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17 Best Banana Bread Recipes (All Types)

A classic banana bread on wooden slate board.

Searching for a great basic banana bread recipe, imagine my surprise when I discovered Banana Bread was the most searched bread recipe on the internet. And for a good reason, I love the deep, rich flavor of banana bread that is perfect for a quick breakfast or with my coffee in the afternoon. So here are some of the best banana bread recipes I have found online.

Basic Banana Bread Recipe Rich on Flavor

Sliced banana bread on a chopping board beside a pair of bananas on a wooden desk.

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This basic banana bread recipe is easy to make yet is loaded with flavors! The instructions are easy to follow and will deliver a creamy cake-like banana-flavored bread that is delicious any time of the day. The basic recipe does not include nuts. However, I love my bread with nuts in it, and also are instructions on when and how to add nuts to the banana bread mixture.

As a bonus, I found some fun facts about the history of bananas on the recipe website. For example, I did not know that over 1,000 bananas, with Cavendish bananas being the variety typically found in the U.S.

Banana Bread With Twist of Cinnamon Swirl

A sliced loaf of cinnamon swirl banana bread on a chopping board.

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This recipe is a delicious mix of a coffee cake and classic banana bread with a delightful swirl of cinnamon sugar. The cinnamon swirl heightens the beautiful aroma and taste of basic banana bread with this simple addition. In addition, cinnamon banana bread is a lovely way to practice cutting back on food waste by recycling bananas that may be too ripe for typical consumption.

Overly ripe bananas are perfect for this easy-to-make bread that is a sweet-tasting treat for any time of the day or special occasions. And as a bonus, the swirl of cinnamon in the middle of the banana loaf not only tastes great but looks delicious too!

Bread Machine Banana Bread

Bread Machine Banana Bread

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Yes, you can make really good banana bread in a bread machine. We did. We do. It’s easy. It’s delicious.  

Buttermilk and Cream Cheese Banana Bread

Buttermilk and cream cheese banana bread

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This recipe is cheesecake meets banana bread. It’s decadent. It’s rich. It’s unbelievable.  Try it. You’ll love it.

Super Moist Banana Bread Made with Mayonnaise

A homemade moist banana bread loaf in white plate with fork.

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An easy-to-fix super moist Banana Bread with Mayonnaise elevates banana bread to the next level. The mayonnaise adds a unique texture layer with added moistness. Further enhance the flavor of the bread by adding chopped walnuts, chocolate chips, or chocolate peanut butter chips.

Occasionally, some recipes may sound a bit off and not desirable, like watermelon infused with garlic clove, and chances are, it will not be all that tasty. But banana bread made with mayonnaise is one of those recipes you have to try to believe how moist and flavorable this bread recipe is.

Banana Bread for Grownups

A dripping vanilla coating of banana loaf bread with banana sliced toppings.

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This recipe is when grownups desire a banana bread with a bit of extra kick, and Banana Bread for Grownups delivers. Made with dark rum, the Banana Bread for Grownups is perfect for those special occasions with a loved one or close friends and adds a special touch to the event.

After hosting a dinner party for a memorable ending to the evening meal, I suggest serving it to good friends. Banana Bread for Grownups made with dark rum and vanilla paste icing is a delightful treat. However, only a few tablespoons of dark rum is added to the bread, giving it a wonderfully deep, smoky flavor.

 Walnut Banana Bread with a Crunch

A loaves of wallnut banana bread dusted with powdered sugar.

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Adding chopped walnuts gives the Walnut Banana Bread a delightful crunchy texture. I don’t know about you, but I love the crunch in my food, and this recipe is perfect for crunch lovers. This easy-to-make recipe recommends using overripe bananas and Land O Lakes butter. Wrap tightly and let the banana loaf sit overnight in the refrigerator for the best taste. Also, a great tip is to use a cooking spray containing flour to oil the pan in one easy step. So, go ahead and satisfy your crunchy desires with this quick and delicious Walnut Banana Bread.

 Special Banana Nut Bread with an Orange Twist

An overhead shot sliced of banana nut bread on wooden table.

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When I see the word “special” describing a dish, it always catches my attention. And this recipe should be yours for creating a Special Banana Nut Bread. The banana bread is as eye-appealing as appetizing with a pecan-covered orange glaze. The orange glaze uses zest to give the banana bread a unique visual appeal and create an exciting contrast between the orange and banana flavors.

While making the banana bread, go ahead and make two and give one to family or friends, and they will be happy you did. The Special Banana Nut Bread is, well, special!

Gluten-Free Classic Banana Bread Perfection

Healthy gluten-free banana bread with seeds and nuts.

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The Gluten-Free Classic Banana Bread uses gluten-free flour to create classic banana bread for gluten-intolerable people. Gluten-Free Classic Banana Bread is the traditional style of making banana bread that is delicious without any frills, just the satisfying, healthy, and rich banana flavor we all love. I like to spread butter on a warm slice of banana bread to compliment my morning coffee to begin my day with a smile.

Make sure when using gluten=free flour to check the ingredients for Xanthan Gum. The gluten from flour can remove the thickening and binding properties, and Xanthan Gum is a non-gluten thickening agent. 

Toasted Coconut Chocolate Banana Bread Explosion 

A top view of toasted coconut chocolate bread sided with blueberries.

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The name of the Toasted Coconut Chocolate Banana Bread is a mouthful in more ways than one! This unique recipe adds triple chocolate ingredients with a coconut glaze to make a culinary treat. So if you love, like me, the satisfying flavor of caramel with coconut in Caramel cookies or Samoas, you will love the Toasted Coconut Chocolate Banana Bread!

This banana bread has an appealing visual toasted coconut glaze that gives the bread more of a dessert look. With three different types of chocolate and a delicious coconut and caramel topping, it is worth saying the name and, better yet, having an irresistible slice!

Low-Carb Banana Bread for the Healthy Ones

Low-carb banana with curd and herbs.

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All these delicious banana bread recipes have made me feel a little guilty, so I think it is important to sprinkle a few healthy ones into the banana bread mix. The Low-Carb Banana Bread recipe is excellent for folks desiring banana bread but made with a health-conscious or keto goal.

This healthy banana bread is sugar and gluten-free. Using almond flour to make the bread makes it low-carb, and the bananas give it a slightly sweet flavor. I love banana bread but try to stay relatively healthy, and this Low-Carb Banana Bread recipe is perfect for the keto lifestyle.

High Protein Banana Bread Builds Strong Bodies

A one loaf sliced banana bread.

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Staying with our healthy banana bread recipes, this High Protein Banana Bread uses protein powder to give it an extra energy kick. Using almond flour creates a naturally gluten-free recipe, but if you are gluten intolerant, make sure and check and confirm your protein powder is gluten-free.

The easy-to-make High Protein Banana Bread is healthy and is delicious for a quick breakfast or a pick-me-up snack during the day. By now, you know I love foods with a crunchy texture, so for a crunch, add some crushed almonds or walnuts. If our sweetness factor is kicking in, add a few chocolate chips and make muffins for a different banana bread style.

Cream Cheese Banana Bread Satisfies

Sliced cream cheese cheesecake filled with banana bread.

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Okay, now that I am feeling good about my healthy banana bread choices, I am ready to change directions and dive into some decadence with this Cream Cheese Banana Bread recipe. I mean delicious banana bread made with sour cream, a cream cheese swirl, and topped with a cinnamon and sugar crust. What can be more decadent?

Cream Cheese Banana Bread is simply delicious and very easy to make to satisfy our sweet cravings. Of course, this recipe is not as healthy as some banana bread recipes, but sometimes we should treat ourselves to exceptional food, and Cream Cheese Banana Bread is just the ticket.

Blueberry-Banana Bread Flavor Burst

A rustic style arrangement of blueberry banana bread.

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If you love the burst of flavor from blueberries as I do, then Blueberry-Banana Bread will be right up your alley. The blueberry-banana flavor is a marriage made in heaven. This easy and quick recipe will have your taste buds smiling with the sublime flavor only a Blueberry-Banana Bread can deliver.

Kick the recipe up a notch and add some orange zest and maybe walnuts for added texture. When making this moist banana bread, make sure and use the ripest bananas you have available. Enjoy the tasty sensation of Blueberry-Banana Bread with a morning coffee or as an evening treat.

Plantain Banana Bread with Caramelized Plantains

A photo of sliced banana bread with sweet caramel sauce.

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Caramelized plantains are a starchy savory type of banana and, when fried, have vanilla and rich caramel flavors. When added to a banana bread recipe, it ups the excitement you never knew you were missing. Plantains are prepared much like regular bananas. The blackest skinned plantains deliver the deepest caramel flavors when fried.

I will have to admit I have not tried Plantain Banna Bread, but I am interested in tasting this attractive bread. The delicious appeal of warm banana bread with fried, caramelized plantain slices on top is luscious. So, I don’t know about you, but my next banana bread bake will be Plantain Banana Bread.

Coconut Milk Banana Bread – Yeah, Mon!

A coconut milk banana bread on slate board.

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Coconuts remind me of island breezes and steel drums! After making this Coconut Milk Banana Bread, I thought of the Caribbean and could hear island music. If there is any leftover coconut milk on the fridge shelf, this Coconut Milk Banana Bread is an excellent way to use it.

Super moist with a slight coconut and banana flavor will remind you of island music, steel drums, and a happy way of life. Freshly made Coconut Milk Banana Bread is excellent from the oven but ages well overnight to deliver the most decadent taste, making it worth waiting. So enjoy yourself with no worries, mon!

One Banana – Banana Bread for Those You Times

Golden brown bake banana bread with whole banana on top.

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Maybe the One Banana – Banana Bread is for when you only have one banana and are craving banana bread. Or perhaps you are single and only want to make banana bread for one. Either way, this quick and delicious recipe is perfect for one, especially if one only has one banana!

This recipe is especially significant when we want to have a delicious treat but not have too much fabulous banana bread to tempt us for days. And it is quick to bake using mini loaf pans, and the single banana bread bake will be ready in 18-20 minutes. Then you can indulge in that delicious banana bread goodness.

More Banana Recipes

Bananas Over Banana Bread and Banana Desserts

6 Banana cake and bread recipe in a collage.

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Notice I said recipe(s), as in 32 mouth-watering dessert recipes featuring bananas. Complete instructions for each recipe on making a variety of delicious banana loaves of bread, and there is so much more. These recipes run from the basic banana desserts to my favorite, Classic Bananas Foster.

I also like Bananas Flambe, but perhaps the Double Choco Banana Cake is more to your liking? Another recipe tempting for me to try since I love banana cream pies is the No-Bake Banana Cream Lush, and the sooner, the better. They are all there is this fabulous collection of easy-to-make banana desserts. So click the recipes shortcut above and go bananas!

21 Banana Scone Recipes to Save Overripe Bananas

Delicious and flavorful banana scone recipes

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I love the taste and texture of scones, and when made with bananas, Banana Scones become heavenly. The sweet banana taste adds a rich depth of flavor to the scone’s slightly sweet and crunchy bite. I particularly like starting my day with a hot cup of coffee, or tea if you prefer, and a delicious scone.

Something satisfying about the cinnamon crunch and the unique banana taste sets an excellent tone for the day. This delicious treat has only 13 simple steps to make, and it takes half of the time to bake as banana bread.

30 Insane Banana Bread Recipes 

Delicious and flavorful banana scone recipes

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The perfect answer for what to do with ripe, black bananas is making banana bread. These recipes have some unusual cooking twists, such as adding cream cheese, Nutella, chocolate chips, veggies, cheese, even marshmallows. I can jazz up my banana bread for the perfect breakfast by adding these and other unique ingredients. I attempt to be healthy and do my part in contributing to effective food waste management by making banana bread with overripe black bananas that may otherwise be tossed in the trash.

Interestingly, if the banana is blacker, it will make a more decadent banana-flavored bread. So, when you start to throw away those ripened black bananas, I suggest helping the environment and making delicious banana bread instead. 

Five Banana Bread Recipes That Will Tickle the Tastebuds

A photo collage of five Unique banana bread recipes.

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 Kick up your banana bread game a notch with five banana bud recipes guaranteed to tickle your taste buds with an exciting mixture of flavors. How about Carrot Cake, Banana Bread, or Cream Cheese-Filled Banana Bread? These and other recipes deliver a flavor explosion on the first bite. I always use the ripest, blackest bananas available to kick up my banana bread game.

Some Banana Bread Questions Forgotten To Ask!

I would guess there are some questions out there waiting for answers. So, if I may, these are often asked questions not asked.

How many cups in one mashed banana?

The average banana will make about 1/2 cup when mashed, so three bananas yield almost 11/2 cups.

How to ripen bananas in the oven?

To make a banana ripe in the oven and look weird in the process, bake in a pre-heated 350° oven on a foil-lined baking sheet leaving the skin on and intact. The banana skin will turn an odd shiny black, but the banana itself will be soft and mushy, perfect for banana bread.

Should I add nuts to my banana bread?

If you do not have an allergy to nuts, I suggest adding walnuts, almonds, pecans, or your favorite nuts. Adding nuts gives the banana bread a satisfying nutty flavor with a welcoming crunch for that great banana nut bread flavor.

What other ingredients can I add to my banana bread?

These are some additives for your banana bread, depending upon tolerance and the recipe:

  • Chocolate chips
  • Raisins, what, come on, man! Yes, raisins add a sweet and plump flavor, adding a nice texture to the banana bread.
  • Spice it up! Add spices like cinnamon or nutmeg to a depth of character to your bread.
  • Make muffins, not a loaf of bread!
  • Cream cheese for that decadent flavor.
  • Orange zest is the perfect contrast to mix with banana bread.