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20 Best Breadstick Recipes (All Types)

A closeup photo of classic homemade breadsticks.

Breadsticks are represented in many cuisines thanks to the importance of grain-based diets for building communities. The number of variations is vast, yet they all have a way of making you feel at home. They also have a place in many traditional dinner spreads and combined dishes. This list covers both a number of breadstick varieties and recipes that either enhance or incorporate breadsticks in some way.

Start with the Basics

Homemade garlic and herb breadsticks with a bowl of marinara sauce on the side.

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Like any culinary journey, you should start at the beginning. Baking in particular is prone to major malfunctions if you adjust the ingredient ratios too much. This recipe includes two useful sections: how to make the bread, and how to make a seasoned buttery coating. Instead of adjusting the breadsticks themselves, you can tweak the flavor by modifying your butter. This produces a more consistent product, and you can serve multiple flavors from one batch via different butters.

Add a Little Lemon

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To illustrate how you can make a big change with a little tweak to the butter, try this recipe. Garlic and lemon are two of the most potent flavors in cooking, so a thin coating or dip into this lemon garlic butter sauce can pleasantly shock the tongue. The full range of Italian seasonings is dropped for fresh parsley, and fresh garlic can have more spice to it than the dried variety.

Crunch into a Grissini

Fresh baked homemade grissini bread sticks in vintage metal grid box.

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The above breadsticks are soft and fluffy, but sometimes you want a little more crunch. These Italian grissini are thin breadsticks that have a satisfying rattle when you bite into them. Since they’re meant to be dry and firm, they hold up better over time than softer breadsticks that are more satisfying when they just come out of the oven. You can make a decently large batch and leave them out as snacks for a few days.

Semolina flour is one key ingredient you might need to add to your shopping list. The rest of the ingredients are similar to the basic breadstick recipe or common in kitchen cabinets, such as honey.

Crazy Cooking Methods for Crazy Bread

Caesars bread with salad in white bowl.

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The versatility of an instant pot makes it well worth the counter space or cabinet space. Ours gets plenty of use for both cooking and baking. An oven is definitely capable of making larger batches, but the instant pot is useful for making batches of breadsticks when the oven is cooking something at a different temperature.

This specific version copies the style and flavors of a pizza chain’s garlic parmesan breadsticks. It also includes an easy dipping sauce recipe using Italian seasonings. Since you’re likely to have a pizza in the oven while making this, you can start the breadsticks for an appetizer while waiting for larger pizzas to finish.

Grab These Greek Carrot Breadsticks

Horizontal Closeup photo of carrot bread with sesame seeds over wooden table.

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These breadsticks, called kritsinia in Greek, are more than just shaped like carrots. Grated carrots in the dough give it orange coloring and a slight hint of sweetness. Like a grissini, these are slender and on the crunchy side.

They have a bit more bulk and texture, especially with the sesame seeds rolled around the exterior. Adding seeds to the exterior also pumps up the nutritional value, but they are technically optional. Overall, this is a decently healthy snack when substituted for less nutritionally dense carbs.

Yeow at this Youtiao

A golden fried dough with milk on a cup.

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Youtiao is a Chinese recipe for fried breadsticks. That quick description should let you know that this might not be the healthiest dish, but the light crunchiness that melts into softness makes it worth it. Some versions are sweet, but I like the savory versions dipped into a bit of soy sauce, green onions, and red pepper flakes.

The preparation process has some distinct dough shaping elements that go beyond the twisting of a grissini. It’s not difficult, but it illustrates how going beyond the basic shapes can impact the final texture of baked dishes.

Cheer, Cheer, Cheer for Churros

A homemade churros sprinkled with powdered sugar.

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Fried dough dishes can’t be brought onto the list without including churros. Unlike youtiao, it’s traditionally sweet thanks to a light addition of sugar into the dough and a sugary dusting after frying. They have a similar X-shape to youtiao, but you can pipe it out of a tipped frosting bag as suggested in the recipe. That makes it a little easier to make a giant batch.

The final product is a puffy, crunchy dessert pastry that is just sweet enough to not be overwhelming. Unlike the ones you buy from a restaurant, you can customize your preferred level of cinnamon in the coating.

Everything Is Better with Cheese

A delicious breadsticks filled with cheese.

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Cheese is addictive enough that even those who aren’t supposed to eat it will frequently overlook their lactose intolerance or reach for the lactase pills. Tucking a hidden cheese filling into a breadstick will make sure every breadstick disappears.

Easy recipes are an essential part of any realistic home chef’s cookbook. Recipe prep times are estimates at best, and there is usually more mess with more preparation. Go ahead and get the premade pizza dough and string cheese so you can avoid making a bigger mess.

You can make your own dough on days when you have more time and energy. Spending just a little bit of extra time to season the butter really amps up the flavor for minimal effort, though.

Feast on the Feta

Two golden brown feta cheese breadsticks.

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Feta fries are my go-to side order whenever I stop by a Greek restaurant. The crumbly cheese has a strong and salty flavor, similar to cotija or bleu cheese. It also holds up well to heat.

You can add just enough of it to the bread dough to taste the flavor in every bite without sacrificing the quality of the breadstick. When I made this, I added a bit of dill weed to the dough as well.

Balsamic vinegar on wooden table.

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For a dipping sauce, I highly recommend a balsamic glaze. It’s rich, sticky, and matches the intensity of the feta. It also takes herbs and spices well if you want to add the dill or coriander to the glaze instead of the bread.

Bake for Everyone with Cassava

A classic bunch of cassava breadsticks.

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Managing a food allergy and dislike list for a large household can be a persistent and complicated task. Every dish needs to be checked for safety, and some favorites might be reluctantly put into a storage folder when too many ingredients cause problems.

This breadstick recipe calls for cassava flour, a thicker version of tapioca flour that uses the whole root of the plant. It’s not a grain, a nut, or a seed, so it dodges many common allergy sources. Surprising someone with bread they can enjoy without a medical issue interfering might bring tears to their eyes. It’s also delicious on its own, though the cassava does carry its own flavor into the bread like any flour.

Get Carried Away with Rye and Caraway

One bundle of breadsticks captured on plain white background.

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This take on grissini is exceptionally thin, long, and crunchy. Swapping wheat flour for rye lends a whole new taste. Unlike the kritsinia, the seeds are rolled right into the dough. If you’re worried about the rye being too strong, white rye has most of the flavor stripped away. It’s still noticeably there, but it’s less intense than full dark rye.

The exceptionally long stretch makes these durable snack sticks. You can also break them up into smaller sections and use them as a topping similar to wonton strips for soups and stews.

Pocket this Pocky Recipe

Crispy yummy chocolate poty sticks.

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If you’re not familiar with them, Pocky sticks are thin sticks of shortbread cookie dough that have been dipped in a sweet coating. This recipe includes the instructions for making the sticks in three of the most popular flavors: chocolate, strawberry, and matcha. They last for a long time once made, so you can keep a surprise batch on hand as a reward or a gift when someone is feeling down.

Marinara Marination

A closeup photo of marina dipping sauce.

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A repertoire of sauces makes your dipping dishes more delectable. Marinara is versatile in that it can be both a dipping sauce and a sauce for pasta, pizzas, and similar dishes. Most marinara sauces are chunkier than the one in the crazy bread recipe that uses tomato sauce. Otherwise, it’s also a tomato-based sauce that features Italian seasonings. It goes exceptionally well with the cheese-stuffed breadsticks, effectively creating a slender cheese pizza stick.

The balsamic vinegar is a prominent addition, and a single bottle can add a potent tang to dozens of dishes before running out. Don’t skip it on the ingredient list, even if you don’t usually touch the vinegar.

Holler for Jalapeño Butter

A plenty of sliced jalapeño.

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The herb butter in the basic breadstick recipe is a fantastic foundation for many other dipping sauces. I like heat more than most people, so I have to get it in sauces and toppings to avoid making food too spicy for anyone else to eat. Jalapeño is relatively mild as far as spicy peppers go, but you can still get a lingering burn if you include the seeds.

I also love cilantro but leaving it out if you don’t like it won’t ruin the core identity of the sauce. A touch of cumin, paprika, and cayenne were my own personal changes.

Crazy Caprese Crostinis

Caprese-Crostini with tomatoes, eggplant, caponata and peaches.

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Caprese is a classic salad combination, and serving it on bread adds texture and carbs for a more filling bite. The core elements are fresh-cut tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, and balsamic vinegar. Red wine vinegar is an acceptable replacement if you’re out of balsamic or find its flavor too strong, and it also helps to use a delicate touch when adding it to a lightly seasoned dish like this one.

You can prepare your breadsticks to be topped in two ways. First, try cutting them in half to expose the center, then trim the length to fit your cuts of tomato and mozzarella. You can also do a diagonal cut to split off wider cross-sections. Try topping the bread rounds with cheese and slightly toasting them before adding the other ingredients.

Two Pieces of Bread and Stuff between Them

Closeup of breadsticks with olive.

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Using bread for sandwiches isn’t a novel idea, but you might not have considered it with the smaller size of breadsticks. Some care has to be taken for the construction. It helps if you can keep one side of the breadstick flat, or you can cut a thin slice off the bottom of two breadsticks before adding sauces and ingredients.

This recipe calls for slightly larger breadsticks with flat bottoms. The coating of butter and seasonings makes them messier to hold than normal bread, so keep napkins on hand.

I Eats My Spinach

Creamy delicious spinach dip with pita chips.

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Spinach is a useful ingredient that contains high amounts of proteins, fibers, iron, calcium, and multiple vitamins. I will never eat a can of it on its own, and poor preparation of it may taint people’s perceptions. If you want to rehabilitate spinach in the minds of your friends and family, give them a hearty spinach dip along with your breadsticks.

The spinach is still a prominent component, but the sea of melted cheeses and creams forms the core of the dipping sauce. If you run out of breadsticks, bust out the bag of chips to finish it off.

A Vital Part of French Onion Soup

Overflowing French Onion Soup.

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French onion soup is just not the same without quality bread. It’s certainly a great tasting broth on its own thanks to a blend of beef stock, wine, and onions, but the addition of bread and cheese rounds out the flavors and textures for a soul-soothing experience. When you make your own breadsticks, that burst of crunch and flavor at the top gets a personal touch.

Firmer breadsticks hold up to the liquid better, so I suggest that you cut thick rounds instead of long slices. Alternatively, you can melt the cheese on top of the soup on its own, then swirl the breadsticks in the melted fats and potent broth like a dipping sauce.

Dip Your Bread and Your Boil

Cockled seafood boiled in dish with tasty sauce.

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This sauce is a common sight at the table of a Cajun seafood boil. The concoction of spices simmered in butter and broth is thick and rich, soaking right into anything immersed in it with a raging kick of paprika, cayenne, red pepper flakes, and more. Potatoes are the traditional starch for a seafood boil, but you can leave them out and serve a giant basket of breadsticks instead. 

You can also add a few more ingredients to make this recipe.

Vinegar, hot sauce, and Worcestershire sauce are all intense sources of flavor that also enhance other ingredients. Just the small touch in the seafood boil sauce will transform the final sauce into something similar yet boldly different. Once you try the recipe’s recommended amounts, toying with the volume of each liquid is a fun way to adjust the flavor.