70 Amazing Annuals for Your Gardens (Photo Gallery)

This is an epic annuals flower and plant photo gallery but also includes key information for each item on the list. Many include how-to-grow videos too.

Annual flowers

Finding the perfect flower or plant for some spots is never easy.  In some cases, it may be well worth the time to use garden design software.

But, a good starting point is to figure out which flowers and plants will not only survive, but will thrive in your yard.

To figure this out, you need to look at the key attributes of various flowers and plants such as hardiness zones, sun requirements and water requirements.  Of course you also have to like the look of the flower so that you get the intended design in your garden.

To that end, we put this gallery together.  The cool thing is we’re madly adding a lot of annuals to this gallery so it will grow over time just as our perennials gallery will grow.

Photo and Info Gallery

Organized in alphabetical order.

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If you’re looking to drill down your search, check out:

How to use our annuals photo gallery?

You can use it for inspiration but you can also use it to get various bits of information about each flower.  Under each image and name (common and scientific) we include a table that sets out important growing information.

Moreover, in many cases, we include a how-to-grow or how-to-care-for video which is really helpful if you need even more information about the flower.

In order to ensure our web pages load reasonably fast, we restrict the number of annuals per page to 20.  Therefore, just up above is a numerical pagination where you can scroll through to more examples.

Do you need to expand your flower search?

We have you covered.  Check out our searchable flower and plant database here.


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