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27 Best Angel Food Cake Recipes (All Types)

Angel food cakes with different fruits.I am a church minister who is also a cake lover who grew up in the fat-free craze of the Nineties. I, therefore, have enjoyed a strawberry angel food cake at many church picnics. As such, I present to you some of the most interesting ways to eat an angel food cake you’ve ever seen.

My personal favorites include the waffled angel food shortcake stack that literally does not look like an angel food cake at all. However, there are many angel food cake recipes starting with traditional and fruit topped angel food cakes followed by decadent and unconventional angel food cakes. Help me find the next best recipe to bake with angel food cake for my congregation and you will be a godsend.  

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Traditional 27 Egg Angel Food Cake for Beginners

Angel Food Cake with raspberries and strawberry.

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I really appreciate a traditional cake recipe especially if I am new to baking a particular type of cake. Angel food cake is a sponge cake, which is not something you hardly ever see in the kitchen. While it looks super complicated to bake, it really is not, as this step-by-step recipe shows you.

It does require a full dozen eggs, so grab an extra carton at the market for this recipe.

Add Oranges to the Angel Food Cake for Creamsicle Angel Food

Angel food cake with whip cream and strawberry.

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Citrus always elevates a cake in the way it looks, smells, and tastes. This recipe adds red and yellow food coloring to elevate the orange tone. I am a huge citrus fan, and creamsicle drinks made of vanilla ice cream and orange-flavored Fanta have always been a winner. I recommend drinking one alongside this Creamsicle Angel Food Cake for good measure.

Whip Up a Chocolate Angel Food Cake With Almond Slivers

Angel food cake with chocolate sponge and fork.
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This Contest-Winning Chocolate Angel Food Cake recipe by Taste of Home is another great variation of this basic sponge. Otherwise, prepare to add some whipped topping and fruit to give your angel food cake some flair. It is a sponge, after all, and that means it’s a cake ready to soak up the liquids. Using cocoa powder in the dry ingredients in this recipe stacks the chocolate flavor in the right direction.

Everything Homemade but the Actual Cake Angel Food With Strawberries and Cream

Angel Food With Fresh Strawberries and Cream in a plate.

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But what if you are ready to make something similar to a strawberry shortcake? Well, here is when a basic angel food cake is made fancier and richer with fruit. Top a layer cake of angel food with cream cheese and whipped topping followed by syrupy strawberry slices. Then you have what this recipe calls a layered lush. While lushes aren’t the easiest to handle in church, we’ll take them, too!

Let’s See How Mother Martha Makes an Angel Food Cake in 6 Ingredients

Angel Food Cake with Raspberries and Blackberries.

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Martha Stewart always has great recipes and her Angel Food Cake could stand to see better ratings, which is why I am willing to give it a try. She only uses six ingredients and the recipe is simple enough. I feel like I can do this with one eye open, maybe standing on one leg. She does discuss replacing cake flour with cocoa powder for the chocolate option and using berries and cream for a topper. What’s not to love?

Pretty in Peaches and Cream Angel Food Cake in 40 Minutes

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I am all for fresh peaches as a preacher, if you get my drift. So when I saw this Angel Food Cake With Peaches recipe, I jumped with joy! They ginger the peaches and use fresh fruit, so this truly is a summertime cake. However, there is zero baking involved thanks to the convenience of a pre-baked angel food cake. Some would call that cheating, but I call that a miracle!

Pink Stuff Using JELL-O, Frozen Strawberries and Angel Food Cake

Frozen Strawberries and Angel Food Cake.

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Now if you want something very festive for the holidays, may I recommend the Pink Stuff? As they call this cake, the Pink Stuff contains a pre-baked angel food cake and strawberry flavored JELL-O powder. Please note you do add frozen strawberries for some vitamins and fiber. More or less, this cake is super simple to make and just needs time to set up properly. 

Buttercream Frosting on an Angel Food Cake from the Food Network

Buttercream Frosting Angel Food Cake with Blueberries

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If you have never buttercream frosted an angel food cake, my friend, you are about to have something that will make you sing like an actual angel. Frosting an angel food cake sounds heavy, too, but it’s not really. Plus, the angel food cake holds up really well to the smearing of the icing thanks to a slick surface free of crumbs you deal with in moist butter cakes.

Crushed Canned Pineapple Angel Food Cake by Betty Crocker 

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This one is going to shock you! Hold on to your seat because Betty Crocker has come out with the Two-Ingredient Pineapple Angel Food Cake. You only need two ingredients, too, which is a lifesaver.

If you have a box of Angel Food Cake Mix, obviously by Betty Crocker, and a can of crushed pineapple, you are set to bake. The cake is far healthier with the addition of fiber and vitamin-dense pineapple, especially if you buy pineapple in 100 percent juice. 

Pineapple Angel Food Dump Cake Using Two Ingredients

Pineapple Angel Food Dump Cake and tea

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Note that Betty Crocker uses a tube pan for a more traditionally shaped angel food cake. This recipe here by The Spruce Eats puts a spin on the two-ingredient pineapple angel food cake by using a different baking method. You are creating a dump cake in a single 9-by-13 inch baking dish with the Pineapple Angel Food Dump Cake.

This Community Pick recipe, with far better ratings than Martha’s version, has the same ingredients as the Betty Crocker option. The only difference is the pan style.  

How About a Hazelnut Angel Food Cake Recipe With Edible Flowers

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Here we have a totally different spin on angel food cake. This is the Angel Food Cake with Chocolate Hazelnut Frosting and edible flowers by Giada de Laurentiis. What a name to spell, but alas the cake itself is super simple to put together.

You start out with a store-bought angel food cake and simply make a chocolate ganache with that familiar Nutella flavor. Adding instant espresso amps up the flavor, while the flower garnish makes this almost too pretty to eat. 

Espresso and Hazelnut Glaze on an Angel Food Cake

Espresso and Hazelnut glazed Angel Food Cake with berries

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Need to wake up the choir? Here you have the right recipe to do the trick. Taste of Home presents the Mocha Hazelnut Glazed Angel Food Cake recipe.

The recipe combines coffee, hazelnuts, and maraschino cherries for a flavorful glaze. And you also get instructions and ingredients to bake your own angel food cake, which is sort of the point of an angel food cake recipe. I understand the shortcut of buying one already baked, and I get searching for decorations and flavors to add to a store-bought cake.

All I am saying is, it is nice to get an actual cake recipe when I need a cake recipe if you know what I mean. Or maybe it’s me who is singing for the choir.

Professor Butter Beard Does Angel Food Cake With Chinese Allspice and Hazelnut Flour

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Sometimes I appreciate a good story when it comes to angels and cakes, and this Professor Butter Beard character serves up a slice of both. Here you also have excellent and unexpected flavors of Chinese five-spice powder in a Hazelnut Angel Food Cake. They also call for using hazelnut flour, which I admit I have never actually seen in a marketplace.

But I am sure if they say Bob’s Red Mill has it, they do!

Orange Extract Style Angel Food Cake on a Budget and in a Pinch

Angel Food Cake with Orange slices and extract

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So what happens if the orange I have isn’t exactly the fruit when I need to bake a cake? I use orange extract, which is what they call for in this on-a-budget bake. Making an orange-flavored cake with an extract is always risky, and I recommend adding a bit of actual orange juice or rind zest if you have it in stock.

Go Gluten-Free With King Arthur Baking’s Angel Food Cake Recipe

A Slice of Angel Food Cake in a plate with berries

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Getting on board with something gluten-free for your baking needs? Let me introduce you to King Arthur’s gluten-free flour and baking mix line. They have plenty of gluten-free products to support your baking dreams.

This recipe for Angel Food Cake by the brand is equally satisfying. It shows you how to bake even this sponge cake using gluten-free flour.

Make it an Angel Food Cake Kabob for Your Next BBQ

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Sometimes we do a special program for the younger churchgoers and they are all about the festivities. Here is a great example of a treat we would typically serve during a church picnic or BBQ. These Angel Food Cake Kabobs are the ideal option when you want to make dessert fast and fun.

Plus, it’s portion-controlled and portable, making clean-up a snap.

It’s Angel Food Waffle Shortcake Stacked Up for a Birthday Bash

Angel Food Waffle Shortcake Stacked Up with fruits and chocolate syrup

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The Angel Food Waffle Shortcake is everything that we all want in an angel food cake. This is a showstopper and something that would be super exciting to do with a small group during vacation bible school. By cooking the angel food cake in a waffle iron, you get the thrill of making an angel waffle.

That’s something like a croissant in a waffle or a croffle, but a new food trend altogether. Say it with me–Angel Waffle.

What About an Angel Food Semifreddo With Strawberries by Betty Crocker

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Now, this is actually something you are totally not going to expect in an angel food cake. Angel Food Semifreddo With Strawberries is another Betty Crocker recipe. The cake starts with a premade angel food cake, which is transformed by a whipped cream concoction.

You need two pounds of fresh strawberries, too, along with an orange and sweetened condensed milk. In the end, this is a fantastic upgrade to the classic angel food cake.

Chocolate Chips Make Everything Taste More Fun in an Angel Food Cake 

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Getting another chance at the angel food cake halo is Martha Stewart and her Chocolate Chip Angel Food Cake with Chocolate Ganache. The name has more words–eight–than there are ingredients–seven–and one is one of my favorites. Buttermilk goes into the ganache for an unexpected tang.

There is also superfine sugar and cake flour chosen for this recipe.

Add In the Espresso for a Chocolate Chip Angel Food Cake With Zing

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This Espresso Chocolate Chip Angel Food Cake is a competitor to Martha, so let me see what you think. Here they use instant espresso powder and fresh lemon juice for a brightly flavored cake. I don’t see any buttermilk, which results in a ding in points, but overall, this may be a great option when you have an hour and you need to bake a cake. 

Blue Ribbon Winner of a Chocolate Angel Food Cake by Taste of Home

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What qualifies a Chocolate Angel Food Cake as a blue ribbon prize winner? To start with, a homemade chocolate fluff frosting that comes from heavy whipping cream and baking soda–a hefty half of a cup. There is another quarter of a cup of baking cocoa in the cake, but that covers the chocolate portion of this recipe.

I see this as a great fluffy and light angel food cake option–perfect for anyone on a diet and looking to eat less cholesterol and fat as there is no butter or oil in the cake or frosting.

Put Some Pumpkin Spice in an Angel Food Cake for Fall Sweater Weather

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With just three ingredients, you can have Pumpkin Angel Food Cake. This sounds like the perfect autumn cake to me. Canned pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie spice, and boxed angel food cake mix are all you need to whip up this spiced treat. 

Make Mine a Candy Cane Mint Angel Food Cake by Taste of Home

Angel Food Cake with cream and fruit toppings

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The Mint Angel Cake is one of the prettiest angel food cakes I have seen in this recipe roundup! The cake is a delicate layered cake with a white frosting and crushed peppermint candy sprinkled over the top. The layers are pink and white with peppermint-infused frosting for even more excitement.

Swirls of Color in a Rainbow Angel Food Cake

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While this Rainbow Angel Birthday Cake looks complicated, it’s really not. All you need is a few different shades of food coloring, candy fruit chews, and a container of vanilla frosting. The cake is homemade but uses a mix, the angel food cake mix, which is very popular among this crowd.

I have surmised that all angel food cake recipes fall into three categories–from scratch, from a box mix, and using a store-bought angel food cake. Make sure to grab your icing to draw tiny bows on the fruit chews so they look like gifts to adorn this fun, many-colored angel food cake.

Rainbow Sherbert Style Angel Food Cake for a Pool Party

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The Rainbow Sherbert Angel Food Cake is another colorful cake–but somewhat subdued compared to the swirls of color you previously saw. This cake by Taste of Home uses a pastel palette of rainbow sherbet layered with prepared angel food cake. You also get to make your own fresh whipped cream, which I am a huge fan of when baking.

It really elevates the flavor of the cake when you use freshly made whipping cream for the frosting.

Candy Cane Crunch Angel Food Cake by Sunset Magazine

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Here is another candy cane-infused angel food cake, this time by Sunset Magazine. The West coast crowd takes an angel food cake and frost it, and then covers it completely with crushed candy canes. It is a showstopper and perfect for Christmas and the holiday season.

It’s a Luscious Lime Lovers Favorite! Bake Up Angel Food Cake Squares

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Along with the red in the previous cake, we have these Luscious Lime Angel Squares in green. The lime comes from lime gelatin and is accented with lemon juice and lemon zest. Cutting the cake up into squares and coating it with cream cheese icing is the best thing for a hot summer’s day.

Crush Some Oreos for Cookies and Cream Style Angel Food Cake

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This Cookies and Cream Angel Cake takes OREO cookies and upgrades the basic angel food cake. After baking an angel food cake by using a mix, the recipe calls for a frosting mix by Betty Crocker. This is not an ingredient I am familiar with, and it uses boiling water to come together. It feels like a good idea and it’s quick to make, resulting in a warm and semi-homemade frosting without butter or cream cheese.

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