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17 of the Best Online Antique Stores (Complete List)

Inside an antique store.

Antique pieces can be difficult to find. Often, you have to peruse the flea market or go to specialty stores just to hunt for authentic antique items. And in some cases, antique stores and sellers can be difficult to find, too. That’s why online shopping is a godsend. Shopping for antiques online can bring you almost everything you’re looking for without requiring you to leave your home.

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List of Online Antique Stores

Antique items on a shop.

If you’re into vintage shopping, you’re in luck: we’ve searched the internet and complied a complete list of online antique stores for your convenience.

1. Amazon: If you are looking to buy or sell antiques online, one of the best places to start is Amazon. This website offers a range of antique items from which buyers can choose. Some of the most interesting antique pieces you can find on Amazon include a flower carved wooden jewelry storage box, a HALONA bronze Victorian Pendant necklace with SWAROVSKI Icicle crystal, and a non-functioning metal phone with a receiver and microphone. These are all great antique items with value that you can add to your collection. The website also allows sellers to list their collectible items for sale at a price of their choice.

2.Ruby Lane: Another great place to buy antique collectibles online is Ruby Lane. Unlike Amazon, Ebay, Craigslist, and other vendor websites that deal endless ranges of other products, Ruby Lane’s website specializes in antiques and vintage items. Right now, top featured antique items on the site include a beautiful antique shell cameo of the ancient Greek goddess Hebe and the Eagle, a Masriera neck ring, and other antique pieces. All the items above are legitimate and can be tested to prove this.

3.Webstore: Webstore is an up and coming online auction store platform. This site functions in the same way as Amazon, Ebay, and other similar sites do, in terms of the items that are offered on it. Webstore’s site lists a wide range of items besides antiques and collectibles. It is a great marketplace for buyers and sellers of antique items and new products alike.

Sellers can list their items on Webstore for auction. Then, buyers can place their offers. The highest bidder is the one who will take home that item. Webstore is a great place to obtain priceless antiques and collectibles. Examples of vintage items listed on their site currently include a classic silver cigarette case, a vintage tapestry handbag, and a rare antique candle holder painted brown.

4. Artfire: Although Artfire lists items under six different categories, including jewelry, entertainment, craft supplies, and tools, art pieces are the most common offerings on their site. The website gives talented artists from around the world an opportunity to display their pieces of artwork. For buyers, Artfire’s site is an excellent place to find classic vintage jewelry and other fantastic antique collectibles.

One very hot item on the site right now is a sunset pelican diamond glass pendant made from iridescent art glass and sterling silver. It is believed to be from the Victorian era. Made for gifting purposes, this priceless pendant can be a great addition to your antique collection. Artfire also has a classic handmade champagne bottle opener listed. This vintage bottle opener is believed to be more than fifty years old.

5. Etsy: There is no doubt about the fact that Etsy is a great online destination to purchase a wide range of vintage items. Etsy’s “vintage” section features two special categories, Art & Collectibles as well as vintage. Clicking on the Art & Collectibles tab opens a page with fantastic antique pieces and vintage items. From amazing sculptures and paintings to beautiful fiber arts pieces and vintage memorabilia, this page offers an endless list of vintage items.

If you want objects that are even older than these, click on the “vintage” tab, which is located at the far right end of the top of Etsy’s home page. This will take you to a page with an even more diverse range of classic objects that you can add to your antique collection. From antique floor rags and classic vintage jewelry to some incredibly old paintings, there is so much you can obtain on Etsy’s site if you are a fan of vintage items and antiques.

6. Craigslist: Craigslist also provides listings of fantastic antique pieces. Many buyers and sellers rely on this online site, which lists nearly every product or service, when they’re adding to an antique collection or selling to antique collectors. The Craigslist site has a special “Antiques” category, where you can find items like special coins and notes, jewelry, paintings, or even pieces of antique or vintage furniture from many decades back. Craigslist is an extremely popular website for vintage furniture and antiques, and it is definitely worth checking out.

7. Ebay: Just like Amazon and other similar websites, Ebay lists many different categories for items. These categories range from electronics and cars to collectibles and art. Ebay also has categories for sporting goods, clothes and shoes, home and garden, and more. The “collectibles and art” tab is one of the most popular product categories on this online marketplace. Many users use Ebay to list or purchase quality antiques. A wide variety of vintage furniture, coins, and notes, as well as pieces of artwork can be found on this site.

In addition to this, Ebay has an endless assortment of vintage sports memorabilia, antique table and wall clocks, vintage stamps and many other incredible objects from many years back. In fact, Ebay is one of the best places to find a wide variety of quality antiques. Ebay can better provide antiques than some other online antique stores you may know.

8. Bonanza: Bonanza is not a widely known online marketplace, but this site scores higher than more popular sites like Amazon and Etsy when it comes to the available artwork pieces and vintage collectibles. Although this site offers various categories of products, some of the best items you can buy there are antiques. Bonanza lists more pieces of artwork, collectibles, antiques and souvenirs than many other sites do.

Whether you are looking for the rare one dollar US coin, which apparently is worth $1,000, or another classic item that is now worth much more than it was initially, you can be sure that you can find it here, or at least find a quality lead to the item for which you’re searching. Often, many sellers who list their antiques do not understand the actual value of their items, leading them to list them cheaply.

9. OLX: is a fast growing online marketplace for all products and services. Initially, it was known as Dealfish, and the site was mainly used to list career opportunities. Now, though, the site has numerous listings for different categories of products and services. is a great online marketplace to check out when you are looking for some antiques to add to your collection.

If you are searching for a special coin that is so hard to find that you can’t seem to obtain it from the sites above, you might bump into that coin on OLX. This is because many buyers have not yet discovered this site, which has plenty to offer when it comes to vintage items.

10. Rehab Vintage Interiors: Just as its name implies, is a fantastic online store that deals mainly in vintage furniture. However, classic glass and ceramic objects are also available for sale on this website. Currently, featured antique furniture include a 1920s general fireproof desk, a 1960s steel case steno chair, and a 1940s industrial storage bin. There is also a number of classic paintings by some legendary painters like Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, and others.

Other hot items listed on this site include a Chinese etched art glass bud vase, a ceramic coil planter with earth-tone glaze, and a Murano Swirl relief dish with gold leaf flakes by Venini. All these are vintage items that date from the 1950s and before.

11.Red Line Vintage: Red Line Vintage is not a big name in the antiques industry, but the site is a great place to look when in search of amazing pieces of vintage art. The online store can mainly be accessed via Facebook, as they do not seem to have their own website. But do not be fooled by their lack of a website: this store features a well thought out list of vintage, industrial, and midcentury items. Portraits, robots, paintings, furniture and other things from past eras abound here, making Red Line Vintage a worthwhile place for antique lovers and collectors alike to shop for antiques and vintage items.

12. Omerohome: is one of the best online stores that deals in classic items. This site offers a well-curated list of vintage kitchenware, antique furniture, and animal sculptures of sentimental value. Other amazing items listed on include vintage mirrors, pottery, candle holders, and other decorative objects. When it comes to product variety, cannot be beat! Its list of classic items available for sale is so broad that we cannot list it all. For buyers of antique objects, or an ardent antique collector, this is another website worth checking out.

13. Tara Shaw Antiques: If you are fascinated by the cultural history of Europe, you can easily bring that history to your home to relive it with antique pieces from the continent. Go back in time to past European eras, including the popular Victorian era, by adding antique furniture pieces from this historic continent. This is where Tara Shaw Antiques comes into play.

There is a well thought out list of classic European items available on The hottest antiques listed right now include an 18th century French Louis XVI Bombe chest, an 18th century Italian chandelier, and a 19th century Swedish MORA clock. Just like, Tara Shaw Antiques’ site presents a truly amazing variety of vintage items to add to your collection. Don’t forget to check it out, too!

14. The Good Mod: The Good Mod is an incredible online store that specializes in a mid-century items, but mostly in midcentury furniture. This site buys and sells vintage furniture, lighting fixtures, and accessories, and other items that date back to 1950s and earlier. The hottest items on right now include a “Meridian” Line George Nelson clock, a Sail Desert Storm MCM OP art, and a two-hemisphere line drawing on canvas by Sir Stanley Spencer, one of the legendary artists and painters of the late 20th century.

Just like and, offers an endless list of classic items you can add to your collection. Do not forget to check out the site for amazing pieces of furniture and other vintage items.

15. Shopify: If you still cannot find what you are looking for despite checking all the websites above, it is time to visit is similar to Amazon, Ebay, and other such sites in many aspects. First, it gives sellers and buyers an opportunity to sell and buy, respectively. Second, it offers many different categories of products and services. The only place where Shopify differs from the other sites is that buyers pay a small fee to display products and services via its online platform.

One of the hottest categories of products offered on Shopify is antiques. This category features an endless range of items from past historic periods. Whether  you’re looking for antique furniture pieces, sculptures, or other vintage items, you can be confident that Shopify will not disappoint.

16. Antiques and Chatchkes: Antiques and Chatchkes offers all manner of vintage items, from vintage jewelry and lighting accessories to antique furniture and kitchenware. Just like,, and, offers a seemingly endless list of items. There are so many classic items for sale on this site that it’s doubtful you will miss whatever it is you’re searching for. Right now, there is a very hot oil painting from around the 18th century that has been listed for sale. Another vintage item that is listed for sale on this site is a Faberge cross pendant that appears to be from the Victorian era, based on its design.

17. Just Vintage Home: Last but not least, make sure to check out This site offers a wide variety of vintage items and antique collectibles. Whether you are searching for pre-medieval, medieval, or post medieval items and collectibles to add to your collection, this website could be another great place you can search for them. has plenty to offer in terms of antiques and collectibles.

The above is for antique furniture for the most part. See this list of antique tool stores for antique tools.