5 Minimalist Home wedding Decoration Ideas

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A big fat Indian wedding is known for its pomp and splendor. All the wedding grandeur is the reason why it is known to be an expensive affair. Not everyone can handle the expensive affair of the weddings. The wedding venue which plays host to the plethora of wedding ceremonies consumes major part of the wedding affair. For those having a budget wedding to cut out on the marriage costing should consider opting for the home wedding.

A home wedding helps in saving a few bucks on booking of the wedding venue and also aid in reducing the cost of the wedding. Are you tight on a budget? Planning for a home wedding? You must have then booked a wedding decorator in Kolkata, Pune or where every your house is for getting the venue ready for the wedding. Being on budget you cannot opt for the expensive wedding décor. Consider having a minimalist wedding home decoration. So here are a few minimalist wedding home décor ideas.

  1. Gleaming Lanterns

Gleaming Lanterns

Have you always wanted to have a fairytale wedding? Here is your chance to fulfill your dream, opt for gleaming lantern décor.  Sparkly lantern décor decked with twinkling fairy lights add oomph to a wedding. Since according to old customs having candles at wedding is considered to be inauspicious consider replacing them with lantern décor. There are many different ways in which a lantern can be used as a wedding decoration such as hanging it from the ceilings, dangling it from tree branches, using them as table centerpieces to the aisle décor. You can also create DIY lantern décor with mason jars, empty bulbs and fish bowls.

  1. Minimalist Mandap

Minimalist Mandap

Since your having a home wedding décor and that too a budget one in the presence of your close kith and kins considers having a minimalist mandap décor. The minimalist mandap décor are a great option for the outdoor home weddings where your having the ceremonies in the lawn. For the minimalist mandap décor fabric drapes and floral accents work best. You can enhance the beauty of the mandap by having floor seating arrangements with cushions and mattresses. If floor seating is not your thing then you can also opt for a simple chair seating arrangement and decorate it bunch of flowers and chair covers. Accentuate the beauty of the mandap with fabric drapes running around the pillars supporting the mandap.

  1. Crockery Décor

Crockery Décor

At your home you must be having lots of unused crockery then why not use them as your wedding décor. Stick the crockery on the walls with the use of adhesive to create an interesting wall décor.  You hang the plates and bowls on the walls with the use of adhesive plate hangers. Also during wedding you have many disposables you can use your creativity and turn them into pieces of art and decorate the home in a barest minimal cost.

  1. Pom Pom Decoration

Pom Pom decoration

Wedding is a joyous occasion and add a dash of colors on the occasion to create a bohemian vibe with the use of pom poms. The colorful paper pom poms make the wedding celebrations to seem no less than a festivity. The pom poms can be used as right as ceiling decorations to table centerpieces. Make use of your creativity to innovate with the pom poms and use them as wedding decorations

  1. Rangoli


Another minimalist home wedding décor idea is that of a rangoli. A rangoli is a common sight décor idea for wedding festivities. You can create a rangoli out of colors or flower petals. Use your imagination to create a rangoli décor of your choice and pattern. The vibrant hues paired with the artistically designs of the rangoli make it a popular décor idea.

So these are a few home wedding venue minimalist décor ideas. Liked the post? Share with us about your views and opinions on the post in the comments below.