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21 Best Banana Scone Recipes (All Types)

Delicious and flavorful banana scone recipes

I enjoy tasting anything that contains bananas. It never lets me down and tastes great. In addition to the taste, the smell of bananas baking is enough to make my mouth water.

Banana scones are a great breakfast treat or snack. What is even better is that a banana scone bakes faster than most other banana-baked goods.

1. Banana Scones Recipe

A plate of banana scone with flower garnish

There is nothing better to do with a bunch of overripe bananas than to bake them in something delicious. This banana scone recipe is a great way to use those ripe bananas. Because of the moisture a banana provides, you can often remove other wet ingredients from the recipe.

This recipe adds cinnamon and sugar, giving the scone a bit of crunch. These scones use two different kinds of flour, vanilla and brown sugar.

Once mixed together, the dough is pressed into a circle. Then, using a knife, make four cuts like a pizza into the dough. This creates eight scones.

2. The Best Banana Scones

A wire rack of sliced banana scone

These banana scones are the best I have ever tasted. Ripe bananas are mixed into the dough with a layer of caramelized slices of banana in the middle of the scone. These scones are full of flavor and topped with a simple cinnamon maple glaze.

These banana scones are tender, fluffy, and moist but not flaky like a biscuit. These scones are layered with scones batter and bananas. Once the dough is layered, place it in the freezer to help firm the butter.

This helps when cutting the scone into slices before baking. The cinnamon maple icing consists of maple syrup, powdered sugar, cinnamon, and milk.

3. Banana Nut Scones with Maple Glaze

Banana Scone with caramel glazing

These banana nut scones are incredibly moist, flaky, and crumbly. These scones have the texture of a scone but the flavor of banana bread. This recipe includes maple icing that can be omitted but the best part.

The scone is missing something without it. These scones include walnuts, which are optional for a little extra crunch. This recipe uses greek yogurt in place of heavy cream.

The yogurt keeps the scones moist without making them too watery. Adding nutmeg and cinnamon to this recipe really gives it a banana bread flavor.

4. Banana Bread Scones

freshly bake banana Scone in a wire rack

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These banana bread scones provide all the comforts of eating banana bread. These scones have more crunchy sweet edges and fluffy chocolate in the middle. These scones are ready in half the time.

Not only do they bake up quickly, but they also do not need to cool before being eaten. Some of the butter might ooze out a little while the scones bake, but this is what gives the scones an extra crunchy bottom.

You can use frozen bananas for this recipe, but you want to ensure they are thawed first.

5. Ridiculously Easy Banana Bread Scones

Banana Scone with nuts

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These banana bread scones are super easy to make. They melt in your mouth and have extra sweetness due to the brown butter icing. This keeps the inside of the scone tender and moist. The scones have crunchy and sweet outside.

This recipe does not follow the traditional process of baking a scone. Quickly melt the butter in the microwave, and while it cools, all of the liquid ingredients can cool in the freezer.

While that is happening, the dry ingredients can be mixed. Then add the cold ingredients followed by the butter.

6. Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Scones

A plate of banana scone with chocolate chips and cream

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These chocolate chip banana bread scones are the perfect baked good. This is an excellent balance between a muffin and a biscuit. Providing the scone is baked properly, it comes out flaky, tender, sweet, and soft.

You can taste the banana flavor without it being overpowered by the chocolate chips. Outside of the additional ingredients like the chocolate chips, this is a traditional scone recipe.

Chocolate chips or chocolate chunks can be used in this recipe. The glaze for the scones calls for vanilla, sour cream, powdered sugar, and water.

7. Honey Cinnamon Banana Bread Scones

Banana Scone with honey and cinnamon

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These Honey Cinnamon Banana Bread Scones are tender and filled with the comforting flavor of banana bread but in a scone. They are topped with a cinnamon sugar dusting and a simple cinnamon brown sugar glaze.

This recipe includes bananas, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a little brown sugar combined together to give these scones a classic banana bread flavor. Adding a little cinnamon sugar dusting right before baking and a simple cinnamon brown sugar glaze drizzled over the top after the scones are cooled give these scones a touch of sweet flavor.

These scones have just the right amount of cinnamon to be sweet without it being too much.

8. Banana Bread Scones

A pan of banana scones with cream

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This fantastic recipe for banana bread scones will be the next fan favorite for your family. This recipe adds ricotta and a sticky maple glaze for tart sweetness, making this scone recipe your new go-to.

This recipe uses two different types of self rising flour, including wholemeal self rising flour. This recipe calls for 3/4 cup of mashed bananas. It takes one large banana to make 3/4 cup of mashed bananas. These scones are best when eaten the day they are baked.

They freeze well in a freezer sealed plastic bag for as long as three months. They need to thaw overnight before eating them.

9. Naturally Sweetened Banana Bread Scones

Banana Scone with nuts and glazing

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These naturally sweet banana bread scones are a healthy snack. They are full of flavor and have a maple cream cheese frosting. These scones are free of refined sugar as they are sweetened with maple syrup.

The majority of the sweetness of these scones comes from bananas. The riper the banana means, the sweeter your scone is.

The cream cheese icing is sweetened naturally and has a touch of tanginess. Add walnuts on top to give it a nice crunch.

10. Maple Glazed Banana Bread Scones

Banana Scone with maple glaze

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These maple glazed banana bread scones raise high and are light and tasty with a slight flavor of banana. These scones are topped with a silky maple glaze. This is a great alternative to making banana bread when you have ripe bananas.

All you need is one large banana to make these scones. As with any scone recipe, it is critical to refrigerate or freeze the scones after mixing them but before placing them in the oven.

These scones include semi sweet chocolate chips, walnuts, and heavy cream. It consists of a maple glaze which includes unsalted butter, maple syrup, and confectioner’s sugar.

11. Pecan Banana Bread Scones

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This banana bread scone recipe includes toasted pecans, giving these scones their rich flavor. They have a sweet finishing touch with a caramel drizzle.

his recipe uses sour cream and canned dulce de leche, which is caramelized sweetened condensed milk. To achieve a texture closer to banana nut bread, stir mashed bananas into the batter.

These scones require a little longer baking time than a traditional scone. Best

12. Banana Walnut Scones

A plate of file banana scone

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These are truly some of the best banana walnut scones. There are fast and easy to make, and it is a refreshing change from muffins or banana bread. These scones are crisp on the outside while staying soft and buttery on the inside.

Each bite is full of banana flavor. They are perfect with a hot cup of tea. As with most scone recipes, it is essential to keep all your ingredients cold and do not overmix the dough.

13. Buttermilk Banana Scones

A plate of banana scone in buttermilk flavor

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These buttermilk banana scones are similar to a traditional scone recipe. However, they have a touch of cinnamon to give them a little extra flavor. These scones are moist and full of banana flavor.

They are a great way to start the day with coffee or tea. As the title suggests, these scones have buttermilk in them. The more ripe the bananas are that you use means, the more flavorful the scones will taste.

14. Banana Bread Scones

Banana Scone in a scone maker

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These Banana Bread Scones are tender and filled with the comforting flavor of banana bread but in a scone. They are topped with sanding sugar for a little touch of sweetness. This recipe adds hazelnuts and chocolate chips to an already amazing scone recipe.

This recipe uses dark brown sugar, vanilla, and heavy cream. These scones are full of flavor while maintaining moisture on the inside and crispness on the outside.

15. Vegan Banana Nut Scones

Banana Scone with chocolate glazing

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This is a healthy vegan twist on banana scones. This recipe uses coconut oil and whole wheat flour. This recipe uses pecan or walnuts, but any nut will do. This recipe uses milk, any type of milk you prefer. These scones have a maple glaze to give them extra flavor.

While this recipe calls for powdered sugar, it includes a recipe for making your own powdered sugar. To keep this vegan, use maple syrup in the maple glaze. Honey can be substituted, but it will no longer be vegan.

16. Banana Bread Scones

Freshly bake banana scone

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These are easy to make and fun to eat banana bread scones. They have a sweet and delicious taste of banana bread but in a scone. This is the ultimate comfort food.

These scones are ideal for breakfast or a quick snack. These scones have a sweet glaze for a little something extra. The glaze consists of powdered sugar, vanilla extract, and water.

17. Peanut Butter Banana Scones

Freshly baked banana scone in a scone molder

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This recipe is for peanut butter banana scones. It includes peanut butter and peanuts. These scones have a peanut butter glaze. This recipe is for your favorite peanut butter lover.

These scones have a distant nutty taste. They include allspice and cinnamon to round out the flavor. The peanut butter glaze includes milk, powdered sugar, and creamy peanut butter.

18. Banana Bread Scones

Creamy banana Scone in a pan

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This banana bread scones recipe gives scones that are fluffier and lighter than some other scones. Some people think of scones as a brick that sits in your stomach. Not these scones.

These are crumbly, light, and tasty. These scones have a brown butter glaze. These scones have brown sugar, buttermilk, vanilla, cinnamon, and mini chocolate chips if preferred. The brown butter glaze includes brown butter, powdered sugar, vanilla, and milk.

19. Chocolate Chip Banana Scones

A plate of banana scone with chocolate chips

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This chocolate chip banana scones recipe may be the best one yet. This recipe makes the perfect scone that is flaky and fluffy while maintaining a soft center on the inside. It is no secret that bad scones are terrible, but these will change any anti-scone person forever.

A great scone is a balance between a muffin and a biscuit. It is best when scones are baked at a high temperature to ensure the inside stays flaky and soft while the outside crisps up nicely.

20. Banana Bread Scones with Maple Glaze

A pan of banana scone with maple glaze

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These banana bread scones with maple glaze are an upgrade to a traditional scone. They have a hint of maple and nuts, making them the perfect breakfast. This recipe uses greek yogurt, sugar, confectioner’s sugar, and real maple syrup.

There are no fake ingredients in this recipe. The maple glaze is drizzled right after the scones come out of the oven.

21. Easy Banana Scones

A pan of simple banana scone

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This easy banana scones recipe bakes scones with golden crusts. They maintain a flaky and tender interior, along with a delicious but not overly sweet flavor. These banana scones are a delicious treat any time of day.

This simple recipe requires only four ingredients. There is an optional 5th ingredient. The must haves includes bananas, self raising flour, butter, and baking powder. The optional ingredient is cinnamon. When using dairy free margarine, these scones are vegan.

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