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4 of the Best Allen Wrench Brands

This is a close look at a set of stainless steel set of allen wrenches.

Many of the top Allen wrench brands available come with several options and easy storage solutions. Leading brands will carry both metric and SAE sizing and routinely offer the option of purchasing a single Allen wrench or a complete set. Look for brands such as Wiha, Bondhus, and Park Tool for the best Allen wrench tools available. 

Tools can provide tremendous help when it comes to completing projects. Having the right tool can make a project run more smoothly, saving time, money, and frustration. Allen wrenches are commonly used in many projects and offer a wide range of sizes and styles.

Choosing an Allen wrench can be tricky, though, with so much variation between the brands. Below, let’s take a closer look at this specialized tool and think through the various design features that the best Allen wrench brands have.   Finding the right tool for the right job can make all the difference.

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What is an Allen Wrench?

This is a close look at furniture assembly with a screw and allen wrench.

An Allen wrench is a specialized tool that works with an Allen head screw or bolt. This type of tool features a hexagonal shape that fits into a hollowed hexagonal screw. Allen wrenches come in various sizes and is available in either metric measurements or standard measurements, called SAE.

It is always essential to make sure that you have the right size Allen wrench for your particular screw because you never want to risk damaging your tool or the screw.  Forcing the wrong size wrench into the wrong screw can risk permanent damage.

There are many form factors for Allen wrenches that can make them easier to work with. Some wrenches will have a long handle making them useful for working in tight spaces. Others will have a T-shaped or P-shaped handle to make turning the wrench easier with more comfort and leverage.

Many of these tools are specialized and sold in individual sizes. Still, other Allen wrenches are commonly sold together as a set. This set could be in the form of an Allen key, with the wrenches folding neatly into one tool, or they can be organized in a removable holding case.

Having a full set of both SAE and metric sizes can be handy for all projects that you may have around the house. 

How Is It Different From Torx?

This is an illustration of a torx screwdriver with a gray handle.

Although it is often called an Allen wrench, a Torx is a completely different shape and tool. A Torx is a star shape compared to a hexagon. The Torx wrench is different from an Allen wrench and will not work on traditional hex screws and bolts.  

If you need to work with Torx screws, be sure to find the appropriate corresponding Torx wrench to fit.

Best Allen Key Set

This is a set of stainless steel set of allen wrenches with a red holder.

Shopping for the best Allen key set can be challenging, especially with so many options available to consumers. You want to be sure you find a set that works best for your project while still giving you comfort and function. There are many aspects to consider when purchasing the best Allen wrenches, so be sure to consider each category.

Remember, a tool that may work for one individual may not work for another, and much of your tool purchase will depend on your individual project and preference. 

What To Look For

This is a close look at the screw being screwed in by allen wrench.

Choosing an Allen wrench or an Allen wrench set can be difficult, especially with so many options available. Be sure to look for key design features and options to make sure you choose the best Allen key option for you. A wrench set should not only be convenient and functional, but it should also be comfortable and easy to use.

Of course, what makes a good set for one person, may not work for another. Be sure to consider your individual needs and particular project before making a selection. 


First and foremost, you must consider the size Allen key you need. Aside from the actual measurement, think about if you need metric sizes or SAE sizes. While many of the measurements are close between the two measurement systems, they are not identical.

Using a metric measurement for an SAE screw and vice versa can damage the Allen wrench and possibly the screw head. If you are working with exceptionally small or particularly large sizes, you may have to look for specialty tools that can accommodate key sets in unusual metric and SAE sizing. 


The next item to think about when choosing your hex key wrench set is to think about the coating. Many Allen keys are made of metal, likely chrome vanadium steel, but will be coated with a paint or epoxy. The black oxide coating can help to keep the metal protected and make it rust-resistant.

Having an Allen wrench set that is coated in a protective epoxy or paint can keep your toolset lasting for years to come. Think about any special accommodations that must be made for your project too. You may need a specialized coating on your hex wrench set if you are working with conductive materials or delicate materials that could scratch or dent easily. 

Set Options

Consider how many Allen socket options you will need. If you are doing one specialized project, you may simply need to purchase one tool. However, if you are looking to increase your tool and have the appropriate sizes on hand for further work and projects, buying a complete set may be a better option.

Many people will own a metric wrench set and a standard wrench set to have options for various projects and hex bolt screw heads. Consider, too, that it is often cheaper to buy an entire set rather than buying each wrench size individually. 


Aside from a standard Allen key, there are several forms to choose from. Many of the wrenches will feature a long design that will allow you to get into tight spaces. Or, the top of the Allen key may have a P-shape or T-shape handle to give you better leverage and make the tool more comfortable to use.

Specialized tool use, like tools used when working on bicycles, will often require the longer Allen wrench design to fit deep inside the bike where big hands can’t always reach. 


Think about how your Allen wrench tools will be stored. This tool is a tiny tool that can get lost easily if it is simply thrown in a drawer. Many Allen wrench sets come complete with a carrying case that helps to organize the individual tools and keep them together.

Plus, it makes choosing the right size easier with clearly printed labels and designated slots for the tools to fit into. 

Further, many of the most popular brands for a hex key wrench set will have additional organizers that you can purchase. Many people prefer to upgrade their toolbox with new organizational slots to make it easier to retrieve the tool you need. Be sure to find a brand of tool that works best with your toolbox and your existing Allen wrenches you own. 

Best Allen Wrench Brands

This is a close look at a set of rusty allen wrenches.

Purchasing a new tool, especially with a project in mind, is a big decision. You want to be sure you buy the right tool for the job and buy a tool that will last. When it comes to purchasing a new set of Allen wrenches, be sure to go with a trusted manufacturer.

Not only will you be sure to purchase a quality tool, but you’ll have a long-lasting tool that will stay in your toolbox for years to come. 

Wiha Tools

Long trusted in the tool industry, Wiha has several Allen wrench options available. Consumers will be able to choose between metric and SAE sizes, as well as be able to purchase an individual wrench or a complete set. Many of the Allen wrenches from Wiha feature a ball end, making the tool more adaptable and convenient to use.

These wrenches are also available as a convenient, easy-to-use tool that features an entire set of sizes contained in one compact and easy-to-use tool. One attractive feature of this tool brand is that the various sizes are color-coded, making it easy to reach for and pull the right size every time without having to read tiny printing and labeling on the wrench side. 


One of the leading tool manufacturers for Allen wrenches is Bondhus. This brand features several different types of wrenches to accommodate the Allen screw type. Not only does Bondhus have simple Allen wrench sets, but they also feature T-bar and P-bar style handles that can add improved torque and comfort.

These wrenches can be purchased individually or as a complete set. 

One of the most enticing parts about Bondhus tools is they are readily available. This tool can be purchased at Lowe’s, the popular hardware store. Many of the Allen wrench options from Bondhus feature a black oxide coating which helps to make these wrenches durable and long-lasting.

The Bondhus tool line is available as both a metric Allen wrench set and an SAE Allen wrench set. 

Park Tool

Park Tool has a range of Allen wrenches to choose from, and cyclists often prefer this brand. This reason is due to the long Allen wrench options that can give an added set of hands while working. Many of the Allen wrench sets that Park Tool offers to feature a P-handle that gives added torque and leverage.

This style also provides the wrench with a nice ergonomic feel that makes them easy and comfortable to use. Expect to find metric measurement options for this trusted brand of Allen wrenches. 


When it comes to options, Eklind tools have you covered. This brand of Allen wrench offers plenty to choose from, including metric size options, SAE wrenches, and even Torx sizes. Long trusted in the tool community, Elkind sells complete sets, as well as individual Allen wrenches to add to your toolbox.

This company also features several clever storage solutions for your Allen wrenches to keep all of your tools in an easy-to-see, organized, and convenient location within your toolbox. Most of the Eklind tool options are covered in black oxide to make the tools durable and long-lasting. 

Where Can I Buy Allen Keys?

This is a set of stainless steel allen wrenches on a wooden table.

Luckily, most Allen keys and wrenches are easy to find at the local hardware store. Home improvement stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot will routinely carry a range of both metric sizes as well as SAE sizes. These stores will feature various designs, models, and styles for you to choose the Allen wrench that works best for you and your projects.

Unfortunately, if you are looking for an Allen wrench that is particularly large or small or coated with a special material, you may have to turn to a specialty store. Specialized hardware stores often carry different or hard-to-find Allen wrench options.

Of course, browsing online stores and options is always a great way to find difficult or challenging Allen wrench sizes. Amazon, for example, has an endless assortment of Allen wrench options to choose from.


This is a close look at a bicycle repair using an allen wrench.

Choosing the right Allen wrench for your project can be difficult, especially with the variety of fastener options available. You need to find a wrench that is easy and comfortable to use and will fit with your particular project.

Below, let’s take a look at some commonly asked questions about Allen wrenches and the best brands of Allen wrenches so you can make a good choice for your next tool purchase. 

Who makes the best Allen wrenches?

The best Allen wrench brand really depends on what you are looking for. Be sure to find a wrench that meets your needs and the specific needs of the project. You’ll want to consider features like function, form, price, and size.

Some of the best brands include Bondhus, Wiha, Eklind, and Park Tools.

What is the best brand for Allen keys?

Choosing the best brand from Eklind, Wiha, Bondhus, and Park Tools really depends on your individual needs. You’ll want to find a brand that meets your price point and gives you the size options you need for your project. If you are looking for Allen wrenches to work on your bike with, consider using Park Tools.

This company offers several specialized tools with a P-shaped handle that can make using the tool more comfortable. Plus, they offer several long and extended Allen wrench sizes that better allow you to get into tight spaces around your bike. 

Who makes the best hex bit socket set?

A hex bit is very similar to an Allen wrench because it is also a hexagonal shape. Adding a hex bit to a socket set can quickly tighten screws with a hex head. If you plan to adjust many hex-shaped screws, finding a hex socket set is an excellent investment.

When it comes to purchasing a hex socket set, there are a few trusted tool brands, but one routinely hits the top of the list. SK Professional is the leading brand for quality socket sets because of its price point, durability, and many size options. 

Are Bondhus allen keys good?

When it comes to quality tools, Bondhus are among the best. This tool is exceptionally well built and is long-lasting and durable. The Allen wrenches are made of high-quality materials that are thick and robust, able to withstand high amounts of force and torque.

Plus, this brand is produced in the USA so that you can ensure quality. There are several options available from Bondhus, and the brand is widely available at most major hardware and home improvement stores. Plus, compared to other tools, Bondhus Allen wrench sets come in at an affordable price point. 

Does Target sell Allen wrenches?

Of course, Target sells Allen wrenches! Like many of their goods, Target has a wide range of Allen wrenches available. They offer both metric and SAE options, as well as individual and sets of Allen wrenches.

Target is a convenience store where you can buy exactly what you need for your next project.