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23 Best Baked Apple Recipes (All Types)

Baked Apple on a pan with star anise.

Summer is here and it’s time for some treats. Why not go for the classic apple? People have many opinions on cooking apples. I personally am a fan of them. Baked apples seem to be a centerpiece of the south. They can be the perfect ingredient for a sweet treat.

Apple desserts can be perfect for every day of the year. But I feel that just plain baked apples can be so dull. Why not try and spice things up with your baked apple treats? Here are thirty recipes for baked apples that will make the whole family’s mouths water.

1. Baked Apples with Cinnamon

Baked apples on a pan with cinnamon.

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Let’s start off with something simple. This is good if this is your first time cooking. There is something about apples and cinnamon that just go together naturally. There doesn’t seem to be a reason for it, but it just works.

For this, you are only going to need two pieces of equipment and five ingredients. There are eleven steps, but you can pull it off. The recipe will be well worth it in the end. This can make for a great breakfast or a quick snack on the go. As stated before, this will be a good recipe for you to learn how to cook.

2. No Sugar Baked Apple Slices

Baked apples with cinnamon on a plate.

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This one is good for those who have diabetes but still have a sweet tooth. You shouldn’t have to give up something sweet just to be healthy. This recipe will do perfectly for you. Instead of sugar, use honey to sweeten up these apples.

This and the good old friend of apples, cinnamon. You will only need four pieces of equipment and eight ingredients. It won’t take you much time to cook it either. You can have this as a side or just for dessert itself. You can even have this as a nice midnight snack. This recipe won’t end up raising your blood sugar too high.

3. Granola Baked Apples

Granola Baked Apple on a bowl.

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Sweet and healthy food is always something that people chase after. They just want to taste their healthy food. This recipe will be perfect for you. Instead of just apples, you have bars. These are perfect for a quick breakfast or a snack.

These granola-baked apples can also be good for a road trip or a hike. The recipe says that it’s healthier than apple pie. Even the strictest of health nuts would be okay with this. This is so good that you think that you are eating apple pie. This recipe will take time, but the result will be worth it.

4. Baked Apples

Baked Apple with spoon on a baking pan.

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Here is another simple one to try out. This will be good for first-time cooks. What if you just want baked apples, but you don’t want all of the bells and whistles? This is the recipe for you. It goes back to the basics and is really flexible for anyone who wants to change things up for the recipe.

 You can use different kinds of apples to make this recipe work. The recipe suggests using Granny Smith, Rome Beauty, Honeycrisp, Braeburn, Jonagold and Jonathans, Pink Lady, Melrose, Winesap, Golden Delicious, Corland, and Gala. There is even a dairy-free butter that can be used if you are vegan.

5. Cinnamon Baked Apples

Cinnamon Baked Apple with honey and star anise.

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Here is another simple recipe you can try out. This one looks more like the classic baked apples that I am used to in the South. Just looking at it brings me back to my school days as a child. One bite of this and you will feel a wave of nostalgia wash over you.

The recipe says this is good for fall, but I believe you can have this treat any time of the year. Want to know what would go perfectly with this dish? A nice cool scoop of vanilla ice cream, that’s what. Thinking about that would make anyone’s mouth water.

6. Baked Apple Slices with Brown Sugar and Cinnamon

Baked Apple Slices with Brown Sugar and Cinnamon.

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This time, we have brown sugar added into the mix for our baked apples. Who doesn’t love a little brown sugar here and there? When any type of sugar is mixed with cinnamon, that just makes the spice that much sweeter.

One taste of this recipe and you will feel like you are living in the South during simpler times. This could make a nice dessert during the fall or on Halloween. This page even offers some nice suggestions for dishes that can go with your baked apple slices. Picture eating these with stuffed pork chops or a maple-glazed roasted turkey breast.

7. Perfect Baked Apples

Perfect Baked Apples and glass of juice.

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The title of this recipe should catch some eyes. How are you going to make baked apples perfect? By thinking outside of the box. You see, these baked apples are like little cups filled with oats, coconuts, nuts, and cinnamon.

You keep the apple tops as little lids. They look so cute in the picture. Just scoop out the apples and fill them right up. These are perfect for a kid’s party or any adult get-together in the fall. Maybe have a nice pumpkin or cinnamon cocktail with a twisty straw in the glass to go with them. They will be a hit.

8. Old-Fashioned Baked Apples

Old-Fashioned Baked Apples and a cup of tea.

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There is nothing wrong with going old school with baked apples. These apples are baked and hollowed out for your taste buds to enjoy. This one has apple jack brandy and apple cider. You can’t have too many apples in the recipe. (You are free to skip the brandy if you want.) 

These kinds of baked apples aren’t too hard to make either. When you cut these apples in half, the liquid in the center will leak out on the plate. It would even look better spilling out on a bowl of vanilla ice cream. You can even have these apples on Thanksgiving.

9. Bratapfeln

German Baked Apples with cinnamon.

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Baked apples aren’t the only thing that you can find in America. These are German baked apples. What is the difference? First, these apples are topped with a vanilla sauce made with milk, vanilla extract, eggs, and sugar.

Plus, these apples are filled with raisins and walnuts. You will feel like you are biting into a taste of Germany. The recipe page suggests that you can have these apples in the winter or the colder weather. With the vanilla sauce, I doubt that you will need any ice cream to go with it. Maybe go with some traditional German dishes instead.

10. Bloomin’ Baked Apples

Blooming Baked Apples on a baking sheet.

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It’s always good to put a twist on a classic dish. Baked apples are no exception. Think of the blooming onion at Outback Steak House— only with an apple and much sweeter. One look and you will want to start chowing down.

You just slice up the apple so that it falls open like a flower. Topping the apples with ice cream, caramel drizzle, and brown sugar will make this treat perfect. These bloomin’ baked apples will be perfect for a summer or fall party. With a glass of milk, you can sit back and enjoy the taste in your mouth.

11. Healthy Baked Apples

Healthy Baked Apple on the plate.

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Here is another healthy recipe for those who want to eat right but still want to indulge their sweet tooth. Why do you have to give up good taste just to be healthy? These would be perfect for breakfast or a holiday side dish. There are only four ingredients that you will need for this.

You can look at the nutrition values at the bottom of the page. There is plenty of vitamin A and other healthy minerals in these apples. The only thing sweet in these apples is brown sugar. You can eat these apples and not feel guilty afterward.

12. Butter-Cream Baked Apples

Butter-Cream Baked Apple with a cinnamon stick.

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What comes to mind when I say “buttercream”? Frosting? Cakes? Weddings? How about baked apples? That might sound strange on the surface. Here me out with this one. There are only four steps that you have to complete to make this interesting treat.

There are six ingredients that you will need to cook this recipe. Will you feel like you are eating a slice of cake when you bite into these apples? You are going to have to try and take a bite to find out. And you might have a new favorite sweet taste. Your fork might want to sink in for a second bite.

13. Crispy-Topped Baked Apples

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Have you ever wanted to taste an apple cobbler without the crust? Here is your chance with this recipe. These apples looked like a mini apple cobbler on your plate. One bite and you will think that Heaven is dancing in your mouth. 

There are many ingredients but there are five steps to complete this recipe. Looking at these apples makes me think of an old-timed party in the middle of summer. Maybe you could have this on independence day. I think you can have this with a tall glass of milk or some fresh-squeezed lemonade. You can even have some apple cider with these crispy-topped apples.

14. Baked Apples with Walnuts

Baked Apples with Walnuts on a plate.

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People seem to like adding nuts to their baked apples. It is not hard to see why. Just like cinnamon, it just makes sense to add nuts to apples. Now, this is only for people who don’t have any nut allergies. Everyone else can indulge in these apples.

This recipe has nine ingredients and four steps to make this interesting treat. The selling points of these apples are the walnuts and the raisins. With some apple cider, you are going to have a party in your mouth. The walnuts might not be bold, but they will keep these baked apples from being too boring.

15. Air Fryer Baked Apples

Air Fryer Baked Apples on a chop board.

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The air fryer is slowly taking over the kitchen in the cooking world. It is easy to see why. An air fryer makes cooking so much easier. There isn’t that much cleaning that needs to be done either. You can almost cook anything and everything in an air fryer. 

That includes baked apples. Yes, you can make baked apples in an air fryer. You just need the usual ingredients: apples, oats, raisins, brown sugar, walnuts, cinnamon, butter, and other ingredients. Just mix up everything and pop the apples into the air fryer. When they are done, you can take them out and eat them.

16. Baked Apples Stuffed with Nuts and Cranberries

Baked Apples Stuffed with Nuts and Cranberries.

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Let’s experience the taste of fall in our mouths. This recipe will be the answer to that. How would you like some baked apples with nuts and cranberries? This recipe answers the question of what if you can capture fall and put it in an item of food.

It will take many ingredients and steps to make this, but it will all be worth it. These apples would be a perfect centerpiece for a Thanksgiving dinner or a treat on Halloween. There’s nothing like a tall glass of milk to chase it down. These baked apples will make you forget all about apple pie.

17. Delicious Loaded Baked Apples

Delicious Loaded Baked Apples with ice-cream.

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What comes to mind when I say “loaded”? Baked apples with so many ingredients that you might not be able to fill your mouth with food. Well, there are only five ingredients in this recipe. However, you will be using big apples with this recipe.

Plus, you are going to go all out with the sweetness of cinnamon, brown sugar, and cool whip. This would be perfect with vanilla ice cream on a nice summer or autumn day. Now that I think of it, I see why it is called “loaded”. This recipe is loaded with nothing but sweetness for your sweet tooth.

18. Slow-Cooked Baked Apples

Slow-Cooked Baked Apples with walnuts and cinnamon.

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How do you make slow-cooked baked apples? This recipe will show you how to use a good old crockpot. You will be using a crockpot for these apples. You know something? The crock pot doesn’t get enough credit for cooking.

There are many things that can only be cooked with the said crockpot. Baked apples are surprisingly one of them. Plus, there is another little twist to this recipe. Instead of vanilla, you will be using caramel ice cream for a topping. This is good for those who are sick of being recommended to use vanilla as a topping.

19. Muesli-Stuffed Baked Apples

Muesli-Stuffed Baked Apples with star anise.

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What is muesli? They are just sugar-coated oats. That’s right. This is just a twist on classic oats. These can either be purchased or homemade. Those adventurous in cooking will love to make these apples. This will only take you five ingredients and five steps to cook. 

You will find that these apples are easier to make. This recipe suggests that you can have these apples as a nice little breakfast treat. It is also suggested that you can mix in some dried fruit of your choice. Think of this as apple pie for breakfast– only smaller and much more fulfilling.

20. Baked Apples with Caramel Sauce

Baked Apples with Caramel Sauce and cinnamon.

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Here is another friend that goes well with apples. I have noticed that three things go with apples: cinnamon, nuts, and caramel. Caramel lovers are going to enjoy having their baked apples dripping in caramel sauce with some whipped cream on top.

Just the thought makes my mouth water with delight. Add figs, heavy cream, and almonds and you have a party on your plate. This will take you seven ingredients and four steps to make. This recipe suggests that you can top these apples with cinnamon, whipped cream, or creme fraiche. (The latter you can get fancy with for a dinner party.) 

21. Magic Caramel Self Saucing Baked Apples

Magic Caramel Self Saucing Baked Apples.

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Here is another baked apple recipe with caramel on top. You can never go wrong with apples and caramel. In forty minutes, you will have one of the best apple treats in your life. You have to create the caramel sauce with the apples.

The recipe suggests making things more interesting with salted caramel. That actually sounds even better. You pour on the caramel sauce and magic happens as the recipe says. Do you want to mix in something cool with the heat of the caramel and apples? Add some ice cream with these apples and you will have heaven dancing in your mouth.

22. Crockpot Baked Apples

Crockpot Baked Apples on a chop board.

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Here is another recipe where you cook baked apples with a crockpot. Sometimes, cooking with the oven takes up too much work and heat. This seems to have a Southern spin on it according to the page. Dried cranberries or raisins, brown sugar, cinnamon, allspice, and nuts are the driving flavors to make this recipe so special.

One bite of these and you will be lost in a dream of the old simple South. The recipe suggests adding ice cream or whipped cream to make the experience that much more worth it. Guests will love these apples if they are served at parties.

23. Microwave Baked Apples

Microwave Baked Apples with chocolate sauce.

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Yes, you can make baked apples in the microwave. Sometimes, it’s too hot and complicated to use the oven. You might not know how to use a crockpot or just don’t have one. You can just pop these apples into the microwave and cook away.

This recipe will show you how to. This one takes four ingredients and six minutes to cook. It is so easy that a child can make this. In six steps, your quick and easy treat will be ready. The trick is to keep the apples from falling over. You don’t want to have to deal with a mess while cooking.