhead shot of pan roasted broccoli with garlic on black bowl on top of wooden table

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Raw broccoli is rather bitter. But when cooked, it has that subtle sweetness that many loves. However, you can further make that taste more powerful if you want a better broccoli experience–and that’s simply by caramelizing the broccoli. You can add garlic for a smoky taste, some zest, and even red pepper for some heat.

6. Make snacking healthier with these broccoli tots

overhead shot of broccoli tots on white rectangular plate with leafy garnish

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We’re used to eating tater tots made from yummy potatoes. But if you want snacking to be much healthier, especially for the kids, you can try these broccoli tots. This recipe is gluten-free, so anyone with this diet restriction can enjoy it themselves. Plus, it calls for another favorite: cheese!

7. Start with the classic: simple broccoli with garlic recipe

steamed broccoli and garlic on rectangular plate on top of linen cloth

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There’s no better way to enjoy broccoli than in its simplest form. So, why don’t you start your broccoli introduction with classic oven-roasted broccoli and LOTS of garlic? These two are best friends, so it’s going to be an amazing party for your taste buds!

8. When in doubt, add parmesan!

bowl of broccoli topped with parmesan cheese on top of mat and wooden spoon on the side

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If you think that the classic broccoli and garlic need a little more something to make it even better, think no more. Just sprinkle parmesan cheese to your crunchy, roasted greens, and it will instantly give the dish that much-needed creamy savory goodness!

9. Say yes to chicken and broccoli!

overhead shot of broccoli and chicken dish on white plate with fork on the side

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This chicken and broccoli stir-fry will elevate your healthy meal game! For maximum health benefits, use chicken breasts instead of those yummy thighs or wing parts. Or, you can substitute your protein with your personal choice, anything that you think is most delicious with the zesty sauce.

10. Healthify your mac and cheese with broccoli

overhead shot of broccoli mac and cheese on gray plate with fork and butter knife on top of brown cloth on the side

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Mac and cheese is the world’s greatest comfort food, but it’s not exactly healthy. So, if you want to lessen the guilt and make sure you get your daily intake of greens, why not add broccoli? Its sweetness and crunch will definitely give your mac and cheese a unique taste and texture. You might even convince your young kids to eat their veggies with this recipe!

11. Sweet and savory Asian experience with just broccoli

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Sure, it’s hard to achieve that Asian experience with just broccoli. But adding oyster sauce will definitely do the trick. It’s sweet and savory, and it’s perfect with the crunchy texture of broccoli. Oyster sauce can be found in Asian markets and it’s used in a variety of Asian cuisine.

12. Another tasty classic: beef and broccoli

beef and broccoli in a square plate on top of bamboo mat with wooden chopsticks on the side

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If you’ve been to Chinese-American restaurants, chances are you’ve seen broccoli and beef on the menu. Whether it’s a favorite or you’re just trying it out, here’s how to make this classic dish in your home.

13. A delicious but easy to make sausage pasta with broccoli for dinner

overhead shot of sausage pasta with broccoli on pan with raw ingredients on the side

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This recipe only calls for four ingredients, so it’s pretty easy to make, and chances are, you have the ingredients in your fridge or pantry. You can also use either chicken, turkey, or pork sausage for this recipe, and you can make it even gluten-free by choosing a gluten-free pasta of your choice.

14. Have some good and evil with some broccoli and bacon!

close up of bits of bacon and broccoli dish in blue ceramic plate on top of white table

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Bacon is many’s guilty pleasure (yes, including me). It’s rather greasy but so good. And it’s definitely not a healthy meal, so to balance it out, you can add some broccoli. Then, coat it with cheesy and creamy sauce, and it’s the best of both worlds that you won’t get enough of.

15. Start your day with a healthy broccoli smoothie

a glass of broccoli smoothie with straw and broccoli and sliced lime on the side on top of wooden board

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Many people start their day with a glass of smoothie, and it’s not a surprise why it’s popular: with just a few gulps, you get your fill of vitamins and minerals to make you healthier and energized for the day. This particular smoothie could definitely mask the broccoli from your kids (or your non-veggie-eating adult family member) with a combination of fruits and some honey.

16. Microwaved yummy and healthy dinner with these broccoli-filled sweet potatoes

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Most non-veggie fans believe that you can’t make a yummy but healthy dish. But this recipe would change minds, one filled tummy at a time. It’s really healthy with broccoli, sweet potatoes, walnuts, and even greek yogurt. You can use an oven to bake your sweet potatoes, but if you don’t have the time, you can definitely use your handy microwave for this one.

17. You’ll love this skillet of flavorful broccoli and shrimp!

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If you’ve never had garlic shrimps and you’re allowed to eat them (no allergies, whatsoever), then you’re missing out. But if you have, you can level up this dish by adding stems of broccoli. The added sweetness and crunch are guaranteed to make this healthy dish a winner for every dinner!

18. Bright, colorful, and yummy Mediterranean-style broccoli and tomatoes

close up of broccoli and cherry tomatoes on white plate

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Besides being healthy and fresh-tasting, this recipe is virtually appealing. There’s something about the vibrant green and red of the broccoli and tomatoes, and you can also add olives for additional color and flavor.

19. Air-fried broccoli goodness for the added health factor!

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Air-fried food is better than deep-frying, so if you air fry some broccoli, it should be much healthier than when you deep fry or stir-fry it in oil. But how do you air fry broccolis to make them tastier? Here’s a recipe that you’ll want to try if you want to make more with this amazing kitchen appliance!

20. Charred broccoli with manchego, hazelnut, and honey is the best broccoli? 

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Some people say broccoli is best eaten when it’s boiled, some steamed, and some roasted. But there are also those who say that charred broccoli is the best broccoli, especially as it tends to caramelize the vegetable and bring out its sweetness. Plus, if you add manchego, honey, and hazelnuts, the result should be phenomenal!

21. Nutty goodness of Tahini with the subtle sweetness of broccoli

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Tahini has a strong nutty and earthy flavor that makes it a perfect combination to the sweetness and crunch of the broccoli. Plus, this recipe calls for lemon for a punch of zest. This recipe is extremely easy to make, too.

22. One-pan broccoli pizza for a simple and easy healthy meal

close up of pizza with broccoli, red bell peppers and olive with two full garlic on the background

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Some may argue that this recipe isn’t exactly pizza. But for all that it’s worth, this one-pan recipe is extremely delicious that even kids would wolf it down. It’s visually appealing, easy to make, and healthy, so it’s a must for broccoli lovers.

23. Another one-pan delight with broccoli, rice, chicken, and cheese

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One-pan dishes are popular for food lovers since it’s an easy way to make otherwise hard or long-to-make dishes. With that, here’s another one-pan delight that is guaranteed to make you full. You’ve got the carbs from the rice and the protein from chicken. Plus, you have healthy broccoli and a blanket of cheese to make everything extra tasty.

24. All the ranch goodness plus butter and bacon with this chicken bacon ranch bubble-up bake

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The combination of broccoli, bacon, chicken, ranch, and butter may sound odd at first, but this bubble-up bake makes sure every flavor complements the other, and you’ll be left with a dish that would satisfy your cravings.

25. Roasted broccoli and feta cheese makes absolute sense

broccoli and feta cheese in square white bowl on top of white table

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Broccoli roasted in a skillet has that earthy, sweetness that just makes sense when partnered with feta cheese, which has a tangy and rich flavor. Together, this good, simple side dish to pair with your main course of choice.

26. Broccoli salad with a Korean flair

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Broccoli isn’t exactly a Korean staple–in fact, it’s hard to find in the country. But that didn’t stop this Korean food blogger to make a broccoli salad inspired by a popular side dish in a restaurant. To make it taste a little more “Korean,” it has chili peppers and vinegar, so it definitely has the heat and kick that food from the Asian nation is known for.

27. Thick soup for rainy days: cream of broccoli

two bowls of cream of broccoli soup topped with pieces of broccoli

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There’s nothing better during rainy and cold days than a bowl of hot, creamy soup. This cream of broccoli soup uses minimal cream and instead would primarily need butter. It would make an amazing side dish to sandwiches or salads.

28. Make a healthy and filling breakfast with these broccoli and garlic-ricotta toasts

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Toast is a breakfast staple in many parts of the world. While butter on toast is a classic and will always be a favorite, it’s great to have choices. One of these is the healthy broccoli and garlic-ricotta toast for a yummy and healthy start to every day. The recipe also calls for hot honey for a little sweetness aside from the garlicky, earthy flavor.

29. A twist on a classic: Broccoli Caesar

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Caesar salad is one of the most classic salads of all time. While many have already created varieties of recipes that give it some sort of twist, you should definitely still try this one, especially if you’re a broccoli lover. However, this might be a little too intense for non-veggie (or non-broccoli) fans since it uses raw broccoli, which is stronger and rather bitter compared to its cooked version.