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20 Best Blueberry Muffin Recipes (All Types)

Blueberry Muffins are universally popular and have a lot of variations. It's the perfect dessert, we gathered some best recipes for Blueberry muffins for you to try.

Crunchy Blueberry Muffin in a plate.

Blueberry muffins are one of the simplest and most delicious baked goods you can make. They are also universally popular, with dozens of variations. Sweet enough to be a dessert but healthy enough for a scrumptious breakfast, these classic muffins are the perfect snack to keep on hand. If you’re looking for a new recipe, make sure to try one here!

1. It’s All Greek to Me

Blueberry Muffin with fresh blueberry.

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Greek yogurt isn’t just for eating on its own or putting in smoothies. It also makes a fantastic addition to baked goods, adding an element of moistness and airiness that is unbeatable. You can use Greek yogurt that has a flavor or mix-in if you like, but the muffins are just as good if you use plain Greek yogurt with no added sugar.

Just make sure that you choose a full-fat version, or it can affect the taste and texture of your muffins. These ones add a crumb topping for an extra layer of crunchy sweetness on top of the blueberries.

2. Almond You Glad I Didn’t Say Flour? 

Blueberry Muffin in a baking pan.

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This recipe makes it possible for people who have celiac disease or who are gluten intolerant to enjoy delicious homemade blueberry muffins! It swaps out traditional flour for almond flour, making it a safe alternative for those who can’t have wheat. Despite the switch, the muffins taste as good as the treats you love.

They’re sweetened with honey and loaded with blueberries. This recipe also swaps out regular milk for almond milk and adds some lightness and healthy fat coconut oil and apple cider vinegar. Don’t let the unusual ingredients throw you off — this healthy blueberry muffin recipe is delicious!

3. Fewer Dishes, More Muffins

Blueberry Muffin and blueberry in a plate.

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The only downside of baking is that you tend to have a lot of dishes to do afterward. There’s no need to stress about that with this recipe — it only requires one bowl! The recipe uses an all-in-one method, which means there is no fiddling with wet and dry ingredients.

You just throw everything in a bowl and mix it up. They are incredibly quick and easy, which means that you get your blueberry muffin fix faster. You can opt between frozen or fresh blueberries, and it’s easy to swap out traditional milk and flour for non-dairy and gluten-free options.

4. Don’t Let the Berries Break the Bank

A basket of blueberry and a wooden spoon.

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Whoever said that baking delicious muffins had to be expensive? This quick and easy blueberry muffin recipe is cost-effective and simple enough for anyone to make, but still produces a spread that is good enough for a party or a fancy brunch. Of course, you don’t need a reason to make a delicious batch of muffins.

These are so simple that you can even toss them together on a weekday to enjoy at work. They bake in just 15 minutes, making them a great choice for any day of the week. These also work well as either mini or standard-sized muffins.

5. Just Like Grandma Used to Make

Blueberry Muffin and mint in a wooden plate.

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Some recipes are classics for a reason. If you have fond memories of your parents or grandparents whipping up blueberry muffins at home, you need to try this classic blueberry muffin recipe! Most recipes offer the option to use either fresh or frozen blueberries, but in true mid-century fashion, this one also suggests using canned blueberries.

Just make sure to press all the excess moisture out of them before adding them to the mix, so that you get perfectly-spaced blueberries spread through every bite! Feel free to add an extra sprinkle of sugar on top for another layer of texture and sweetness. 

6. Is That a Muffin or a Cloud?

Blueberry Muffin and blueberry in a chop board.

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This extra-soft, extra-fluffy blueberry muffin recipe might just make you feel like you’re biting into a cloud. If a cloud tasted like blueberries, butter, and cinnamon sugar streusel, that is. The recipe produces a super thick batter, which results in oversized, top-heavy muffins with a puffy top.

The height is achieved in part by the addition of Greek yogurt or sour cream, which also adds moisture. If you want the muffins to taste like they just came straight out of a bakery, add cinnamon sugar streusel with walnuts on top. You might find yourself eating one after the other out of the pan.

7. It’s Better With Butter

Melting butter in a Blueberry Muffin.

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It stands to reason that a muffin recipe from a butter company would be …well, full of butter! These deliciously buttery blueberry muffins are rich without being too sweet, perfectly bridging the gap between bread and pastry. WIth only half a cup of sugar, the muffins rely on the natural sweetness in the fruit and the richness of the butter for great taste.

As if that wasn’t enough, the recipe also calls for a topping of — you guessed it — melted butter with a sprinkling of sugar. People who love lower-sugar breakfast options will enjoy these delicious, fruit-packed muffins.

8. Muffins Like It’s 1999

Blueberry Muffin with sugar toppings.

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Back in the 1990s, these recipes were known as Department Store Muffins. Back then, they were served at the department store Jordan’s in Boston, and known far and wide for their sparkling sugar crust topping and soft texture. Though Jordan’s has closed its doors and the last world has changed quite a lot since the 90s, you can still enjoy this delicious blueberry muffin recipe.

Dusted with a white sugar topping, these muffins are crunchy, sweet, and loaded with blueberries. If you ever visited Jordan’s decades ago, you might find yourself traveling back in time when you taste these recreations. 

9. Pour Some Streusel on Me

Blueberry Muffin in a baking pan with a crunch.

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There are many ways to make blueberry muffins. Some recipes are plain, while others are topped with sparkling sugar or cinnamon streusel. This recipe takes it to the next level with a truly decadent streusel topping. Though this version uses all vegan ingredients such as plant-based butter and milk, you can use the same basic recipe with traditional animal-based ingredients as well.

The goal is a muffin loaded with berries and topped with a buttery brown sugar streusel that will make it seem more dessert than breakfast. Despite the sweetness, it is actually a very healthy recipe, especially with vegan ingredients!

10. Going to the Country

Crunchy Blueberry Muffin, mint and blueberry.

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Peaches aren’t the only delicious fruit that you can find in the country. These farm-style blueberry muffins will get you dreaming of fruit orchards and picking your own blueberries right off the bush. The recipe uses basic, traditional pantry ingredients, proving that sometimes the best recipes are the classics.

The muffins also feature a sugary crumb topping to bring them to the next level. You can use either fresh or frozen blueberries. Make sure to make extras to pop in the freezer, as these muffins store well! That way, you can enjoy the tastes of summer all year round.

11. Want Some Blueberries With Your Blueberries?

Blueberry Muffin and fresh blueberry.

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Blueberry lovers, rejoice! These muffins are absolutely bursting with berries. The recipe also uses lemon zest and sour cream to add a lightness and a slight amount of acidity. The result is a deliciously complex muffin flavor that is the perfect blend of sweet and tangy.

They are also loaded with butter, so they are incredibly rich and delicious. To help distribute the berries evenly throughout the batter, toss them in a small amount of flour before adding. If you opt to use frozen berries, don’t defrost them beforehand — just separate them as much as possible and toss them right in.

12. Muffins You’ll Want to Make Again

Blueberry Muffin and a wooden spoon.

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There is nothing like finding a perfect recipe that you want to make again and again. This recipe is grandly titled “Best Blueberry Muffins”, but don’t be surprised if they become just that for you, too! The muffins include both vanilla extract and almond extract and feature a demerara sugar (also called turbinado sugar) crust topping.

They also use fresh blueberries, so they are guaranteed to taste like summer. Other than the demerara sugar and blueberries, the rest of the ingredients are common pantry items, so you should be able to whip these up with what you have on hand! 

13. If You’ve Got a Few Ingredients…

Blueberry Muffin in a wooden board.

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…you’ve got everything you need to make these simple blueberry muffins! All you have to do is combine them in one bowl and then bake for 15 minutes. These simple blueberry muffins are delicious on their own, but they are also a great basic recipe for dressing up.

You can add lemon zest, a streusel or sugar crumb topping, or other elements. However, if you’re a purist, you will love these simple and scrumptious muffins. They prove that you don’t need anything fancy on hand to make a breakfast pastry that you will want to make again and again!

14. Aren’t We Fancy

Blueberry Muffin and a bowl of blueberry.

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On the other hand, maybe you like to make your blueberry muffins a little more complex in terms of flavor! This recipe leans on one of the most delicious and classic fruit combinations — blueberry and lemon. These ingredients, combined with a generous cup of plain Greek yogurt, create a flavor profile that is tangy and delicious.

They taste bright and summery, so you can be reminded of sunshine at any time of the year. Despite the extra elements, these blueberry muffins are still simple to make. You can use fresh or frozen blueberries and just a tablespoon of lemon zest.

15. Grab the Buttermilk 

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These days, not everyone keeps buttermilk in their kitchen. But it is a fantastic baking ingredient, and it is the secret to achieving this moist, light blueberry muffins! Aside from the buttermilk, the recipe relies on classic ingredients, including eggs, white sugar, and vanilla, to achieve the taste and texture.

It also combines vegetable oil and butter to get the right consistency and fat content. After you try these muffins, you might find yourself buying buttermilk to keep on hand for all your baking! It is a great and versatile ingredient for adding lightness without sending the fat levels of your recipe skyrocketing.

16. Egg on Your Face

Blueberry Muffin in a baking pan.

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When you have an egg allergy, enjoying baked goods (or making them yourself) is a challenge. But these eggless blueberry muffins are proof that you don’t need eggs to achieve a delicious, light baked good! The recipe swaps the eggs out for a combination of buttermilk and apple cider vinegar to get the perfect combination of moisture and lightness.

Don’t be afraid of the apple cider vinegar — it won’t make your muffins taste acidic. Instead it will just help make them airy and perfectly moist. This recipe also includes a white sugar topping that makes the muffins crispy on top.

17. Like the Professionals Make

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When a recipe comes from some of the best chefs in the world, you know it is going to be good. But this recipe is deceptively simple, relying on all the classic ingredients to create a batch of blueberry muffins that are moist and delicious. The trick is combining fresh blueberries with lemon zest and being careful not to mix the batter too much.

The result is a super soft and light muffin that is bursting with blueberries and crispy on top thanks to the white sugar crust. It just goes to show that you don’t need to be a professional to bake like one!

18. Muffins With a Crunch

Blueberry Muffin with bread crumbs.

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If you love texture in baked goods, you will love these super crunchy streusel-topped blueberry muffins. The trick is to cut the streusel with cold butter so that it reaches the perfect texture while baking. The muffins themselves are also delicious, packed with frozen blueberries and fortified with sour cream to give them a lightness and tangy flavor.

This is a great example of how easy it is to elevate a simple recipe to something truly unique and delicious. In fact, they are so good that you might find yourself eating them right out of the muffin tin!

19. Are These Store Bought?

Blueberry Muffin and a glass of blueberry.

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Want to fool everyone into thinking that your blueberry muffins came straight from a bakery? Even better, want to make your house smell like a bakery? These muffins are so good that they look and taste like they were made by a professional.

No matter how much (or how little) experience you have in the kitchen, you can whip up these perfect blueberry muffins easily. For this recipe, you will use brown and white sugar, almond extract and vanilla extract, and browned butter to get that perfectly unique flavor. Believe us when we say it is worth the extra effort!

20. Making Vegan Look Good

Blueberry Muffin, mint and blueberries.

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Baking and veganism might not seem like they go together. Baking usually relies on animal products like eggs, milk, butter, cream, and buttermilk. But this amazing blueberry muffin recipe is proof that it is possible to make delicious baked goods without any animal products.

The recipe swaps out traditional animal-sourced leavening agents for soy milk and apple cider vinegar. They are incredibly light, moist, and packed with flavor thanks to blueberries, lemon zest, vanilla extract, and sugar. More and more people these days are jumping on the vegan train, but the good news is that they don’t have to sacrifice delicious baked goods when they do.