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12 DIY Vanity Mirrors to Improve Your Bathroom!

The Moulin Rouge Affair

Who says you can’t have fun with your bathroom mirror and vanity?

With a little creativity, effort and gumption, you can spruce up your bathroom mirror to turn it into something fun, beautiful, creative, eccentric or just make it your own.

Below are 12 DIY vanity mirror ideas and projects.

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1. DIY Vanity Mirror for under $100


In general bathroom vanity mirrors are expensive. We are talking about a cost, for any that is worth having, between 200 to 300 smackers. To truly get that Diva treatment that you deserve whenever you start to get your makeup on you’ll either have to bite the bullet – and break the piggy – or be somewhat more creative and DIY that sucker right up.



  • This is a pretty straightforward and simple DIY.
  • The real challenge and this one, in turn, will be the constant pebble in our shoes, that vanity mirrors bring are the fact that you’ll have to have a bit of experience working with wires and electricity.

2. The Silver Screen Vanity Mirror

The Silver Screen Vanity Mirror

This vanity mirror, inspired by wardroom photos of Grace Kelly and other Golden Age Starlets, is a simple enough job. It’s nothing more than a couple of bulbs and slabs of wood.


  • 2×4
  • 2×6
  • A drawer unit.
  • A circular saw.
  • Paint for that satin feel.
  • light setup.
  • Drill


  • The complex bit about this number is the list setup. The original has more than a dozen bulbs. Try to cut down on lamps. Not only will it tweak the work in your favor but, at the end of the month, your electrical bill will thank you.
  • Try to find a paint that matches the drawer set bought.

3. The Fast and Furious Job

The Fast and Furious Job

So, you’re looking at all these DIY and slowly brewing over the fact that you’ll have to get your hands dirty. Not only that, but you’ll actually have to know a thing or two about splicing wires and doing a proper electrical setup. Well, allow me to give you some piece of mind. Permit me a moment to ease your troubles and present a project that can be easily outsourced to a monkey. A project so easily that a trained Shi-Tzu could pull it off.


  • A wall mirror.
  • LED Puck lights; as many as you like


  • Hang mirror.
  • Paste puck lights around the mirror.
  • Try to buy those nifty puck lights with head swivels.

4. The Classic Vanity Mirror

The Classic Vanity Mirror

Nicole Tanneberg, a minor YouTube guru concerning skincare and makeup products, has decided to venture into the DIY world and grant her fans with a powerful vanity mirror. One that packs a punch.


  • Vanity light bar.
  • Picture hangers Large.
  • Mirror 24×30.
  • 15ft Extension cord.
  • 60-watt incandescent bulbs.
  • Wireless Remote.


  • Think Eco-Friendly bulbs. They pack the same kick, last way longer and cut back on your monthly bills.
  • Adapt measurements to your requirements. Think big. Think small. But, overall, think personalized.

5. The Dollar Store Vanity Mirror

The Dollar Store Vanity Mirror


Cutting back on your vanity? Coming to the conclusion that, perhaps, when put side-by-side it’s better to buy groceries than a vanity mirror? Well, hark, rejoice and a take breath, cause I’m here to help. Nowadays, you can have your cake and eat it as well. A savvy DIY will never forgo one thing for another. Nope! A crafty and imaginative DIY will look out on even the cheapest stuff and think to him or herself: “that’s not garbage… that’s a primarypiece waiting to unveil itself”.


  • 4 cheap one dollar mirrors from the Dollar Tree.
  • A dozen or more emergency stick on LED lights from the Dollar Tree.
  • Plywood

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  • Paste mirrors to plywood.
  • Stick LEDs around mirrors.
  • Paste on the wall.

6. The Round Vanity Mirror

The Round Vanity Mirror

This is the grand and all powerful IKEA Hack. A few minor tweaks and in less than an hour, with only the change you have in your pocket, you will be the proud owner of a circle vanity mirror.


  • IKEA Circle Mirror
  • LED Lights
  • Insignia AC Adapter


  • In the immortal words of the NIKE Corporation, Just Do It.

7. Ready for Something Different?

Sick and tired of the same setup. Did you come into this article expecting for a bomb? The big blow your mind fandango? So far I haven’t delivered, right? All the mirrors above sort of look the same. The truth is that, when investigating and slugging your way through vanity mirror swamp, all trees sort of blend together. Well, luckily, I’ve managed to unearth a beauty that might not shift the paradigm, might not shake your world, but will, nonetheless give you a fresh take on a repetitive concept.


  • LED Strip lights kit.
  • L-Shape connectors.
  • Scissors
  • Vintage Frame mirror.
  • Hot glue gun.


  • Place the first strip of LED closest to the outlet you’re plucking it into.
  • Cut ONLY on the scissored line of the strip. There’s one every two inches.
  • Try to find a mirror that’s just the right size.

8. Ring Light with Mirror

Ring Light with Mirror


So far, we’ve covered mirrors with lights, now, just for the heck of it, we are going to flip the search on its head and start backward. The cool thing about this number is the fact that you can basically move it around and adapt the light formation to your mirror’s size.


  • Wreath Base (choose your size).
  • Metallic scotch tape.
  • Picture hangers.
  • Rope lights.
  • Mirror


  • Play around with your rope lights. Some even have a remote control, so you can actually switch between colors and tones.

9. The Flamingo Vanity Mirror

The Flamingo Vanity Mirror


  • Feathers (can probably buy some at a costume shop or at a toy store).
  • 11×14 Picture Frame.
  • Mirror
  • Decorative lights.
  • AA Batteries.
  • Flowers
  • Glue gun.


Feathers and or flowers are just a jumping off point. The second you go into a toy store with gluing stuff onto a picture frame, your cerebellum will go into sensory overload. You’ll start weighing the pros and cons of teddy bear fur, LEGOS, faux giraffe skin, etc.

10. The Moulin Rouge Affair

The Moulin Rouge Affair

This vanity mirror was made for lovers and dreamers. It’s the sort of piece that should come with an MP3 player attached; romantic ballads whispering in your ear whenever you turn it on. P.S: Watch with subtitles cause, like all things slightly romantic and erotic, this video is foreign.


  • Artificial flowers.
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun.
  • Wooden rulers.
  • White lights.
  • Mirror


  • You can glue the flowers directly to the frame of the mirror, but it’s best to make a removable frame. This is in case you ever want to switch the decor.
  • Don’t cut the stems of the flowers too close to the pedals, otherwise, this will destroy it (it’ll start to fall apart).

11. The Sci-Fi Vanity Mirror

The Sci-Fi Vanity Mirror

Are you in the market for something a bit out there? Do you believe that the fact that you need a vanity mirror doesn’t necessarily negate your love for Star Trek? Do you want something that looks so cool that it tricks your friends into thinking that you are a witch? Well, how about an infinity Vanity Mirror?


  • 2 x Acrylic Plexiglass Plates 183 x 61cm 3mm tick
  • 5M RGB LED Strip Lights Waterproof 12V 300led Strip
  • 20 Key Music IR Remote Controller Sensor For RGB LED Strip
  • 4 pieces of aluminum angle for the frame
  • 1 sheet of pressed cardboard
  • Some wooden strips
  • 2 x wall hooks


  • Carefully smooth out and permit to dry the mirror roll once attached to the plexiglass.
  • Once completed turn off the lights. Prepare to trip out!

12. The Traveling DIY vanity mirror

The Traveling DIY vanity mirror

You always have to look your best. Like the Boy Scouts, your main motto, when your beauty is concerned, should always be: “Be Prepared.” As such, even if you already have a setup at home, it is imperative that you lug around a bug out bag. A handy station always at the ready for those crucial makeup emergencies.


  • Old suitcase or bag. Preferably the sort that is airplane cabin approved.
  • Leather of fabric the same color as the inside of your case.
  • Glue
  • Strips or straps of velcro.
  • Plywood for the inside of your case. This is so it gives your mirror a hard case platform.
  • A mirror.


  • Search for a small vintage suitcase. Something with a hard case. You can probably spot one at a garage sale or an antique convention.

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