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20 Best Baked Beans Recipes (All Types)

Serving a dark baked beans in red bowl.

Come night-time, and somehow, our minds start playing tricks on us-no? Well, mine does, especially in dreams. When it comes to dreams, you gotta agree with me that,  while we’re still trying to invent a teleporting/time travel machine, one’s already been invented….it’s right there in our heads-it’s called Dream.

Take the other night, for instance, after spending the greater part of the day at a family cookout, I had just jumped into bed and kissed Wifey night-night, when, before I knew it, I was out like a light! It didn’t take long before I was dreaming….The year was 1622, and I was a native American warrior. With a bowl of Instant Pot Baked Beans in one hand and a wooden spoon in the other, I was dancing around an open fire, enjoying myself.    

….Must be all those baked bean dishes I had at the family cook-out!

1. Instant Dream Pot Baked Beans

Delectable baked beans served in a pot

=> Click here for the recipe

With a cooking time of 1 hour 50 minutes, this All-American dish primarily requires an Instant Pot. Essentials include a minimum of 16 ounces of dried Pinto beans, water, molasses, sweeteners, sauces, ground beef, olive oil, and diced onion. All it takes is to wash the Pinto beans and put them into the Instant Pot with water and salt.

Thereafter, it’s all a matter of draining the water from the beans, mixing the sweeteners and sauces. Follow by adding olive oil, ground beef to the hot oil, onions, bacon bits, more water, returning the Pinto beans, and stirring. Pressure cook the mixture some more and when done, let it cool off before serving your Instant “Dream” Pot Baked Beans.

I was about to take a spoonful of my now Instant Dream Pot Baked Beans, when bam, the dream changed. Anchor

2. Suddenly, I am a pirate of the Carib-bean, eating Jamaican Franks ‘n’ Beans for breakfast.

Delicious closeup photo of jamaican franks and beans in white bowl.

=> Click here for the recipe

Frankly speaking, lads, if I am to spill the beans on this one when I first tasted Franks ‘n’ Beans, I thought to myself, “Man, this Franks guy is a real gentleman!” That was before I later discovered that franks were actually short for “frankfurters”, German for a hot dog sausage. What’s, of course, great about sausage is that it comes in a variety of different meats, and can be roasted to add a crunchier taste to the dish.

Quick and easy to make, this happy collision of sausage and beans is, in fact, a breakfast dish. Just heat some veggie oil, pour in your sliced chicken frankfurters, and heat for two minutes flat. Add the baked beans, pepper, garlic powder, chopped scallion, and cook the mixture for another two minutes. And there you’ve it mates, Franks ‘n’ Beans for breakfast.  

I hadn’t gotten the taste of Franks ‘n’  Beans for breakfast, when…yes you guessed it.

3. Boom eating the not-so-secret family recipe from Boston

A tasty boston baked beans in aluminum pot.

=> Click here for the recipe

Being a staunch Republican myself, I do declare, I don’t mind sharing this ole family recipe. For that sweet, good old-fashioned baked bean flavor, my family’s Boston-Tea-Party old recipe is sure to guarantee just that. Needing some soaked/simmered navy beans,  bacon chunks, and condiments, this recipe is all about arranging the beans, layering them with bacon and onion, adding condiments, boiling, and baking. Then, boom Boston Baked Beans! Great served with cornbread and honey.

Perfect for family occasions and holidays, when you can confidently close the bin and beam for compliments and appreciation for being Boston’s finest bean baker.

What? Hey? Oh, hi there! Steven Spielberg, I presume. Let’s do lunch? Yes, you guessed it, the next stop was…

Anchor4. Hollywood- Baked Beans Cheese That’s a Flat Wrap!

Baked beans cheese flat wraps on white plate.

=> Click here for the recipe

Who said they don’t serve beans in Hollywood? For all the trimmings of a real Hollywood meal with pre-famous ingredients, in the words of the legendary late Michael Jackson, “This is it!” people. Nothing B-rated about this recipe. Requires THREE easy steps. One, pre-heat sandwich press. Two put baked beans and cheese on flatbreads. Three, cook in sandwich press till crisp and golden. And voila! You have your Baked Beans Cheese Flat Wraps.

In-out in three, Hollywood style. If you want to put fancy into ordinary baked beans, this recipe is for you-superstar. Ideal for those after-party mornings when you are fighting to summon the strength to get out of bed and prepare a decent meal to cure that hangover. Or, you are just feeling plain lazy after binging on Netflix the night before. Worse still, jobs have been far and between and you are flat broke. Needing only three ingredients, this is the perfect waiting-for-it-easy meal.

Rewind, I. have been thrown back to my vegetarian phase in my teen years. Papa, of course, doesn’t approve.

5. “Decided to start eating Baked Bean Burgers? AnchorReally my boy?! Have it your way”

A delicious homemade bean burger in a white bun, with lettuce and tomatoes on wooden table.

=> Click here for the recipe

And have it my way I did….Well, for a few weeks anyway. I remember that for quite a while, this veggie Baked Bean burger recipe rocked my world-sort of. What can I say, it was an upgrade from eating dead carcasses!

Requiring mashed potatoes, herbs, and lettuce,  I sometimes added melted cheese for the lactose and chili to the potato pâté to really give the Baked Bean Burgers that extra kick.

Throwback-Lassie’s funeral seems like only yesterday….I need some….Anchor

6. Comfort food-Cottage Pie that is sure to comfort

Quick cottage pie served on white bowl.

=> Click here for the recipe

Losing something or someone you love is always some comfort food. What better way to be comforted than by eating a homely cottage pie whose secret ingredient is baked beans? Largely comprising beef mince, baked beans in sauce, and mashed potatoes, this golden and bubbly Cottage Pie has the unique distinction of inviting nostalgia, so that it can assume its traditional role of comfort food.

So, next time life seems to be bullying you and you need some comforting, or you simply need a really good family meal ready to serve in 15 minutes, then the Cottage Pie with baked beans is a must-try. 

Speaking of which, what is that I am looking at-the Taj Mahal, the Ganges?Anchor Next, I am hit by ….

7.  The Aroma of Baked Beans with an Asian Flair for the Fabulous

Delicious homemade baked beans served in cast iron pot.

=> Click here for the recipe

If you have never been to Asia, then Baked Beans with an Asian flair will surely take you there.

Providing a choice between either ground turkey or beef, the secret of this recipe lies in how you prepare the meat. Use an ovenproof skillet or cast iron to effectively cook this secret ingredient and you will preserve its juiciness for when you finally add the topping and bake till golden brown.  And taste, my goodness, you will be booking a flight for an Asian destination in no time. Only so you can taste more Baked Beans with an Asian Flair for the fabulous!

As for still dreaming about me…..Anchor

8. Having tasted Asia an Egg-citing North African Baked Bean Delicacy Awaited

Breakfast shakshuka of fried eggs with tomato.

=> Click here for the recipe

 Originally Tunisian-Arabic, the Baked Beans Shakshuka recipe is a popular Tunisian breakfast dish.

Translated, Shakshuka is another name for the adaptable and well-liked Tunisian breakfast or brunch of eggs fried in a spicy tomato mix. Best served with toasted bread, herbed Boccaccio bread, charred corn, or radish salad, this egg-cellent meal is a great way to fill up your belly. And if a power breakfast isn’t your cup of tea, the Shakshuka can also be a great stand-alone meal for weekend brunch. 

Keeping it Global South, next  I am walking the streets and entering a cantina in Mexico City and Anchor

9. Ordering Barbecue Chicken Tostadas (with Baked Beans)

Delicious chicken tostadas with black bean and corn salsa.

=> Click here for the recipe

Talk about before and after. As I watched my Barbecue Chicken Tostadas (with Baked Beans) being prepared, I was left astounded. Initially, the ingredients looked like the chef was taking turns fighting a revolt with the coleslaw, green onions, and beans with his potato masher in one hand and the chicken and barbecue in the other. That was until aided by the tostada shells, it finally looked like the chef was winning the war.

Seemingly defeated, the massacre, which was the brown beans, chicken, barbecue, and cheese mix, was finally dumped into the tostada shells-sealed in, and put into the pre-heated oven till lightly brown.  The final victory? Transformed crunchy servings of barbecue chicken and baked beans Tostadas with coleslaw and shredded melted cheddar cheese topping.

Hooray! This deserves a toast – well, sort of………..Anchor

10.  Introducing the Sumptuous Summer Salvo of Simmering, Savory Sweet, and Sour Beans

A delicious classic homemade sweet and sour baked beans in whote bowl.

=> Click here for the recipe

It’s summertime, the birds are chirping, and the sun is smiling. I am feeling both happy and sad about leaving Mexico so abruptly. You could say, I am feeling a bit sweet and sour. What better mood to be in to eat some savory Sweet and Sour Beans. 

Best prepared in a crockpot, a slow cooking method is recommended. It allows for the sweet sugar to blend well with the sour mix of soy sauce and cider vinegar. I can’t put my finger on it, but this dish just feels perfect for cozying up to on those white winter evenings whilst reading a sweet and sour book.

Shouldn’t have mentioned books….I am in my old high school library reading the Puritans’ arrival in…Anchor

11. New England Bean Bog Cassoulet- Let me bog you with the French details

New England bean bog cassoulet.

=> Click here for the recipe

Although we shouldn’t be eating in the school library, I can’t resist the New England Bean Bog Cassoulet!

Brought over to these United States by my Puritan grandpappy, the New England bean, and bog cassoulet is a new twist on a French classic. My first impression when I saw it was of Macbeth, the Three Sisters, and Salem witch-hunting. Just check out the diverse ingredients- they mess with your mind.

Skinless chicken thighs, minced fresh/dried thyme, fresh rosemary, frozen cranberries, a can of beans, three-day-old croissants, and minced fresh parsley.  Perhaps that is the beauty of it. This dish is simply amazing. The fresh cranberries and baked beans complement each other surprisingly well. Better than Macbeth and the Weird Sisters ever did!Anchor

On the football field, I am tackled from behind, but I remain standing. That’s because for supper I had a….

12. Ranchero Supper: A hearty, healthy, and fast meal of Baked Beans

Close-up of the breakfast dish of rancheros on a white plate.

=> Click here for the recipe

Last night when I asked, “What’s for supper?”

Mama had responded, “Just watch your tone with me boy!”

Before answering,  “Ranchero Supper, of course, what else?”

The Ranchero Supper is perfect for those days when you get home after a busy day and don’t feel like spending too much time in the kitchen or waiting too long for supper.  Consisting of ground beef, baked beans, whole kernel corn, condiments, and shredded Cheddar cheese, it sure is a healthy meal. Fully cooked and ready to serve within 15 minutes, you can pair it with a glass of wine and just relax, patting yourself on the back for your hard day’s work and healthy choices.


13. How the H-ll did I get to Hawaii and be Having some Happyman Hawaiian Baked Beans?

A close up photo of one spoonful of Hawaiian baked beans.

=> Click here for the recipe

What do you know? I have a house by the beach overlooking a semi-dormant volcano in Hawaii. As I contentedly gaze into the distance, I am gnashing on some Hawaiian Baked Beans. Life’s good!

Few things are as controversial as pineapple in classic foods. I know a few good people who were canceled for admitting that they loved pineapples on their pizza. No matter your feelings towards this issue, once you taste the Hawaiian Baked Beans. With pineapple tit-bits, sweet and salty cubed cooked ham, it makes you wonder why pineapples…let alone ham, are so controversial. This dish is amazing!

“Sorry sir, a jacket and tie are required. Maybe you could go and…”Anchor

14. See the Jacket Potatoes with Home-Baked Beans and Borrow one?

An overflowing photo of home baked beans jacket potato.


=> Click here for the recipe

I returned half an hour later in a jacket and tie and ordered the Jacket potatoes with homebaked beans.

This is the perfect lesson in how not to complicate things….Don’t argue,  take 10 minutes baking potatoes, sunflower oil, haricot beans and some Worcestershire sauce. Simply bake your potatoes whole, cut up the middle, and put in some baked beans. Jacket potatoes with home-baked beans are just an all-time favorite of mine. They dress well, look good, taste great and are healthy too.

What’s the ruckus about now?!

Anchor15. This just in: Slow Cooked Beef Bean Ragu and mashed potatoes have beef

Delicious slow-cooked beef and bean ragu in white bowl.

=> Click here for the recipe

Not something to have when you are feeling diarrheal or eating looking at, neither.  However, this Slow Cooked Beef and Bean Ragu taste better than it looks!

 Of course, not something you would eat on a date or pay for in a nice, fancy  Italian restaurant. Aside from its appearance, I can just imagine the awkward silence. Not to mention trying to explain to your date what ragu is, and how different it is from the Neapolitan version and Bolognese sauce. Yea, this one is an acquired sight and taste. Anchor

Like an Australian Kangaroo, no wonder I have always stuck to what I know, so…

16. Step aside Ragu! Australian Baked Beans Sausage Rolls are in the House

Tasty sausage rolls with bake beans and chips.

=> Click here for the recipe

Still not too appetizing -if you are a farmer, like me. But still, quite an improvement. Whether a  snack, meal or possibly an aphrodisiac!? Baked beans Sausage Rolls, are, where ever you go, always a fantastic surprise…especially when I open my lunch box at work and all my female colleagues gather around.  On the other hand, they are also innocently great for parties and picnics. Baked Beans sausage rolls truly are one of the best anytime, anywhere foods.

What is that? A sombrero? I am back in Me-xi-co ….

17. For 4-Ingredient Cheesy Beany Nachos

Cheesy baked beans and healthy veggies on black plate.

=> Click here for the recipe

Made with just four ingredients, the Cheesy Beany Nachos are a great hearty vegetarian dish.

 It’s budget-friendly, easy to prepare, and satisfyingly filling. Gracious senor!

Gooooooal!! South Africa 2010 Soccer World Cup. I am in the National Sports StadiumAnchor….

18. South Africa has just Chakalaka

A delicious South African

=> Click here for the recipe

Best served with rice or pap (thickened maize porridge), the Chakalaka is a great vegetarian dish.

There is no limit to the type of vegetables that you can throw in there. This is normally a very spicy dish but can be adjusted to mild to suit your preferred taste. The name Chakalaka also sounds fun to say too. Well, maybe that’s just me. Anchor

Gooooooooooooal! Still at South Africa 2010.Ooh my…

19. There’s a bunny on the pitch. Fortunately, no bunnies are harmed in the making of this meal.

A delicious Jan Braai's baked bean bunny chow.

=> Click here for the recipe

Another special offering from South Africa. When I first heard about the Bunny Chow, I probably had the same reaction as most people, “hmmm, rabbit meat” from China!

Surprisingly, this is a meat-free, sandwich-like meal that is guaranteed to leave you feeling stuffed. This Durban delight can be paired with your choice of soda pop or fizzy drink if you want to have it the same way as South Africans do. Anchor

Apache-Sioux-Cherokee-Cajun-I is back, a Cajun warrior riding bare-back on my painted stallion eating my favorite…

20. Cajun-spiced beans and Dumplings

A delicious Cajun spiced beans with creamy and cheesy corn dumplings on white cast iron pot.

=> Click here for the recipe

You just know that people will talk about this at the family gathering. The Cajun-spiced beans and cheesy corn dumplings are a testament to the notion that some things were meant to be together.

Consisting of chestnut mushrooms, butter beans, sweet corn, cottage cheese, and taco seasoning, this is a must-have. The beauty of it is that if well-preserved, leftovers can be eaten gradually for days. We have been eating them for years!