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20 Awesome Apple Cookie Recipes (All Types)

Glazed Apple Cookie on a plate.

If you love cookies, you may have felt like you tried it all. Even if you have tried many different cookies, you probably haven’t baked a batch of cookies. When things are getting stale, you can keep coming up with delicious cookie recipes. Here are some of our favorite apple cookies.

1. Apple Cider Cookies Are a Breeze to Bake

Apple Cider Cookies with cinnamon.

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Are you up late at night looking for the perfect cookie to fulfill a midnight craving? These cookies are so simple to whip up, and they do not require many ingredients. You’ll only need one small apple, and the real power is in the apple cider taste.

The way the apple color pairs with the brown sugar and nutmeg is absolutely perfect. Make sure you chop those apples into small bits so that you get a bit of flavor in each bite.

2. Apple Butter Cookies Are a Party in Your Mouth

Apple Butter Cookies on a plate.

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If you love the silky texture of apple butter and you can’t get enough of it each autumn, these cookies are perfect. We love how soft and chewy these cookies are, and the scent of these cookies in the oven is heavenly. When you eat these, you’ll almost feel like you’re eating a snickerdoodle cookie with a bit of an apple jolt.

It’s the perfect cookie for a day when you want to feel a bit warmer.

3. Betty Crocker Gets It Right Once Again

Apple cookies in a box and a glass of juice.

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If you fell in love with Betty Crocker as a child, you will love bringing back that original flavor in a new way. The cookies are an instant classic, and they only take 20 minutes to cook. They’re a little bit tart, complete with warm spices and more.

You’ll love the hint of fresh apples baked into the sweet brown sugar flavor. The good thing about this recipe is that you can still add other fruits, like pears and bananas, to enhance the flavor.

4. These Apple & Oatmeal Cookies Are a Throwback

Apple oatmeal cookie on a plate and green apple.

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If you are looking for a throwback, these cookies are the ticket. These cookies are almost like a soft cake when you take a bite, but the edges are just crispy enough to make you feel cozy. The cinnamon flavor is also divine, warming up the room on a cool autumn day.

This recipe recommends Granny Smith apples, which are toned down a bit by the brown sugar and vanilla extract. Don’t forget a squeeze of lemon to keep those apples fresh!

5. Add Glaze for an Extra Sweet Kick

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If you love a sweet glaze on top of your apple cookies, these are perfect. One thing that sets this recipe apart is the fact that it uses shortening instead of butter. You’ll also use walnuts and raisins to create more texture in your cookies.

The glaze on top is super easy to make, but you’ll get the best results if you spread it over the cookies when they are still warm. An excellent tip from the reviews calls for grating the apples rather than chopping them.

6. Apple Pie in Cookie Form? Yes, Please!

Apple Pie cookies with cinnamon and dried apples.

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Have you been looking for a cookie that offers a flaky texture? Do you want a cookie that tastes like home? This cookie is perfect. These cookies are crispy like snickerdoodles, all the while offering a fluffy consistency.

Grate your apples for a moist texture after baking, but you can also dice the apples if you want your cookies to be a bit chunky. You can also use apple pie spice or caramel based on your preference for sweetness. So tasty!

7. You’ve Never Tried a Cookie Like This Before

Apple cookie on a baking sheet.

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Meet your new favorite cookie: the appledoodle. This cookie is different from the others because it’s got pudding mix in the batter, creating a soft and fluffy texture. The outer coating of cinnamon and sugar is super crispy.

In a matter of 10 minutes, you’ll have cookies that are nearly ready to eat. The addition of white chocolate chips will add a little bit of sweetness to each bite.

8. Cream Cheese Frosting Is the Real Deal

Apple cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting.

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Are you looking for the perfect cookie to bring to the family potluck? These cookies combine apples and cinnamon to create a delicious flavor. You’ll also love this cream cheese frosting, which is almost reminiscent of a carrot cake.

You’ll get the best results from a green tart apple rather than a Red Delicious apple, but the taste will mellow out with the other flavors. You’ll also get great results from using ingredients that are all room temperature.

9. Browned Butter Brings These Cookies to Life

Butter apple cookies on a baking sheet.

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If you’ve got a butter craving, you aren’t the only one. These cookies are full of browned butter, and the old-fashioned oats create a great texture. The recipe recommends adding pecans and butterscotch to enhance the flavor, but you could even add chocolate chips or walnuts if you feel so inclined.

If you want to achieve a crispier texture on the outside, roll your dough in cinnamon before you put it on the baking sheet.

10. Apple Softies Are a Big Winner

Apple cookies and dried apple slices.

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Finding a cookie that pleases everybody does not have to be a difficult venture. These apple softies are completely delicious, as they are soft inside and crispy all around. Cinnamon and nutmeg enhance the natural taste of the apple, bringing you back to memories of idyllic falls.

This recipe calls for dried apples as well as fresh Golden Delicious apples. You’ll also use apple jelly to bring about a little more flavor and make your cookies softer.

11. Could a Healthy Apple Cookie Actually Exist?

Apple Cookie and a cup of tea.

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These apple cookies lean toward the healthier side, so they are great if you are thinking about taking a break from some of your guilty pleasures. Don’t worry, though. These cookies are just as tasty! They are egg-free and full of whole grains, fiber, protein, and healthy fats.

You’ll also use a bit of apple, upping your fruit intake for the day. You’re also going to love the use of honey or maple syrup, which adds sweetness without too much sugar. We love a cookie that uses natural sweetness!

12. These Glazed Apple Cookies Are So easy

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It does not take that much work to create a classic apple cookie that impresses everybody. You likely have most of the ingredients in your kitchen already, and the rest of the ingredients are versatile. You’ll also use vanilla maple glaze for a lovely finish on each cookie.

This is also a great exercise for learning how to pipe icing on top of the cookies. Best of all, you can control the size of the apple pieces in the cookie. Grate the apples or cut them into chunks based on your preferences.

13. Caramel & Pecans Are the Perfect Toppings

Apple cookies with pecan and a cup of tea.

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This recipe from Pillsbury takes the sugar cookie and elevates it. If you’re tired of the same old cookie, you’re going to love the way the flavors are enhanced. You’ll start with refrigerated sugar cookie dough, and you’ll add some ingredients of your own, including apples, apple pie spice, caramels, and pecans.

While the recipe does not recommend a specific apple, Red Delicious could be a great choice if you want a sweeter cookie. Use a green apple if you are prepared for something tart.

14. Choose Your Own Adventure With These Cookies

Apple cookies with powder sugar.

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You can choose not only the kind of apple you want to use but also how many cookies you would like to use. The more cookies you toss into this batch, the more your consistency will change. If you already love the snickerdoodle cookie, you will love the change that grated apples can bring to this dessert.

If you’ve already got a bunch of fresh apples to work with, you won’t want to miss this recipe. They’re perfect for a cool, breezy autumn day!

15. Toffee? It’s Perfect Any Time of the Year

Apple cookies on a bowl and fresh apple.

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Sure, toffee feels like it belongs to fall or winter, but you can really enjoy these cookies anytime. Not only do these cookies use toffee, but they also use oatmeal. This helps create a seasonal flavor that you can adapt to any time of year.

Are these the fanciest cookies on the block? No. Are they one of the most delicious? Certainly. If you have somebody in your family that loves oatmeal cookies but hates raisins, these apple cookies are a good alternative. Give it a try!

16. Better Than a Caramel Apple? Maybe So

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Are you looking for a cookie that packs everything you love about a caramel apple into one delicious bite? That’s what you get when you bake these cookies. This recipe is a Crumbl cookie copycat, and it uses real apple juice to bring out more intense flavors.

You’ll make a caramel frosting and a streusel topping as well. These cookies really bring out the flavors of the caramel and the apple. Each cookie will be super soft and delicate, filling that craving for your favorite dessert.

17. Another Twist on the Classic Oatmeal Cookie

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Cinnamon, oats, and apples come together again to create a fun twist on a classic. Unlike some of the other oatmeal cookies on this list, this one uses vanilla icing. This recipe calls for whole wheat flour, which adds some healthy nutrients (like fiber and iron) to your cookies.

You’ll also be able to avoid adding refined sugar by using honey. That’s a big win in our book! As far as the apples you are going to use, consider using Honeycrisp, Fuji, or Gala. You won’t regret your choice.

18. These Turkish Apple Cookies Are a Game-Changer

Freshly baked Bread with stuffed apples.

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If you’ve never seen these Turkish apple cookies, you are in for a treat. They totally change the way you think about cookies, and they really do not take long at all to cook. the dough is pretty standard, but it uses yogurt and vanilla sugar.

Then, the filling will include apples, cinnamon, powdered sugar, and hazelnuts. The filling might take some extra time to make and you might need to practice rolling your cookies, but you won’t regret it.

19. Don’t Have Cheesecake? These Cookies Will Fill the Void

Baked apple cake on a plate and fresh apples.

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Unfortunately, we don’t always get cheesecake when we want it most. On the other hand, these apple pie cheesecake cookies are a great alternative. These cookies are very much like a traditional thumbprint cookie, but the dough is made out of a cheesecake mixture coated in crumbs before baking.

You’ll fill the little thumbprint with apple pie filling, creating a warm dessert suitable for any time of year.

20. Ginger Is the Perfect Pair for Apples

Baked apple cookies on small plates.

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If you love ginger as much as we do, you’re going to love these cookies. The sweet apples pair so well with the fresh ginger that you will not be able to put these cookies down. Granny Smith apples are perfect for this cookie thanks to the crunchy skin.

You’ll get a divine texture, and the flavor of the cookies is simply perfect. Believe us: these cookies are sure to impress.