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Orange living rooms aren’t terribly popular, but if you like bright, orange works. The key to decorating your living room with orange is to use restraint. In our collection of living rooms with orange below, you’ll see examples of orange gone wild as well as very nicely designed living rooms with a touch of orange. […]

Not everyone can acquire the services of Interior Designing Hall of Fame inductees Calvin Tsao and Zack McKown. Tsao and McKown Architects won’t design just any house; they have specifically stated that they would rather design a home than anything else. The difference between a house and a home is quite simple. Anyone can live […]

See the rest of the above home here. Designed by Vertex Project Management If you are thinking of updating your living room with white furniture,you’ll want to consider white’s upsides and downsides pretty carefully before making the investment. White is pure, no question about that, and it does reflect a positive, bright atmosphere. In practical […]

Have you been to any places somewhere in Asia? Perhaps many of you are from there or have taken a vacation for quite some time in China, Japan or Korea. Don’t you know that many have been fascinated with the uniqueness and the coolness of Asian designs? Some of which have been incorporated with so […]

Based in Alberta, Canada, home designer Deana Lewis has been stunning everyone with her amazing and timeless designs. The house you see in this article is another example of how amazing she is at what she does. Let’s start off by comparing contemporary design with modern design. Well for starters, modern designs have more stark […]

Contemporary design is recognized in its own distinct difference, though it may have been characterized closely with other influences like modern and traditional designs. It stands out on its own uniqueness through delivering those influences into aesthetically altered designs like minimizing broad and crooked lines and forms into simpler and plane surface. These are key […]

Architects and designers are quite challenged when it comes to working with a yacht since this offers them strict constraints when it comes to the overall vessel buoyancy. Hence, their vision should not just be left alone with structure, innovative design, presentation and comfort, which clients have required. Together with the latest technology, carbon fiber […]

Why is it important to have a great looking living room? Is it because it is where we commonly accommodate guests? Accept visitors? Or take some quality time discussing any and all aspects of life with family members? Whatever way you utilize your living room, it is always important that you are keen into planning and […]

As we all know, perennial plants are those that bloom perfectly during their growth seasons in spring or summer and would wilt to dormancy during winter. However, these plants will most likely sprout back to life during their active seasons through their rootstocks and these types are known as herbaceous perennials. What’s nice about perennial plants […]

We spent many hours pouring through 100’s of mansions in the USA to come up with this collection of mansion living rooms. During our search, one thing that surprised us was that many mansions we looked at didn’t have all that grand or great of living rooms. These houses are enormous, stately and had gorgeous […]

All plants need sunlight to grow but not all of them love sunlight as much as others. Some of them are known as perennials plants and flowers. They are called perennials because they grow and blossom during spring and summer seasons but start to wilt and die on autumn and winter seasons. They sprout back […]

A century old structure turns into an explicitly magnificent overhauled dwelling in Barcelona’s Eixample District. With all the interior arrangements redeveloped, a more functional and ornate form was crafted – better than its original structure. The old construction of the house is still preserved though. The chamfered façade has put this into one of the […]

Some gardeners like color symmetry, incorporating 1, 2 or maybe 3 colors. Other gardeners like to make their gardens POP in all colors. This gallery is for those of you who love to create a color explosion much like a Monet painting. A French painter, Oscar-Claude Monet, who was one of the founders of the […]

Welcome to our collection of shingle-style homes.  Shingle style homes are popular in some pockets of the USA.  The shingle exterior can be applied to many design styles. For example, above is a Victorian style home (source) with a shingle exterior. Shingle style homes were designed to resemble the colonial homes shingled exterior and size. […]

If you enjoy gardening, you should certainly know how you can protect yourself when doing so. Now that the weather is nice outdoors, you probably can’t wait to dig your hands into the soil, but wait! There are some precautions you should take while gardening this year. One of the things you should be aware […]

We recently purchased a small propane-fueled fire pit.  We went with a small portable version for camping so we can have fires during wood-fire burning bans. However, if you wish to enjoy a fire pit in your backyard and want an easy-start, non-smoke emitting option, propane-fueled patio fire pits are an ideal solution. In fact, […]

After your home is constructed and you have selected your furnishings, it is time to make its interior walls personal with the use of various paint colors that would highlight the mood or style you want. However, given the spectrum of colors available for people to choose from, it may be difficult to select one […]

Planting purple flowers in your garden can add rich thematic colors. Many gardeners combine their purple flowers with different shades of purple or other hues to come up with new garden designs. Most of these purple flowers come with thick green leafy foliage as well that provide color throughout the season. Most purple flowers can […]

Your home’s garage storage is an important room in the house especially if you live in a small one. When there’s limited space, a carefully designed garage can go a long way in storing large, infrequently used items, outdoor equipment, seasonal items, and just about everything else you want to keep hidden until you’ll need […]

A garden path is an aisle that leads you towards a beautiful flowery end, where the sight of blossoms and soul soothing floral aroma awaits you. Isn’t it wonderful? However, to fully achieve this kind of experience, it should begin with an enticing path that walks you through a garden and/or your yard. Hence, you will […]

How wold you describe your bathroom decoration and design? Is it still according to what you want? Is it still on trend or perhaps it has already turned shabby and old? We are now living in a modern era and everything goes in style. Even a simple bathroom can be transformed into the most innovative and […]

Welcome to our mini gallery featuring some of the most enticing hydrangea flower pot and planter arrangements we have found for 2016. Please remember that we wanted to publish a variety of hydrangea arrangements from a multitude of photographs so some of the arrangements we have selected for this list may not be to your […]

The above awesome dining room is designed by Marmol Radziner. Welcome! Below are the following best 25 dining room designs to provide you with inspiration for improving your own dining room. The dining room should be one of the happiest and the most pleasurable rooms of our home. This is where our entire family gathers and dines for a […]

Turning your backyard into an outdoor garden can be a lot of fun, especially if you apply the right landscaping design suitable to your chosen plants. Outdoor gardens often mean having wide enough available space so you can plant pine trees, bamboo plants, or fire trees to serve as backdrop to an exclusive environment. You […]

While the backyard is for you, the front yard is often made beautiful for neighbors and the public generally. Gardeners have a real advantage when it comes to making a welcoming home because at least 50% of a home’s curb appeal is the front yard gardens. Consider this incredible photo gallery of front yard garden […]

Welcome! We have included below some ideas of the most brilliant outdoor steps with flower planters and pots, which you can use for inspiration at your own home. This will guide you in making your outdoor area more of a lively, welcoming go-between. Remember, your outdoors will be one of the first things people will notice and […]

Turning green has become so trendy nowadays especially with hot issues about climate change and saving our environment. Meanwhile, being creative and stylish has never been out of style. This makes turning old shoes and worn out boots into planters such a cool concept. There are oodles of things we can get out of this […]