A Guide to Keeping Your Pool Secure in 2019

One of the questions many swimming pool owners will ask themselves during the summer is if their pool is secure.  This article will provide information on the different safety tips you can access to make the swimming pool a safer option.

#1:  Using the Correct Equipment

When choosing pool equipment, it is important to consider these tips from

Use A Pool Cover

It is important to invest in a sturdy pool cover so that the swimming pool is secure even when it isn’t being used.

Use A Self-Latching Fence

It is recommended that you install a self-latching fence around the swimming pool. Australia have been ahead of the curve here as it is law to keep your pool secure in this way. The fence materials should be difficult to climb and approximately four feet in height – check out the wide selection at

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Check The Pool Suction And Drain Covers

If a pool’s drain or suction covers are broken or missing, it is vital that you repair the covers immediately.  Be sure to keep people out of the pool when making these repairs.  Faulty pool drains can result in accidental entrapment of the user.  The drains should also meet the regulations of the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act.

Install A Door Alarm

If a door in the house leads to the swimming pool, it may be useful to install door alarms.  This will help alert you when a person, particularly children, is entering the swimming pool area.

Use Floatation Devices

To assist with rescue situations, it is recommended that you keep a pool hook and floatation device at hand.

swimming pool safety

Use A First Aid Kit

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Another tool to keep available is the first aid kit.  By keeping this kit and a pair of scissors close can help avoid any accidental entrapment, such as hair being caught or clothing becoming entangled.

#2:  Be Vigilant When Covering The Pool

When you are leaving the swimming pool, it is crucial that you gather any floatation devices and toys from the pool.  This removes the chance of curious children reaching for them and falling into the pool.  When you leave the pool, it is advised that you cover the swimming pool and lock the latching fence.

If you have an above-ground pool, do not forget to remove the ladder or steps into the pool; thereby, eliminating the chance of people climbing into the pool when no one is looking.

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#3:  Do Not Leave The Children Unsupervised

Swimming pools can be dangerous areas, particularly for children.  This is why children should not be unsupervised when they are swimming.  According to, having a phone nearby can be useful if you need to contact emergency services.  Another beneficial option is to appoint a “water watcher” with the sole purpose of monitoring children who are using the pool without any type of distraction, such as a mobile phone or book.

#4:  Clean The Pool Regularly

Dirty swimming pool water can be a breeding ground for different germs and bacteria.  By cleaning the pool regularly, you can reduce the possibility of illness among swimmers.  Sanitizing the pool water often using chlorine, as well as testing the water to ensure you are maintaining pH level can be beneficial.

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