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18 Different Air Tool Accessories

Photo collage of different types of air tool accessories.

Finding the correct air tool accessories for your shop is essential. Depending on what you have hooked up to your air compressor, you can choose from various air tools that will give you the ability to do many projects or maintenance around your home. Below are the most common air tool accessories you can get for the current air tools and the pieces you plan to add later. 

1. Air Hoses

Air Hose connections on a semitrailer.

No matter what type of tool you are planning to use, there need to be efficient air hoses for them. Air hoses tend to break down over time from excessive use, so you must ensure that you have some of these on standby. At Lowe’s, you can choose from a few different sizes and brands of air hoses for your accessory stock.

Most of these hoses come in 25 feet or 50 feet. The material used depends on the brand and also the use of the air hose. 

2. Blow Guns

Blow Gun isolated on a white background.

If you like to keep your area clean and need to remove debris from tight spaces, then you need the addition of an air blow gun to your collection. The blow gun itself is a nozzle, and it attaches to the air hose that is connected to the air compressor. These blow guns can be used with any size hose, so you can extend them out as far as you need them.

Some nozzles even have spray options and speeds when blowing. Home Depot offers a variety of blow gun nozzles to choose from and fit your preferences. 

3. Dryers

A Dryer vent cleaning.

Trying to clean up a lot of water in a small amount of time is done with the help of an air dryer. There are also some air dryers out there that are meant to remove excess water from the air, as well. The primary function of any air dryer, no matter what type it is, is to eliminate the excess water or moisture in a specific area.

There are several types of these dryers. When you search for these on Amazon, you will find a variety of sizes and brands to choose from. 

4. Air Screwdrivers

Air Screwdriver on the wood lath background.

There are some cases where you need extra force to screw in something, and elbow grease isn’t going to be enough. With the help of an air screwdriver, you can take on larger projects that require more use with less damage to your hands and muscles. You may not use an air screwdriver to hang a picture on a wall, but you could use it to replace the sheetrock in a wall.

Not only is it suitable for your hands, but it also reduces your workload, cutting your time in half or more. You can find numerous options available at Sears

5. Air Couplers

Air Coupler on a wooden table.

No matter what type of attachments you need for your air compressor, they must be attached through air couplers. Having a few of these accessories nearby is essential for purchasing new air tools and if you need to replace any existing ones. Depending on the size of the accessories you buy, you may need different coupler sizes.

You can also get these couplers in different metal options, including brass, gold, and aluminum. Amazon offers a variety of packs you can purchase in some sizes.  

6. Filters

Portrait shot of Filters.

Capturing debris and unwanted material in the air is true for any environment. Your air tools and air compressor is no different. Being able to filter out unwanted particles can protect your accessories from damage.

When they are clogged from debris and the filter is full, they will not perform as well, which can be a problem if you depend on them for work or time-sensitive projects. If you want to replace your current filter or want some to have in your stock, McMaster-Carr offers several options for these filters. 

7. Air Sanders

Air Sander refinishing a deck.

One of the most laborious tasks you can do in many industries is attempting to sand down a surface. With an air sander, however, you can reduce how much of your own hands and muscles are working and take advantage of pressure. These air sanders can reduce the amount of work you are doing, giving you more time to focus on other project areas.

They are quieter and even lighter than electric sanders, giving them the edge when comparing the two. You can choose a few different brand options when purchasing one at Lowe’s

8. Paint Guns

Paint Gun regulator during spraying.

Painting generally takes a lot of manual hours and labor, especially if you have a large space to cover. This is where air paint guns come into play and are beneficial. They easily hook to an air compressor and give you the option to paint as much as you can in a matter of minutes.

Base paints, commercial buildings, or rooms that will all be one color in a large area benefit the most from an air paint gun. They are also great for your hands, reducing an arthritis flare-up or carpel tunnel for those who suffer from these disorders. Home Depot has a large collection to choose from, giving you optional spray sizes and accessories. 

9. Lubricants

Portrait shot of lubricant oil check.

Your air compressor and any accessories used for it need to be lubricated periodically. Like any other equipment, it can start breaking down, which can be detrimental to the health and lifespan of the air tools. The best lubricant for these items is synthetic hydrocarbons, as they can manage all types of temperatures and materials.

Periodically, you will apply this lubricant to the hoses, couplers, and other areas that appear to have air leakage in the area or not flowing correctly when being utilized. You can easily purchase this lubricant at the Grainger store or have it shipped and used it on any air tool and its accessories. 

10. Air Ratchets

Air Ratchets on a white background.

A type of wrench, there are air ratchet accessories available for your air tool collection. These work like hand-held ratchets but do not require as much physical labor as the handheld. They are great for mechanic shops and other areas where mechanical items are regularly built.

You easily hit a switch to turn on the ratchet and then another switch to turn the direction. You can use it to both tighten and remove. Order one online at ToolsiD if you need to add it to your collection. 

11. Pressure Regulators

Pressure Regulator isolated on white.

One of the most important accessories you can have on your air compressor is the pressure regulator. This accessory is essential for any of the air tools you use because it lets you know how little or how much pressure you are using. This lets you know when to turn down your air compressor or turn it up, depending on the pressure you need.

If you use an air compressor without a working pressure regulator, you could accidentally damage the air compressor or the air tools you are using. You can purchase pressure regulators from your local Harbor Freight at an affordable cost. 

12. Vibration Pad Kits

When you use your air compressor for any of the air tools, you may notice that it has a significant vibration. With the purchase of vibration pad kits, you can reduce this vibration to get a more accurate job when using your air tools. Things like paint sprayers and nail guns can miss their mark with a bad vibration from the air compressor.

Purchase a good set of anti-vibration pads from Amazon when you build your next cart order. 

13. Air Chisel

Air Chisels on wooden table.

Being able to do a demo with assistance is important, and why an air chisel is necessary. Attempting to chisel away at something by hand can be tedious and painful over time. With the air chisel, they take on most of the labor and help you move forward with your project.

Depending on how much pressure you apply to the air chisel, you can chisel more finely or go full-blast, breaking up everything in its path. Choose your air chisel from Home Depot today. 

14. Air Drill

Air Drill on tool box.

If you need to drill into a wall or other surface, but need something lighter than the electric drill, then the air drill is right for you. By hooking the drill to the air compressor, you have the ability to drill in the same capacity as you would with an electric drill. Like other air tools, these air drills come in some of the best known brands and are available online at Amazon

15. Inflators

To add air to your tires or floats around your property, you can do this with the inflator accessory from your air compressor. By adding it to the air compressor, you can pull air from the compressor directly into another object. Air mattresses are often inflators with the help of air inflators from an air compressor.

This is one of the more important air tool accessories to have, because they work well with a variety of the different air tools and can be used in any home or shop. Purchase a portable air inflator kit from Walmart or get one to keep in your shop. 

16. Air Tanks

Air Tanks on Bangkok, Thailand.

In order to store excess air for your air compressor, you need an air tank. You can hook your compressor up to a backup tank if you use all the air out of your current tank and need air immediately. If you have a large amount of air tools and accessories, it is critical to have a second tank available.

You can even get portable air tanks to carry with you if you need to transport your compressor and need to leave the main tank at home. Lowe’s has a variety of air tanks available for you to choose from. 

17. Air Chucks

Close-up shot mechanic putting Air Chucks.

Usually attached to the air hose, it is what you use to connect to other air tools. Over time, it can start to break down and need to be replaced. The air chucks come in a number of different brands and metals.

When you search your air chuck from Milton Tools, you need to make sure you have the right size to match your hose, and any additional chucks you may need for different hose sizes. 

18. Nailer Guns

Nailer Guns on plywood background.

One of the more popular air tool accessories is the nailer guns. They are great for construction projects where excessive nailing is required and manual labor is not wanted. A nailer gun can nail quickly, cutting your work time into a fraction once you load the nails and have them in the right places.

Without a nailer gun, you will be forced to spend hours nailing in nails with a hammer and possibly hitting your fingers and prolonging the amount of time you spend on your project. If you need a new nailer gun for your air compressor, consider a purchase from the Nail Gun Depot. They have a variety of sizes and brands to choose from. 

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