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All You Need To Know About Home Locks & Locksmith in 2019

All locksets are the first and best line of defense in house security. We are relying on the locks that was on the front entrance door when we moved into our house. The locks look like an old one, however it should be not. According to U.S research 3million homes locks still broken into every year. Although all break-ins are not preventable, modern locks like exterior locks and dead bolt are the best defense line of the home locks. Today’s with the latest technology locks provide us the greater protection, but choosing the proper or right lock can be very confusing for everyone.

Its essential to put the physical security of the home and certainly it’s the important part of home security. Best exterior door locks to help achieve a complex level of the protection from all types of crimes.  All people either renter or non-renters, should be aware that a thief is mostly attack the house security, and getting the precious good or important things which, we keep safe.  So, must getting the most out of one the best exterior locks mean protecting doors, windows etc. but according to a research 35% of criminal use exterior door, so no matter what, its good to have the one of the best exterior door locks.


After a long research on smart locks testing and home security devices, found the best smart locks are the best and it’s easy to install with latest technology and also works with most voice assistants. Bedroom Critic have reviewed the best bedroom door locks in the market on their blog, which is worth checking out.

We research all about locks and find the best major three type of front locks on the market to sort our features and costs:

  • Keyed-Entry doorknobs
  • Handle sets
  • dead bolts

Security is the main Key:

We want unwanted people stay away form and save the home things; this is the main purpose of the locks. However, the type of locks depends on budget and requirements.

Front Door Locks:

Actually secure, any exterior door needs a dead bolt lock. We can select as we want separately, deadbolt and lockset separately or a handle set that comes with each option. Price vary from $20 to over $500, depend on quality and style of lock.

An Antitheft option you should search for on locksets or handle sets many be a dead locking handle bolt, it prevents robbers from opening the handle with a credit card. On dead bolts, search for the hardened pins that may stand up to sawing because a handle or pin is as hard or strongest as the strike plate it engages, must take heavy plate lock with three in screws. A handle set that enables to open each dead bolt which associate with handle from inside with a one motion is easy and will be lifesaver in an emergency situation.  Another drawback is universal keying, which permits you to carry one house key even with having other fixed locks on the other door of house from the different manufacturers.  As for artistic look for dual torque springs that avoid door handle from cropping and a no tarnish era finish.

A deadbolt is one of the best ways to make safe a home door and works superb when it combined with home door’s lock. It works with better functions than a spring bolt lock because no one can be moved from its locked spot without a key being injected into the cylinder.

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An excellent lock with latest technology will help to protect home and its security, like door jammers and strike plates can protected your house and stop all worries about thieves. If someone trying to protect something else besides the home doors, try the best and latest technology exterior door lock.

door locks

Interior Door Locks:

Interior door locks only avoid annoyance entry at room. Grade three security is satisfactory here, but you want a latest handle start which keeps the door from unintentionally lock behind you. Make sure there is an emergency to open the door just look in the mid of the look there is a little dump or hole that help to open the door from outside with the help of hair pin or paper clip. Interior door locks are less than exterior door locks, it depends on the budget.

Installing Locksets and Dead Bolts:

  • Position the Template:

Most handles are 34 to 38-inch-high, with dead bolts 6 to 12 inch. It depends on yourself what locks height is suitable for you. When you are drilling new holes in the doors, tape the constructor’s pattern in place with the lockset centerline at the required height.

Fix the backset, the distance from the door edge to the handle in the middle, then use the conforming pattern marks. The backset can be 2 3/8 or 2 3/4 inch, many locksets having both. Then use drill 1/8-inch pilot holes over the door to center the 2 1/8-inch hole saw. At the door edge, use the pattern to drill a 2-inch-deep pilot hole for drilling for the airstrike or rod.

  • Drill the Door:

Drill the door face and spot the doorpost. With the help of drill a bubble level or a torpedo level taped on upper side, drill central over the door from every side with the hole saw to avoid blowout crack. Then mark the doorpost for the strike plate by closing the door, injecting a pin from inside the 2 1/8 inch,  hole over the airstrike pilot hole and forcefully it into the hole support.

  • Drill the Hole Support:

drill the jamp and door control. With the pin mark as an needle, drill a 5/8 inch deep hole for the strike or a 1 inch deep hole for the dead rod using the 1 inch spade bit, sizes vary. In the door authority, use the pilot hole to guide a 1inch spade bit and drill through to the large hole where the pipe will sit.

  • Shape the doorpost: 

Chisel the jamp and door edge holding the handle assemblage up to the door superiority and cut its outline extremely with a effectiveness blade. Same thing applies on the airstrike plate on the doorpost. Then cut the wood to be detached at ¼ inch gaps with a shape, eliminating sufficient wood so the airstrike box sits level with the door control and the airstrike plate sits level with the doorjamb.

  • Install the lock Hardware:

Now Insert the handle assembled in the hole you make a hole in the door corner and fasten it with nails after pre-drilling for them. Next thing inserts the handle set and lock cylinder which assembled so the rod or tailpiece bring into line with the strike assembly. Naturally, screws pass over the door to hold the two lockset parts together on reverse sides. For safety, make sure unprotected screwheads are on the interior side of the lockset.

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Now Time to Find the Trusted & Reliable Locksmith

Tips to Become A Professional Locksmith:

The profession of a smith is not taken quite seriously people all over the world. The demand for the locksmith in urban areas of United Arab Emirates and United States are increasing and making very good new career opportunities. People are taking the profession of Locksmith and very rapidly it increases in rural and urban both areas. People contact locksmith whenever they lose or break their house or car keys. If you have an interest in repairing locks, replacing locks, installing new locks, then you can become a good locksmith. But, you need to have skill to prove yourself as a talented locksmith. Always adopt whose profession in which you have interest then you will be become successful and achieve your target.

Essential Requirements of Being a Professional Locksmith:

For an ideal locksmith, you must have various skills instead of one skill just like popping locks. You should be extraordinarily efficient in coordinating your hands and eyes with the practical thinking and ability. As an expert locksmith, you must be knowledgeable in advance tools and technology.  You need to have an extensive understanding of locks and devices. If you have and real interest in locks and keys you must need to getting those skills related to locks and security. You would be ready to promoting and running a new business at your own. To reach the clients on regular basis you must have commendable driving ability. To become most popular locksmith, your behavior and communication skills and hand on skill matter because people wants a reliable locksmith.

Professional Training to become a Certified Locksmith:

When you adopt a locksmith career, you need to take coaching classes and apprenticeships instead of a proper education. After that you become an authorized locksmith in Dubai, it adds reliability. It make the clients believe that you are eligible to resolve the lock problem. Being a legitimate locksmith will also increase your financial gain or income and lead your career at high level. You will notice many coaching centers and locksmith associations are opened in many areas and you can avail the various coaching classes and apprenticeships. You must take the precise examination conducted by these centers to get specific specialized certificates like registered locksmith in dubai, certified master in locks, certified automotive locksmith, certified registered locksmith in Dubai, certified locksmiths and many others.

Trustworthy automotive Key Cutting and Programming Services

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Find Right Emergency Locksmith Services in Dubai:

A person cannot predict once anyone is going to be caught right during a position which has currently being locked out inside your house, office, apartment, automotive, car or truck. An emergency locksmith is predicted through these conditions which will assist you out of issues and as soon as possible they reached the destination point and unlock the lock. This is the locksmith Dubai trick just call him at +971 55 984 0222.

Many of locksmith provide professional services without delay accessible hours 7 days a week means every time emergency locksmith Dubai services are available. you just call locksmith near me they will be at your destination point at time and anyplace where you want them. emergency locksmith Dubai have not seen time out in this matter.

Emergencies Techniques During Locked:

The main work of those locksmiths is to supply services throughout emergencies. When you have suddenly lost your car key or master car key or you forgot the keys inside the car or car key is not operating, emergency car unlock services will assist you that you just face. Emergency locksmith services offer you these services in emergencies and you may not to be disquieted. Rather than panicking, you may simply take the right decision, so they will quickly provide their services to resolve the issue that you just face.

Locksmith Career in All over the World:

Locksmith is a professional field which is different from others profession. They have three options to certified locksmiths, first option is freelance locksmith, second is working for another locksmith, and third is start a locksmith business.  As a freelance locksmith in dubai, they earn a lot money by providing their skills. There are many kinds or categories of locksmiths just as mobile locksmith, residential locksmith, commercial locksmith, automotive locksmith, master key locksmith, locksmith dubai, locksmith near me, dubai locksmith, emergency locksmith services dubai, car key programming in dubai, locksmith in dubai,  nissan key replacement and others.

Locksmith Dubai always implement their skills and knowledge to the clients’ interests. They leave no stone upturned to solve the lock or key related complications without doing any damage. As a professional, you should know how to satisfy your clients every time, this is the best technique to gain clients.

Locksmith Services provider are able to assist you 24 hours 7 days a week. Locksmith Services in Dubai are professional locksmith who are able to lock repair issues, give lock replacement services, home lock, car lock, garage lock, car key programming and key cutting services to all over the Dubai. Call Now: +971559840111 or visit:

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