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31 Scrumptious Apple Dessert Recipes (All Types)

Apples are already delicious on their own. But as one of the most versatile fruits, it can be made into a variety of dishes and desserts that highlight its subtle sweetness and crunch. 

It’s one of the things I love about them (both green and red apples), they could be made into many different things, or they can be eaten as is. There are so many recipes out there for apple desserts that you can go for a whole month creating a dessert for each day.

If you are indeed trying to create an apple dessert a day, or you just want to keep a list for when it comes in handy, here are several apple dessert recipes you definitely must try!

1. Apple Caramel Cobbler: From a carnival treat to a kitchen favorite!

bowl of apple crisp topped with scoop of vanilla ice cream with caramel dripping with cinnamon sticks and blueberries and apple on background

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Apple caramels are already a great dessert albeit they are more of a carnival food. Either way, they’re already a great way to end a meal. But we want to level things up, and we’re doing it with an apple caramel cobbler complete with a scoop of vanilla ice cream! Surely, no one would say no to this gooey and tasty dessert.

2. A healthy snack for kids and kids at heart: air-fried apple fries

plates of air fried apple slices with sugar and three pieces of apples on white marble table

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Air-frying is much healthier than deep frying. But we typically hear of air-fried potatoes. However, this recipe will turn apples into another version of crunchy and sweet. Plus, did we say it’s healthy? This is basically a snack, but it’s also a great dessert for simple days when you just want a little extra after a meal (also, I know I’m not the only one who snacks on desserts). 

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3. Apple pie with crumb toppings is a new twist to a classic

overhead shot of apple pie crumb with apples on the side on top of wooden table

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Although we love classics, we also love turning things up. So, instead of the traditional apple pie (which is also one of the most popular pie desserts), we’re making it a little extra with a crumb topping. It gives the pie a little extra crunch. You may even add a scoop of vanilla ice cream, too!

4. How to make apple slices better: baked with no sugar

overhead shot of baked apple slices with spoon and fork and cinnamon sticks on the side

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Kids can easily get tired of the same things, such as apple slices. But you can make it slightly better by baking it. You don’t need sugar since apples are already sweet, but you can use honey to increase their sweetness. But, to make the slices taste better, you can add spices like cinnamon and star anise.

5. Fried apple hand pies for when you’re craving the McDonald’s version (but it’s better!)

close up of fried apple hand pie opened with white background

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Truth be told, I’m not a fan of the McDonald’s apple pies (probably the only thing I don’t like in their menu). But I’m not all people, and there are definitely those who love them. If you’re one of them, you don’t have to run to a McDonald’s every time you’re craving for one. This recipe is just like that, but better!

6. Quick and easy apple cider cookies for the perfect treat!

three apple cider cookies on long wooden plate with sticks of cinnamon and glass bottle of apple cider on the side

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Cookies are the perfect treats. You get one after a lunch or a dinner meal, and you’ll find yourself satisfied. If you feel the same way, then surely these apple cider cookies will hit the right spot. Plus, it’s a great from-scratch treat as you most likely have everything you need in the pantry.

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7. You don’t have to be British to enjoy these apple cinnamon scones

pieces of apple cinnamon scones with cinnamon stick and star anise on wooden board

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Scones are to British as biscuits are to Americans. But you don’t have to be British or live in the UK to enjoy these apple cinnamon scones. You just have to have time to bake them and just have the room in your stomach to gulf them down after your meal or just as a snack (or maybe during tea time).

8. We always need a classic: apple cobbler with crumbs

apple cobbler with crumb topping and slices of apple on white deep dish

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Apple cobblers have been here way before the internet, so it would be a disrespect not to add it. There’s no doubt that it does belong in this list, especially as it’s a fan favorite in many households, particularly during fall evenings.

9. Easy apple crisps for a quick, satisfying dessert

apple crisps with ice cream scoop on white bowl on top of table with plate of cookies on the background

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This recipe was derived from peach crisps, but it turns out that apple crisps were better. Still, it would depend on your choice, but this dessert is definitely mouthwatering and a great way to end every meal. It’s crispy and sweet, and you can even partner it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

10. No, you also don’t have to be French to enjoy French apple cakes

french apple cake on pink deep dish with apples on background atop wooden table

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If you like apples and you like rum cakes, then this French apple cake would become your ultimate favorite. It’s indeed a French recipe and not just something French in the name. When perfectly made, you get sweet chunks of apples in buttery rum cake. It’s simple but an incredibly satisfying dessert.

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11. This walnut apple dessert looks complicated, but it’s not

walnut apple cake on white plate with a piece on top of the cake and a sliced green apple on the background

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It’s rather hard to believe that this walnut apple cobbler only needs a few items and can be done in just a few steps. It looks so scrumptious that you would think it needs so many ingredients and would take multiple steps. But alas! It’s very simple to make a fruity, nutty dessert you would most likely serve often.

12. Cinnamon baked apples over apple pies? Maybe.

tray filled with baked apples filled with cinnamon crisp and star anise

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Apple pie may be extremely populaoverhead shot of peach and apple crisps on bowl topped with ice creamr, but soon enough, it could be set aside with cinnamon-baked apples getting its spot. Baking the apples gives it a warm sweetness while still retaining some of its crunches. But that’s where the cinnamon crisp topping comes in: to give more crispiness and flavor to this dessert!

13. Two fruity favorites in one: apple and pear crisps


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Apples and pears are like cousins. They almost have the same shape, crunch, and watery texture. But they have distinct tastes that still complement each other. It’s no wonder this apple and pear crisp is becoming a favorite among fruit lovers. Both fruits end up giving the crisps a fruity sweetness that goes well with cinnamon and butter.

14. A complex apple dessert with Tarte Tatin, parfait, and sorbet–all in one!

small glass of apple parfait with two dessert spoons and cinnamon sticks on the side and apples on the background

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This apple dessert is definitely not for the faint of heart, and probably not for the moments where you don’t have enough time. You’ll be practically creating three types of apple dessert and some gingerbread to create this masterpiece. But for sure, it’s a winning dessert that everybody will be talking about!

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15. Dessert calls for creamy, cheesecake with apple pie filling!

apple cheesecake with walnuts, apple and caramel dripping on the side with a piece taken

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Desserts are either creamy, sugary, or both–and you might get that with this recipe. It’s practically a cheesecake with a crushed graham crust, apple pie filling, and topped with nuts and cinnamon. This should be a great choice if you have leftover apple pie filling and you think apple pie is a little overrated by now.

16. A Swedish apple treat that is best served with sweetened cream

swedish apple dessert on brown deep dish with cinnamon sticks on the side and green apple peel on the side

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This Swedish apple dessert really just needs several ingredients, and they are very familiar so you won’t have to find any Swedish stores to get what you need. The steps are also easy, so it should be an easy dessert treat, especially for those who are familiar with their way around the kitchen. And the best part? You get to serve it with either sweetened cream or a scoop of ice cream! Now that’s a dessert!

17. Quick and easy microwaved apple crisps (perfect for one!)

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There are days when you just want an apple crisp but don’t have the energy for all those steps–and for those days, this microwaved apple crisp should be the perfect recipe. Plus, it works well for one person only, so it’s the best treat for your Me Days.

18. An alternative to apple pie: salted caramel apple pie bars

side shot of salted caramel apple bars stacked on top of each other with green apples on the sides


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Yes, apple pies are absolutely delectable. But there are just times that you’ll be looking for something that has the same deliciousness but is not an apple pie. And for that, we have the answer: salted caramel apple pie bars made from spiced apple pie filling and shortbread crust. It’s as yummy without the extra steps!

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19. An upside-down twist to the well-loved apple pie with the same familiar taste!

upside down apple pie on round plate on top of wooden table with blue cloth surrounding it

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Adding a little twist to the classic apple pie we all love is one way to make it seem like you have a new trick up your sleeve. But it still has the same familiar taste, save for a new addition: a crunchy, sugary pecan pie topping for an additional complexity of texture and flavor!

20. For people who love apples, icebox cakes, and gingersnaps

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Icebox cakes are on my list of top-tier desserts, and if you’re like me, then you’ll love this caramel apple gingersnap icebox cake recipe. It’s extremely easy to make but it’s so delicious that you’ll want to make this for every special occasion. 

21. The classic apple pie, but make it aesthetic 

rose apple pie on top of wooden board with forks and ingredients on the side

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Of course, a list of apple dessert recipes won’t be complete without one for apple pie. It’s perhaps the most popular of all apple desserts, and it’s a fan favorite. But to make it even more fun, this is a recipe for a rose caramel apple pie, meaning you arrange the topping so that it looks like a rose. It’s yummy and aesthetically pleasing, so what more can you ask for?

22. More apple cheesecake goodness for the fans

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If you loved the apple cheesecake recipe, then you can try these caramel apple cheesecake bars. This works if you’re hosting a party and need more of that apple cheesecake goodness. You’ll love the flaky crust, the creamy cheesecake filling, tender sweet apples, and of course, the salty sweetness of caramel.

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23. Apple crostata: an Italian dessert to showcase your fresh apple picks

overhead shot of apple crostata in wooden table with pieces of apple on top of table

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Freshly-picked apples are the best choices for making any apple-based dessert, and the best way to showcase them? An apple crostata. It’s an Italian open-faced, free-form apple pie. Bake it into perfection and serve to your guests warm for a hearty, sweet dessert.

24. Hasselback for dessert? This apple version sure is!

close up of hasselback apple on white bowl with whipped cream topping and white and yellow table cover

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We all know Hasselback potatoes, and they are absolutely delicious as side dishes, making them a staple. But Hasselback for dessert? This version calls for an apple, and not just any ordinary ones. You’ll also need cinnamon, sugar, and butter in between every thin slice and top it off with (you guessed it!) a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

25. Easy and healthy finger food for dessert: how to make apple taquitos

bowl of taquitos with lettuce garnish on white bowl

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We’re all familiar with savory chicken taquitos, but this version is the complete opposite: it’s sweet. Instead of protein, this recipe calls for apple pie filling. Of course, you’ll also need other ingredients like cinnamon and sugar to make this additionally sweet, woody, and with a hint of spice. It’s a crispy sweet treat for your family and friends!

26. Impress your guests with this invisible apple cake

invisible apple cake on square white plate with slice on round plate on the side

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If there’s one word to describe this dessert, it should be “impressive.” Not only does it taste good with its thin slices of sweet and crunchy apple and sweet custard-like batter, but it also looks impressive. It practically looks like crepe cake with each layer held together with just enough cake batter. It’s an Instagram-worthy dessert!

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27. Apple crisp: No oats, no problem!

apple crisp on with no oats on green and white deep dish with portion taken with wooden ladle

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We all just want to sometimes eat in front of the TV after a nice, hearty dinner, with some delicious apple crisps. But, sometimes, we don’t have all the ingredients, especially the oats, which is a rather big part of the traditional recipe. But don’t fret. You can actually make apple crisps without oats, and it’s still as delicious as the one with the complete ingredients.

28. New England tradition: It should be apples and cheese

apple and cheddar cheese galette on brown paper on grill atop wooden table

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If you’re from New England, this recipe would make so much sense. In fact, it’s tradition. But if you’re like us outsiders, this would be a rather surprising combo. Apples and cheddar cheese in a pie seem alien, but it’s a really great dessert with a rather complex flavor profile from sweet to tart to salty and sharp. It’s everything you’ll ever need.

29. Crispy, flaky, sweet apple strudels for a filling dessert

close up of apple cinnamon raisin strudel with whipped cream on top and blurred fairy lights

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This apple, cinnamon, and raisin strudel is the perfect mix of sweetness and woodiness surrounded by the flaky, buttery, and crispy puff pastry. It’s a dessert that could turn into an afternoon snack or if you want something sweet for breakfast.

30. You deserve this creamy, frozen apple crunch cake 

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A spoonful of this frozen, creamy apple pie ice cream sandwiched between crunchy crushed granola is enough to keep you chill during those hot days. It’s a treat best reserved for weekends and busy days because you definitely deserve it!

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31. Another frozen apple dessert to end the list

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This frozen apple dessert recipe is often made for hot sunny days, but who cares whenever you want to make it because it’s the type of treat you’ll want to have again and again. This lemony apple and basil frozen gelato have a very complex layer of flavors, from sweet to tangy to savory to nutty. It’s a simple dessert but it’s the perfect way to end this list!