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20 of the Best Apple Pie Recipes (All Types)

Apple Pie Recipes with powdered sugar.

Few things are as classic as apple pie. Of course, just because you have a tried and true recipe you’ve been using for years does not mean that you don’t want to step up your game a bit. These are excellent apple pie recipes you might consider adding to your recipe repertoire this year.

1. This Recipe Is really as “Easy as Pie”

Apple pie on a baking pan and fresh apple.

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You’re going to love this flaky pie crust, which delivers a rustic and traditional flavor. Even if you are afraid to create your own pie crust, you will find that this crust is so simple. If you have basic cooking skills, you’ll be able to whip this up in less than two hours.

In fact, the crust only has four ingredients, and one of them is water! If you’ve got three pounds of apples suitable for cooking, you’ve got what you need to create this traditionally delicious apple pie.

2. Biscuits and Apples? It’s a No-Brainer

A bowl of baked apple pie.

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If you’re making biscuits, you’ve already made a great decision. If you’re adding apples, you’re golden. This skillet apple pie uses chunks of apples, seasonings, and even sweet icing to create a dish so tasty you won’t know if it is breakfast or dessert.

While this recipe requires more steps than some traditional pies, you can totally buy your own apple pie filling rather than make your own. You can also buy pre-made biscuit dough if you are a new baker.

3. Do You Love Crunchy Pies? This Is Your New Favorite

Bowl of crunchy apple pie.

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If you’re anything like my family, your favorite part of the apple pie is the crust. That’s why the crumb topping on this pie is one of our favorites.  You can easily make this recipe from scratch in just over one hour, but you can also use a pre-made bottom crust and buy apple pie filling if you are baking in a pinch.

Either way, this pie is deliciously smothered in sugar and cinnamon. This is simply a combination you won’t beat.

4. Hand Pies Make Sure There’s Enough for Everybody

Stuffed apple pie on a plate and a fork.

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Hand pies are a great choice when you want to ensure that there is a serving of pie for each person at your family gathering. Hand pies are also a great on-the-go breakfast food if you have a sweet tooth in the morning.

What makes these pies especially delicious is that they are fried in butter, which gives the crust a bit of an extra crisp. Again, don’t feel like you have to make the entire pie from scratch. A premade, refrigerated crust will do just fine with this recipe.

5. This Is the Prettiest Pie on the Block

Apple pie with flower design.

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Now, if you want to make sure that you have the most beautiful pie at the family potluck, you’ve got to take a look at this one. This caramel rose apple pie gets its name from the layering of the apples to look like a pie. It’s no wonder that it is so popular, especially considering that it requires just eight ingredients.

The biggest challenge with this recipe will be slicing them very thin apple pieces to create the petals of the rose. You’ve got this!

6. Cumin Is a Surprisingly Good Addition to an Apple Pie

Crusty apple pie on a cloth and slices of apples.

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If you’ve never added cumin to your apple pie, you might be skeptical about your recipe. Don’t be! Cumin is a great addition to this glazed pie. The savory cumin seeds pair well with the classic Granny Smith apples and their tartness.

The filling on top of the pie is going to add a bit of sweetness to the pie, which will be great when served after dinner. Don’t be afraid to try this pie, even if you are unfamiliar with cumin as a dessert ingredient.

7. Cream Pie & Apples Are an Unlikely (But Delish) Combination

Apple pie small cake with cinnamon.

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This caramel apple cream pie mixes the best of two worlds. While this pie takes over two hours to set, you don’t have to bake anything. The challenge with this recipe is to whip the ingredients to create stiff peaks that make up the delicious interior of the pie.

Once you layer all the ingredients accordingly, it’s a dish that really delivers. While this pie is reminiscent of fall, the flavors are great for an event no matter the time of the year.

8. Yes, This Pie Takes Hours to Make! Yes, It’s Worth It!

Baked apple pie with caramel glaze.

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Sure, you’re going to spend six hours making this pie, but it’s also going to be totally worth it. This salted caramel apple pie is a deep-dish pie, which means it is completely indulgent and full of tasty ingredients. The filling is truly unique, including Granny Smith apples as well as Honeycrisp apples.

You’ll also make your own apple cider syrup as well as a tasty salted caramel topping. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you cut into the pie and see all your handiwork in delicious detail.

9. If You Love Caramel, This Is Perfect

Apple pie with caramel syrup and cup of tea.

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It’s not easy to fall in love, but this pie is deceptively lovable. Ree Drummond’s caramel apple pie is pretty simple and takes less than two and a half hours to bake and chill. One thing that sets this recipe apart from others is the spice pie crust.

This means that the flavor is not all in the filling. You’ll taste hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and more in the crust. The crumb topping is also quite tasty thanks to quick oats, pecans, brown sugar, and caramel topping. We love this one!

10. Want to Stick to Your Paleo Diet? It’s Totally Possible!

Baked apple pie on a pan and apple slices.

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If you are dedicated to a paleo diet, this apple pie snickerdoodle skillet cookie is perfect. It’s essentially a skillet pie, and you can make sure it’s perfectly crispy. This dessert is as healthy as can be, but it’s also gluten-free, dairy-free, and free of refined sugars.

The apple topping requires just a few ingredients: apples, coconut oil, nut milk, coconut palm sugar, lemon juice, and apple pie spice. It’s super easy and so tasty!

11. Salted Caramel Isn’t Just for Coffee

Apple pie with Salted Caramel on an aluminum plate.

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While many people put salted caramel on top of their coffee, you may be surprised at just how well it works with apple pie filling. This pie takes itself seriously, thanks to the blend of sweet and tart apples. Fill your pie with Granny Smith and Golden Delicious apples for the perfect combination of flavors.

Tight layers of apples help create a classic flavor, but you’ll also love the way the crust drapes over them to create a crunchy and crisp topping. Your biggest struggle? Let the pie cool down for three hours before you dig in.

12. When in Doubt, Make Caramel Apple Pie Bars

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We love to serve apple pie bars for the holidays because they are so easy to make in bulk. These bars are a great treat on their own, thanks to the sweet and tart apples and spicy flavors. Bars come together more quickly than some of the pies on this list, which makes them a great treat to make in a pinch.

You’ll make three layers for these bars: shortbread crust, apple pie filling, and streusel topping. Amazing flavors on every level!

13. This Open-Face Apple Pie Is Beautiful

Open-Face Apple Pie with cinnamon and star anise.

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Here’s another beautiful rose-shaped apple pie for your consideration. The layering of these apple petals is about so much more than aesthetics. In fact, this layering technique allows the fruit to caramelize and bake evenly, creating a pie with a consistent texture.

You’ll get great results if you thinly slice the apple pieces, and you can also get more flavor with apricot preserves and unsalted butter. It’s so tasty, but the look of the pie will make you look twice before you dig in.

14. Turn Your Cinnamon Rolls into a Tasty Apple Treat

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I love to make cinnamon rolls for breakfast in the morning, but I rarely think about adding apples. This recipe might take a little longer than your usual cinnamon roll recipe, but it’s well worth your time. This pie crust is a literal cinnamon roll exterior, but the inside is an apple pie filling.

I know this one looks complex, but it’s actually easier than it looks. If you know how to make apple pie and you know how to make cinnamon rolls, you can pull it off.

15. Apples + Pecans + Maple = Paradise

Apple pie with pecans on a wooden background.

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These apple pie bars are unique for their tasty maple and pecan flavors. When a recipe writer says that one of their recipes nearly made them cry, I listen. Could these apple pie bars really be that good? Definitely.

Just look at these bars, which come in three layers: crust, filling, and glaze. A combination of sweet and tart apples will help you achieve that perfect consistency and flavor. Don’t forget the pecans for an added crunch.

16. Wait, Apple Pie Taquitos Are on the Table?

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Who would have thought that you could turn an apple pie into a taquito? It’s not unheard of. In fact, this recipe proves that apple pie taquitos are officially delicious. Best of all, there is no need to make a crust or bread here.

All you need to do is use a medium flour tortilla and fill it. You’ll bake the dish in the oven, which means you don’t even have to deep fry these treats. Seriously, this is one of the easiest apple pie desserts you’ll ever put together.

17. Apple Pie and Grapes? Sign Me Up

Crusty apple pie with grapes and a cup of tea.

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If you already love apple pie, why wouldn’t you try different iterations with other fruits? In addition to using tart apples, you’ll also use red or black grapes. The grapes will tone down some of the tartness of the apples, creating a very sweet filling.

This recipe is highly recommended to eat alongside vanilla ice cream, though it will be so hard not to just dig right into the pie pan with a fork.

18. Here’s an Apple Pie for the Chocolate Lovers in the House

Snickers Pie on a cake stand and a cup of tea.

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Let’s face it: it’s hard to impress chocolate lovers with an apple pie. This pie is so great because it’s a no-bake pie complete with Snickers bars, apples, caramel, and a whipped topping. In just 15 minutes, you’ve completely prepped this dessert.

With fewer than 10 ingredients, you can create this refreshing dessert. Layers of Snickers and apples make this treat so perfect for anybody looking for an interesting and fresh combination.

19. You Won’t Believe This Bacon-Topped Apple Pie

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Look, it’s no secret that bacon goes with everything. It is a no-brainer that bacon and apples go together so well. Both are sweet but offer different textures. Best of all, you don’t have to make a pie crust from scratch, and you can use pre-cooked bacon as well. The tartness of the Granny Smith apples will actually make the bacon flavor stand out. Just look at those gorgeous pictures!

20. A Mile-High Apple Pie Worth the Indulgence

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Some of us love filling more than the crust, and it’s no surprise that there is a pie out there that’s mostly filling. That’s how this mile-high apple pie came to be. The pictures show just how tall this pie is, with layer upon layer of apple slices. It’s warm and toasty, and the crust is really just there as a formality.