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6 Simple Alternatives to the Clothes Wringer

A photo collage of alternatives to clothes wringer.

The washing machine has improved the lives of many and, especially with modern models, even transformed the dreaded chore of laundry into a pleasant one. Yet, for whatever reason, many of us still don’t have access to our own washing machines and dryers at home.

Some people also prefer to wash and dry their own clothes without electricity or even prefer off-grid laundry solutions as part of their sustainable lifestyle. Both are sound decisions considering how this convenient appliance can cost us quite a bit once they run on the electric grid.

So if you’re willing to put in some effort just to afford the kind of lifestyle you desire, check out our list below of simple alternatives to the clothes wringer.

1. Wringing Clothes by Hand

Wringing Clothes by Hand

One of the primary functions of a clothes wringer is to wring out the clothes. This helps to dry the clothing, but it also eliminates the excess water. In order to dry your clothing effectively using other methods, you are going to need to wring out the clothes. You don’t actually need a clothes wringer to do this, as you can simply wring out your articles of clothing by hand.

It may take a bit of getting used to, but wringing out clothes by hand can actually be about as quick as using a traditional clothes wringer. If you are willing to put in the effort, then you will be able to wring out your clothing effectively.

This can help your clothing to dry more quickly, and you won’t have to buy a special device to help you do it. Most people choose to wring out clothing in their bathtub, but you can do it outside as well if you have a clean space to put your clothes after finishing up.


You don’t have to pay anyone any money to wring out your clothing by hand. The process can be a bit arduous, but it isn’t really much slower than using a clothes wringer. Just keep in mind that your clothes won’t be dry by the time you are done wringing them. You’ll need to let them air dry or find another method to finish things up.


This is going to help reduce the water that has seeped into the clothing, but it isn’t going to dry your clothes completely. You will need to combine wringing your clothes by hand with another drying method in order to have success. This may feel inconvenient when you are trying to prepare clothing to wear to work. Keep this in mind when making a decision, as it might not be the fastest thing that you can do.

2. Clotheslines

Hanging clean laundry on the clothesline to dry.

Clotheslines are a traditional way that people choose to dry their clothing. Sometimes people who own machine dryers wind up hanging their clothes on a clothesline anyway. This is due to your clothes being able to get a nice and fresh smell by being put on a clothesline outside. It can be very pleasant and is a method of drying clothes that some people prefer.

If you are going to use a clothesline as your primary clothes-drying method, then know that you will need to wring your clothes out by hand. This actually isn’t too difficult, as you just need to make sure that they are not sopping wet.

A little bit of wringing will suffice, and you can then place your articles of clothing up on the line. Just remember to start drying your clothes early enough, as your clothing will take quite some time to dry when you use this method.


Buying a clothesline is going to be very affordable. You’ll be able to spend just a few dollars to get a nice clothesline. You can buy clotheslines to use outdoors, but you can also find clotheslines to use indoors. This makes drying clothes even easier, and you should be able to enjoy having fresh clothes all the time.


You will still need to wring out your clothes when you make use of this method. It will take quite some time to dry your clothing too, so it isn’t always going to be practical. You’ll need to do your laundry ahead of time so that you can have everything ready for your workday. There are good things about using a clothesline, but it may not be a perfect fit for everyone.

3. Using a Hairdryer

Pink hairdryer

If your aim is to quickly dry a shirt for work, then you might want to try using a hairdryer. Most people have a hairdryer somewhere in their house. They are incredibly common items that are important tools for getting ready in the morning. They are typically used to dry your hair, but they can also be used to dry other things in a pinch.

When you have washed something and need to dry it fast, a hairdryer can help you to get it done. It will not work as quickly as some people would like, but it should be beneficial to you nonetheless.

If you do not have access to a machine dryer, then using a hairdryer from time to time can be a good idea. It will allow you to dry an article of clothing so that you can get dressed and go about your day.


You most likely already own a hairdryer of some kind. You should be able to simply grab it and use it to dry your shirt or the pants that you need to wear for the day. Drying all of your laundry like this may be a bit onerous, but it can still be done if you have a great need. This can substitute for a dryer, but you may need to wring your clothes out by hand a bit first.


This is more of a dryer substitute than a clothes wringer substitute. Being that one of the functions of a clothes wringer is to dry your clothing, it makes sense. Even so, you’re going to have to wring your clothing out by hand a bit before you make use of the hair dryer. Be prepared for that, and also be ready for the drying process to be a bit tedious.

4. Hand Crank Manual Washer and Dryer

A close up photo of a Hand crank washer and dryer with clothes inside.

If you want to have an easy time without needing to buy an old-fashioned clothes wringer, you could turn to some modern equivalents. You can purchase a hand crank manual washer and dryer that will actually work very easily.

It works differently from traditional clothes wringer and is actually easier to use. You just place your clothes and some soap inside of the unit and spin it around with the hand crank.

The clothes will tumble at a fast speed, and you’ll be cleaning them very effectively. You can remove the water and use the same unit to spin the clothes dry. Some people like to combine this method with a clothesline in order to give their clothes a very fresh smell. If you can’t buy an electric washer and dryer, then this will certainly get you by.


This allows you to both washes and dries your clothes manually. You won’t have as hard of a time as you would with a clothes wringer. It is still going to be operating using your own power, but it is simpler to wash a few important clothing items at once. The process of washing clothes is actually quicker than you may think.


The washing function of this hand crank manual washer and dryer works pretty well actually. It may not be able to handle tough stains or incredibly soiled clothing as well as a machine washer, though. The dryer function works okay, but it isn’t going to leave your clothes coming out perfectly dry. You may notice some dampness and will likely want to combine this method with a clothesline.

5. Traditional Electric Washing Machines and Dryers

A traditional electric washing machine and dryer.

Most people would prefer to own a traditional electric washing machine and dryer. If you are looking into clothes wringer alternatives, then chances are that owning machines like this isn’t practical for your living space.

If you do have the room, then you may want to invest in these machines. You will be able to wash and dry your clothing with much less effort. Using a clothes wringer can take a lot of time, but using machines will be much easier.

You need to be actively engaged in order to make use of a clothes wringer, or even many of the alternatives listed above. If you own a washing machine and a dryer, then you will be able to simply throw your clothes in the machine, press a few buttons, and then go about your business.

Your clothes will be clean and dry in no time, and you won’t be taking up much of your precious time doing laundry. This will be more expensive than buying a clothes wringer or other manual washing and drying options, but many think it is well worth the price.


If you buy a washing machine and a dryer, then you will have a much easier time doing your laundry. This is going to save you time when compared to all of the methods listed above. It is much more sophisticated than using a clothes wringer, and your laundry will likely come out better. You won’t have to worry so much about scrambling to get laundry done, as you will be able to get clothes ready in a matter of hours.


You may not be able to afford a washer and dryer. If you are having financial problems, then finding the money to buy a modern washer and dryer may not be in the cards. Also, some people who live in apartments and condos simply don’t have room for these machines. Your living space may not even have the proper hookups for these machines, which could render this idea moot.

6. Laundry Services

Back view of a man in suit getting his clean laundry from the woman working at the laundry service.

If buying a washing machine and dryer is out of the question, then you could decide to turn to hiring laundry services. There are professionals out there who will do your laundry for you.

Many of these businesses offer dry cleaning, but there are also traditional laundering services available. If you are too busy to do your laundry yourself, then this method will be very tempting to you.

It can be a bit on the pricey side to pay professionals to launder your clothes. Also, you won’t have the convenience of being able to quickly get a dirty shirt ready so that you can go out. You’ll need to take your laundry to the business on time in order to keep from running out of clothes to wear. Even so, this is something that many people decide to do.

There are also laundromats that you can visit where you can do your laundry yourself. These are laundry services in a way, as well, except that you are paying for the ability to do your laundry using their machines. Whatever route you want to take should be fine. Just know that this idea could become costly in the long run.


Busy people don’t always have the time to do their laundry. When you are short on time and have money to spare, paying for laundry services is a sensible course of action. You’ll be able to enjoy really nice laundry without having to take up any of your time. Laundromats can be convenient for some people, too, as they allow you to avoid buying a machine or a clothes wringer.


Paying professionals to do your laundry is going to be somewhat expensive. You also won’t be able to wash your clothes or dry them at home when you’re in need. Going to a laundromat can be good, but it can be costly over time, as well. You’ll be continually paying money to someone without ever really buying a permanent solution to your laundry issues.